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Organic NZ Sep/Oct 2018

Organic NZ is filled with info to live a healthier lifestyle - for you and the planet! Published by the Soil & Health Association of New Zealand, working since 1941 for sustainable organic agricultural and good health. Topics range from home garden to large-scale success stories; eco-building; urban organics; genetic engineering & chemical issues; food matters & natural health.

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nga mihi mahana!

It is with much humble appreciation we feel privileged to be able to jointly chair the Soil & Health Association. We represent all the wonderful people before us who have mentored, coached and nudged us here. Ng? mihi mahana! So much of the work we do in the food sovereignty area is spent fighting, correcting or dismantling an extractive economy. We also need to put time and energy into wairua-nourishing devoted practices that provide alternatives and educate our whānau, our community and ourselves. We welcome new members, new readers and followers alike to join with us and make contact, or attend an event listed in the magazine and learn more about the work we can do together. If branches in the regions or any other group would like to work with National…

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our people

Hannah Lucas Hannah Lucas is a 22-year-old Victoria University student who joined the team of Soil & Health and Organic NZ in February as administration coordinator. She’s in her final year of studying information technology, management and psychology. She has studied how technology is contributing to climate change, but also how technology could help mitigate it. This passion for sustainability led her to Organic NZ and now she helps run our office operations while learning about how living organic is better for the environment. However, her stay is short and sweet as she is leaving to live in Canada in November and then working for a digital consulting firm next year. Thanks for all your work, Hannah! Diane Candy The contact person for Soil & Health’s Mid Canterbury branch is Diane Candy, who lives in…

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food. the real thing.

A certain plant-based ‘burger’ and a certain airline got lot of publicity recently – positive and negative – excellent free marketing either way. But what exactly is the fuss all about? Fake meat is broadly classed in two types: lab-grown meat, which may use genetic engineering techniques and is not yet commercialised; and plant-based products (which also may contain GE ingredients) made to mimic the taste, colour and texture of meat. Plant-based fake meats have been around for years, although some of the modern versions are more sophisticated, more stylishly marketed, and their taste and texture are apparently much closer to that of meat. I became a vegetarian at 13, after watching a film at school about sheep being killed at the freezing works. Mum took me to the Sanitarium shop and bought…

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your letters

WINNING LETTER FROST PROTECTION FOR BANANAS I thought I’d share a bit of my recent win in the garden: I love growing bananas in Auckland. We grow the little finger-type ones and when fully ripened (e.g. in the garage) they turn sweeter and yummier than any of the millions of imported bananas. Unfortunately where we are in Sandringham we get about 3–5 days a year of minus 1–2 degree frosts which kill all the banana leaves. The trunk survives and will send out new leaves in spring, but the plants that have a bunch of fruit on them grow no more leaves and therefore the fruit won’t further or fully mature – it’s always a tragic loss. I researched a lot online. The banana plants are too tall to protect with frost cloth, so…

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Yates Nature’s Way spring gardening kits Calling all green thumbs, and ‘black thumbs’ who need a helping hand! Win one of three kits from Yates. Kickstart your spring gardening by growing seeds in Yates brand new Nature’s Way Organic Seed-Raising Mix. The 100% NZ-sourced ingredients include fish meal, blood and bone and chicken manure to gently feed your seedlings, and seaweed for healthy root development. The kit also includes a selection of Yates Nature’s Way products to protect your plants from pests and diseases: Fungus Spray, Pyrethrum Spray, Vegie Insect Gun and Weed Gun (clove oil based), and Citrus, Vegie and Ornamental Spray, a unique combination of pyrethrum and canola oil which combats both sucking and chewing insects such as aphids, mites and whitefly, on a broad range of plants. www.yates.co.nz Waihi Bush gourmet…

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court orders monsanto to pay us$289 million

Court orders Monsanto to pay US$289 million The judge allowed many of Monsanto’s internal emails and documents to be made public, despite protestations from the corporation. Johnson’s lawyers said these communications show that Monsanto ignored or suppressed the warnings of experts, and helped to ghostwrite research that was favourable to the continued use of glyphosate-based herbicides. A useful website for readers who want to know more is usrtk.org, which has links to these documents, dubbed the ‘Monsanto Papers’. More than 450 similar lawsuits are pending against Monsanto, brought by about 4000 people, many of whom suffer from the same type of cancer as Johnson. In June Monsanto was bought by Bayer, a German-based multinational pharmaceutical, agrichemical and biotech company. Soon after the verdict, Bayer stock in Germany fell more than 10%. Monsanto has…