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Organic NZ Mar/Apr 2018

Organic NZ is filled with info to live a healthier lifestyle - for you and the planet! Published by the Soil & Health Association of New Zealand, working since 1941 for sustainable organic agricultural and good health. Topics range from home garden to large-scale success stories; eco-building; urban organics; genetic engineering & chemical issues; food matters & natural health.

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Greetings from the chair! Greetings valued readers from a glorious Tarras morning. I am lucky enough to live and work in a very special part of the most special country on this planet. All around me however we continue with practices that are quietly destroying both. Why is it so hard for us to recognise that glyphosate and GE, to pick but two of the myriad of toxic assaults on our health, are just that? Why do we have to fight so hard to get regulators to understand that having Roundup-infused cereal and bread for breakfast is not indeed the breakfast of long-term champions? Why do we have a health system that thinks the smart way to treat diabetes type 2 is to ‘manage’ the dis-ease at spectacular cost both in dollars and misery?…

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catalysts for change

Last month I read a riveting yet whimsical novel that’s been rolling around in my mind ever since. Its themes resonate with those raised in the new film Living the Change (our cover story; see page 14). The book, Station Eleven by Emily St John Mandel, is set in Toronto and the USA, and opens on the eve of a worldwide flu pandemic that kills most of the human population. Within days there is no more internet, no more phones, no more flights, no more countries, no more borders. No more cars or trucks or trains, not moving ones anyway. No more pharmaceuticals. No more supermarkets. No more fire brigades, no more police, no more road maintenance or rubbish collection. Can you imagine? How resilient will we be if we survive a…

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your letters

Email: editor@organicnz.org.nz Post: PO Box 9693, Marion Square, Wellington, 6141. WANTED: WHITEFLY-KILLING SUNDEWS It was good to read about whitefly control in greenhouse (ONZ Jan/Feb 2018). Some years ago I had some carnivorous sundew plants that whitefly attached themselves to. They may have been Drosera capensis, Cape sundews. Sadly they died (the plants), and I can no longer find a place to buy them from. I would very much like to get some more if anyone knows where to source them. Please email kitaro@actrix.co.nz. Karl Oliver Lower Hutt BAN HIGHLY HAZARDOUS PESTICIDES I am glad to see the articles about pesticides and that the movement to eliminate pesticides is getting stronger and stronger. In August 2017 I launched a petition on AVAAZ to ban all highly hazardous pesticides in New Zealand. In order to make demands from our government, we…

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be in to win!

Annie Prince Aromatherapy travel sticks Win one of 9 Annie Prince Aromatherapy travel sticks! If you travel or spend time in any confined space where pesky germs can be shared, you may be interested in these personal inhalers. They contain a blend of organic or wildcrafted essential oils: black spruce, eucalyptus narrow leaf, frankincense, lemon, myrtle, niaouli, palmarosa and ravintsara. Essential oils are nature’s antiseptics and help protect the plant against various pathogens. This blend is designed to support the respiratory system and promote healthy breathing. It’s formulated by qualified Auckland aromatherapist Annie Prince, who offers a range of products, classes and treatments. Travel sticks remain effective for about two years in the sealed sachet, and up to six months once opened. www.annieprincearomatherapy.co.nz Lhotse yoga clothing Be in to win some super styley organic gear…

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Whenua Warrior food gardens Whenua Warrior is a social enterprise that helped plant an incredible 127 gardens for Māngere families in just two days last September. The group has been funded by generous donations from local businesses and community groups, and recently received funding from Te Puni Kōkiri to plant another five community gardens. Whenua Warrior was initiated by Kelly Francis, who left her corporate career to empower families and communities to grow their own food in the Auckland area. Since last spring, Whenua Warrior has helped over 150 whānau and communities to set up and plant māra kai (food gardens) with the aim of becoming more self-sufficient and having food sovereignty. Traditional Māori gardening practices are used, and Kelly draws on the six principles of hua parakore (Māori organic gardening): mauri…

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safeguarding our seeds

The fast development and commercialisation of the new genetic engineering (gene editing) techniques is creating an imminent and serious threat to the survival of organic and GE-free farming worldwide. Urgent actions on an unforseen scale are required to gather and safeguard GE-free and organic seeds and breeding material. The new GE is coming The extensive adoption of and investment in new GE techniques is changing the argicultural landscape at an alarming rate. Commercial developments are underway and new GE products are being brought to the marketplace. This, combined with an undefined regulatory environment in many parts of the world, and the difficulties in detecting the new GE products, means the GE-free status of available seed sources will soon no longer be guaranteed. IFOAM at the heart of the action The International Federation of Organic…