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on second thought

Keith Negley, Illustrator “WHAT IF YOU SAW THINGS DIFFERENTLY?,” PAGE 102 My whole take on life shifted when…my first son was born, and I was no longer the center of my universe or the master of my own time. One opinion I’ll never change is…Michael Keaton is the best Batman ever. Tova Diamond, O associate art director “SIZE WISE,” PAGE 116 My whole take on life shifted when…I went through a major breakup in 2016. My entire world was uprooted. But I eventually found empowerment and excitement in all the changes. Now I have a new lease on life–literally and figuratively. I can convince anyone to consider…changing their non-cat-loving ways. Rather, my adopted kitten, Sasha Fierce, can, with just one nuzzle. Claire Thomas and Laurel Gallucci, Cookbook authors “QUEENS OF TARTS,” PAGE 134 We can convince anyone to…

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sunshine state

“When I saw this TheSalting hat, I knew Oprah would be brilliant in it,” says O creative director Adam Glassman. And she is! AT THIS MONTH’S cover shoot, on a lovely garden terrace at New York City’s Urban Zen store, the weather was a little sultry for fall fashion. But Oprah never lost her cool. Braving the sticky heat like a champ, she worked a ’70s vibe with oversize sunnies, a vibrant tunic (in Gayle’s favorite color), and a supersharp hat. Tunes like “Mi Gente” and “Wild Thoughts” got her dancing—until an overlong break between jams threatened the mood. “Make your own music,” she singsonged. “C’mon, it’s not that hard.” Then Rihanna’s “Diamonds” started up, and Oprah kept shining bright.…

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fall splendor

NEW LAUNCH TheSalting makes easy yet luxe unisex pieces like this yellow caftan Oprah’s wearing on the cover. Its vibrant shade was inspired by the idea of positivity and good energy—oh so O!…

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what’s something you’ve radically changed your opinion about?

ALMOST EVERYTHING! HIGHER EDUCATION AND ADULTHOOD ARE REAL EYE-OPENERS.CANDACE BOLT Greenville, South Carolina Judging people on first impressions. Some of my best friends are people I never thought I’d get along with. I would have missed out on a lot of fun times and great relationships.ELAINE WICKER Hurst, Texas Rap music! I started listening to the lyrics and realized there is an art to this genre. My children, grandchildren, nieces, and nephews love it when they hear this 58-year-old rapping.BARBARA PERRY MAMON Duncanville, Texas MONEY. I USED TO WORK 60-HOUR WEEKS, SACRIFICING MY HEALTH AND TIME WITH LOVED ONES. NOW I LIVE ON HALF AS MUCH AND HAVE A HEALTHIER AND FULLER LIFE.LAURIE FREEDLE Denver Dating and being single over 30. I decided I would focus on giving love to others instead of constantly…

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cheer squad

IN FULL BLOOM Our hydrangea-filled cover had Instagram users double tapping. “If this isn’t heaven, then I don’t know what is.” —@audramay13 “My son just asked me, ‘Why can’t we go to Hawaii?’ And here is the universe talking to me about Oprah in Maui. I’ll add this to my vision board!” —@ladydeelg “I love lilacs and hydrangeas! I can only imagine how amazing the photo shoot smelled!” —@abbylbert YOU GROW, GIRL Girlfriends creator Mara Brock Akil’s bold gray hair had you showing your true colors. “I dumped dye, too, and it’s astonishingly freeing!” —@teeokeefe “Gray is the new black.” —@thelondonmom “I just let mine go gray and I’ve received more compliments than I did when I colored my hair!” —@bickchick50 oprahmagazine ASK AND TELL JULY’S BIG QUESTION WAS ONE OF THE BIGGEST YET—AND IT INSPIRED EQUALLY BIG ANSWERS. “Leaving the world better…

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here we go!

Reevaluating your perspective is never a bad thing. ALL OF US have ideas we’re dead certain about. Beliefs we’ll never shake. Truths we hold to be self-evident, no ifs, ands, or buts. And yet many of us have also been through the confusing, sometimes painful—and yet often incredibly rewarding—process of changing those absolutely, positively correct views entirely. Maybe it happened because we learned new information, or someone challenged our thinking, or we just grew up. However it happens, the point is that even when we’re sure we know something, it is possible for our opinions to evolve. To prove it, we found a few women whose beliefs took 180-degree turns, and asked them to share their stories (page 102). They’ll be the first to tell you that reevaluating your perspective is…