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women of the hours

Zoe Donaldson, O associate editor LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE, PAGE 25 My favorite time waster is...watching movie trailers. I like to think of them as an informal reward system: If I concentrate on work for a solid hour or two, then I treat myself to a few mini-films. Something I quit to free up my time was...drinking hot coffee in the morning. I go iced these days, because I can slurp it down in seconds, and morning minutes are a precious commodity. The busiest person I know is...Samantha Bee. Fine, I don’t know her—but that wonder woman is hustling these days. Sarah Knight, Writer “I WOULD PREFER NOT TO!,” PAGE 111 I’m never too busy to...go to bed. No matter what’s on my to-do list, sleep trumps it every time. My favorite time waster is...sunbathing.…

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behind the scenes

The YEAR OF ADVENTURE 2017 ON WITH THE SHOW At this month’s cover shoot, Oprah proved she’s just a Broadway baby. Having seen Hello, Dolly! the night before, our model was suddenly inspired to burst into a chorus of “Before the Parade Passes By.” Her bright striped dress only added to the moment: “You don’t wander around in these colors, you go”—up popped her jazz hands—“I’m herrre!” In this case, “here” was Wave Hill, a Bronx cultural hub spread over 28 plush acres reminiscent of Tuscany. In a field surrounded by flower gardens, photographer Ruven Afanador instructed, “Run! Turn! Be happy!” The one-woman parade laughed, and a cover was born. BEAUTY ADVICE GLOWING REVIEWS Who says you can’t wear metallics during the day? Oprah’s makeup artist, Derrick Rutledge, reveals how to shine on, morning, noon,…

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the question

Volunteer. Seeing the joy of others in need when I help them is so exciting and rewarding. NANCY NAAR North Brunswick, New Jersey Q THIS MONTH WE WONDERED... Send someone I love a letter every day. I want to take the angst one feels when going to the mailbox and seeing bills and turn it into a positive experience. SIRENA CORDOVA Watervliet, New York Pile on the bed with my 8- and 15-year-olds and have a Q&A about whatever they want. They grow up so fast, and we don’t get to do that as often as we should. TOMEKIA HOLLOWAY Summerfield, North Carolina Read more. In a few years I’ll be retiring, and I’m looking forward to the books I have stacking up. JAN OWENS, Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin If you had an extra hour in your day, what would…

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free for all

WEIGHT LIFTING I have been an O subscriber for about a year now, and the August issue is one of the best yet. I had tears running down my face as I read “Let It Go” because I could relate to each story. I won’t say I’ll try to live my life in a state of acceptance; I am going to. Life is too short, so I’ll choose to love more and let it go! DEBRA WALL Hughson, California For almost ten years I have carried around a seething ball of fire in my gut for the man who tossed me to the curb for a woman 20 years younger. I just could not forgive him for dumping me. Not until I read “Let It Go” in the August issue, anyway. How many years…

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here we go!

NO MATTER YOUR age, job, or lifestyle, I’m guessing one thing is certain: You’d love to have a little more time on your hands—to get through your to-do list, or make progress on your passion project, or just while away a few hours without interruption. (What’s that like?) Well, good news: It is possible to squeeze more time from your day, and we’re here to tell you how—just turn to page 102. It may mean saying no to an “obligation.” Or reducing the time you spend scrolling through feeds, staring at the TV, or peeling garlic. But extra minutes do exist, and I promise they’re yours for the taking. It is possible to squeeze more time from your day, and we’re here to tell you how. One thing I surely hope you’ll make…

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the gratitude meter

FROM AWWW TO AWESOME SINCERELY YOURS Pen, meet pal. The monthly subscription service Mail More Love scours independent letterpresses to send postal devotees a selection of cards they might not find in their local stationery store—plus a surprise gift, like decorative tape or vintage stamps. (mailmorelove.com) CLEAN MACHINE Just because it’s called a mudroom doesn’t mean your mountain bike has to splatter the floor with you-know-what. The Velosock is a clever casing that stretches around bike tires to keep icky street and trail bits from mucking up your indoor space. Best part: The wrap is machine-washable. (velosock.com) ACT OF FAITH Remember Jason Ritter’s stubbly adorableness as Mark Cyr on Parenthood? He brings the same charm as Kevin Finn in ABC’s new Kevin (Probably) Saves the World. The spiritual series follows the once-egotistical Finn on his new…