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Organic NZ July - August 2019

Organic NZ is filled with info to live a healthier lifestyle - for you and the planet! Published by the Soil & Health Association of New Zealand, working since 1941 for sustainable organic agricultural and good health. Topics range from home garden to large-scale success stories; eco-building; urban organics; genetic engineering & chemical issues; food matters & natural health.

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organic nz

Published by the Soil & Health Association of NZ Inc. Inspiration and excitement! Our AGM this year will be in Christchurch, and we have an amazing line-up of talented people willing to put their names forward to be on the National Council and build a stronger Soil & Health Association (see page 56, or organicnz.org.nz). Next year looks as if it will be really exciting! Talking of exciting – we also have an inspiring urban farm and food walking tour around central Christchurch, hosted by Bailey Peryman, planned for the morning of 20 July and this will lead us into the AGM. For details about this event and to register please see www.organicnz.org.nz/events. Organic Week Aotearoa was a great success this year, building strongly on the pilot event last year. Co-ordinating groups in Auckland,…

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organic nz

Organic NZ is published bi-monthly by the Soil & Health Association of NZ Inc, a registered charitable society established in 1941 to promote sustainable organic agricultural practices and principles of good health based on sound nutrition and the maxim "Healthy soil, healthy food, healthy people" – "Oranga nuku, oranga kai, oranga tāngata". National Council co-chairs Bailey Peryman and Marion Wood National Councillors Steffan Browning, Michael Ryan, Marion Thomson Association and finance manager Lucy Blackbourn: manager@organicnz.org.nz Enquiries and membership support Florence Lundon-Moore: info@organicnz.org.nz Advocacy: advocacy@organicnz.org.nz Editor Philippa Jamieson: editor@organicnz.org.nz Proofreader: Peta Hudson Design and Artwork Sally Travis, sallytravisdesign@gmail.com…

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20/20 vision

Soil & Health has had a vision for two decades now of an ‘Organic New Zealand by 2020’. Over the years we’ve held conferences and workshops to discuss goals and how to get there, and worked with others in the organic sector to try to advance this. Now 2020 is just around the corner – and we have a long way to go! There have been gains in terms of the increasing awareness of the health and environmental benefits of organic food and farming, and more organic products are available. Overseas market demand, farmers’ markets, community gardens and the revitalisation of home gardening have all played a positive role. Yet in most areas organics is still a niche. Is it time to adjust our lenses? Is the 2020 vision still clear? Do…

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We love your feedback, letters, tips, recipes, questions and photos! Deadline: 2 August for the September/October 2019 issue. Please include your name, address and phone number. Maximum length 300 words. Letters may be abridged. Email: editor@organicnz.org.nz Post: PO Box 9693, Marion Square, Wellington, 6141 Facebook Organic NZ has a lively forum on Facebook – jump on! www.facebook.com/organicnz Digital edition available Only $30 per year or $5 per issue Subscribe at nz.zinio.com http://bit.ly/orgnz-digital…

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your letters

Email: editor@organicnz.org.nz Post: POBox9693, Marion Square, Wellington, 6141. WINNING LETTER SALT FOR AGAPANTHUS CONTROL I read the article on scything (ONZ March/April 2019) and noted that Sharon Stevens mentioned that they were having trouble getting rid of the agapanthus on their property. I got rid of mine quite easily by liberally sprinkling salt on the weeping cut white part below the green leaves. Within four days the agapanthus were gone, never to reappear. They were entangled in the roots of a rhododendron and also the roots of a jasmine, and these are both fine. I much preferred using salt to using some of the harsh chemicals the garden centre recommended. Karin Hulme Auckland Sharon Stevens responds: Kia ora Karin, thanks for sharing this. We’re in complete agreement that synthetic chemicals aren’t the answer; I’d rather have the agapanthus!…

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Bennetto chocolate Wow! Three lucky winners will each receive $100 worth of delicious ethical chocolate from Bennetto Natural Foods. Each prize pack includes two bars of each flavour: the two brand new products – Amaranth & Sea Salt and Raspberries in Dark – plus the ever-popular Orange with Chilli, Toasted Hazelnut, Mint and Cocoa Nibs, Intense Dark, Raspberry, Coconut, and Coffee Bean. The cocoa is grown by a single Peruvian Fairtrade co-operative, Acopagro, made up of 2000 small-scale farmers in the Amazon jungle. Bennetto chocolate is certified organic with BioGro, certified Fairtrade, carbon-neutral accredited, vegan and gluten-free. It’s available around New Zealand, in Australia, or you can shop online. bennetto.co.nz Proper Crisps new organic flavour Just launched on the market from Proper Crisps is a new product: Organic Potatoes with Marlborough Sea Salt. We have…