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they feel pretty

Erika Stallings, Attorney “GETTING SICK WHILE BLACK,” PAGE 108 To me beauty is…a reflection of the soul. There are many people who are beautiful to me because of their words and actions. The best way to get more beauty into your life is to…pause and reflect. Doing that has helped me notice the good things around me. Stina Persson, Illustrator “WHAT’S BEAUTIFUL TO YOU?,” PAGE 94 To me beauty is…a morning at my country cottage in Sweden, when everything is covered in tiny beads of dew. I feel one-hundred-percent beautiful when…I’m soaked in sweat after a grueling workout. It’s probably all the endorphins. Katie Jacobs, Stylist FAST OR FANCY, PAGE 128 To me beauty is… perfectly baked chocolate chip cookies. A person who can light up any room is…my 4-month-old daughter, Joey Kate. Her innocence and genuine joyful…

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be dazzled

ALL EYES WERE on Oprah when she emerged from her dressing room. In a gleaming hooded number that would make Muhammad Ali proud and a caramel-colored wig she named Tatiana, she playfully punched her way on set to the beat of Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé’s “Feeling Myself.” Why all the glitz? In this issue, we ask the question “What’s beautiful to you?” That inspired Oprah to invite three lucky readers to add a little shine to their lives, courtesy of a makeover by her hairstylist and makeup artist (turn the page to see the stunning transformations). “Everybody should have a chance to feel herself,” she said. “I’m all about sharing.” FLASH FORWARD Show some sparkle of your own with pieces in the color of the season.…

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glam squad

THEY MAY LOOK LIKE a girl group, but this radiant trio came together only hours before the photo above was taken. Back in May, Oprah asked her Instagram followers to explain why they or someone in their lives deserved to shine a little brighter. Among the thousands of entries, there were many heartfelt essays, but the ones that introduced us to Jyoti Patel, Kerry Bishop, and Mia Brianne Bennett shone the brightest. Patel, who overcame stage IV breast cancer, was nominated by her daughter; Bishop, a selfless mom of four, entered to win some “me” time; and Bennett’s mother sent a touching letter about her daughter’s academic and charitable accomplishments. Their prize: a trip to New York City to be primped and pampered by Oprah’s makeup artist, Derrick Rutledge, and…

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what surprising thing do you find beautiful?

The scars from my double knee replacements. They are a daily reminder that I am blessed to be able to do all the things I want without slowing down! LESLIE KINGSTONBethlehem, PennsylvaniaThe sky full of lightning bugs at night. Can you imagine the first creature to witness a bug that could both fly and light up under its own power? EMILY FEDERArlington, VirginiaA tableful of teenage boys. My sons griped that my strict dinner routine interrupted their time with friends. Their solution? Invite them to join us. There’s nothing better than cooking for my family and all their friends.NICOLE MILLERBiloxi, MississippiMY NEIGHBORHOOD. THE STORES BATHED IN PINK SUNSET, SLICED BY THE HARSH GREEN ELEVATED TRAIN STATION, ARE A SURPRISING STUDY IN NONTRADITIONAL BEAUTY.KRISTYN MARTINAstoria, New YorkTREES IN WINTER, WHEN THEY’VE…

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forces for good

ALL ABOARD Our nautical cover shot had Instagram users double tapping. “Everything about this photo makes me smile!”—@forbetternotworse“Oprah, this is your color. You look so lovely.”—@renieannette“The picture is gorgeous, but not as ethereal as this woman is on the inside.”—@cab3916 ROYAL AFFAIR You came for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s fairy-tale nuptials and stayed for Oprah’s take on the wedding bells heard round the world. “What the Harry and Meghan moment symbolized for me are the possibilities that await us all when we choose love—in any form.”—Oprah“Leave it to Oprah to explain what that moment represented.”—@melllovesherpom“Well said! Their love seems pure, innocent, and genuine.”—@ysrosas10“There was so much to love. They were following their hearts.”—@3.lees.plus1 ASK AND TELL WITH AUGUST’S BIG QUESTION, FOLLOWERS SCALED UP THEIR DREAMS. “Spend my days in a dance studio. Yoga in the morning and…

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here we go!

In the right light, beheld by the right eyes, most anything can possess its own special gorgeousness. WHEN SOMETHING is beautiful, it does so much more than simply please the eye. It can stop us in our tracks. It can fill us with emotion. And it can change our point of view—because suddenly, thanks to this beautiful thing, the world seems like a wholly different place. For many of us, beauty lies in a breathtaking landscape, or the curve of a child’s cheek. But in the right light, beheld by the right eyes, most anything can possess its own special gorgeousness—a truth that’s wonderfully revealed in the answers to this month’s Big Question (page 94). Ironically, we’re also uncovering something truly ugly this month: racial disparities in healthcare. As our reporter notes, “From…