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Outdoor Living Issue #43 - 2019

In each edition of Outdoor Living there is all the information and inspiration needed to design, build and decorate an outdoor room that can be used day and night all year round. The magazine covers topics such as but not limited to flooring, screening, roofing, outdoor art, furniture, furnishings, outdoor entertainment, outdoor cooking, lighting, heating/cooling, plants as well as pools & spas. Purchase includes the Digital Edition and News Service. Please stay in touch via our Facebook Page.

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start planning your outdoor heating today!

As we get ready to kiss summer goodbye for another year, there is no time like the present to start planning your heating so you can enjoy the outdoors year-round. Infratech specialises in infrared electric heating for indoor-outdoor spaces, and there are plenty of attributes that make these heaters stand out from the crowd. Made in the USA, Infratech heaters are weather-proof, eco-friendly, efficient, versatile, and they create a wonderful ambience. You could say it’s where the comfort and style meet. Infratech has been a pioneer in infrared technology for more than 50 years, with the company offering a wide range of products for the domestic and commercial heating market. Infratech uses the latest in manufacturing technologies to offer the most efficient infrared systems for the lowest cost in the industry. From…

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from the editor

The weather is cooling down but that doesn’t mean you should stop using your outdoor space. Look on the bright side — now you can enjoy the outdoors without getting too hot! I’m ready to wave goodbye to that humidity, that’s for sure, but with colder days on the horizon, it’s important to make sure you have the appropriate heating installed. Our features this issue are all about entertaining family and friends, with the latest tips for cooking alfresco and how to be the ultimate host. Standout projects include a garden that landscape designer Phillip Withers describes as “a play on the traditional Japanese garden — a contemporary fusion that we like to call ‘Japanese funk’.” The result is a combination of traditional Japanese components and an eclectic mix of plants…

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what’s hot

LIVING ART There’s no doubt that vertical gardens are all the rage now, but the latest trend is having a vertical garden made entirely of succulents. Made from reclaimed Australian jarrah timber, this handmade vertical garden holds more than 50 individual succulents with a mix of beautiful mature specimens as well as smaller plants. fleurieugifts.etsy.com MADE IN THE SHADE The Aussie backyard can certainly benefit from some shade in summer, but you don’t want to lose all your light. Instead of incorporating man-made shading solutions such as awnings, let plants provide shade with pleasant, dappled sunlight. Chris Slaughter from Scenic Blue Design suggests growing plants such as ornamental grape vine, bougainvillea and Chinese trumpet creeper over a standard timber pergola. scenicbluedesign.com.au PLEASE SMOKE Since the caveman era, we have used flame and smoke to cook…

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best of

THE SPACE-SAVER SOLUTION Limited space does not mean you have to automatically give up on owning a pool. Stylishly integrated into a compact outdoor entertainment space, a plunge pool creates a cool, resort-like ambience at an affordable price. This modern design features a topnotch outdoor plunge pool that is conducive to alfresco entertaining. A small backyard doesn’t have to be a barrier to owning a pool of your own. Photography by Derek Swalwell. jamisonarchitects.com.au CURVY BEAUTY This groovy outdoor space features a resort-style vibe with a garden oasis perfect for alfresco shindigs and casual gatherings. Perhaps the most striking feature of this outdoor project is the roof, which curves in two directions (in plan and in section) and opens to the north, blurring the lines between indoor/outdoor living. Just like this space, one…

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CROSSING THE LINE This home embraces the indoor/outdoor living trend with a sophisticated design that seamlessly merges the house with its surrounding environment. This multi-function abode has it all: poolside lounging, a cosy fireplace for cool evenings, plus an outdoor kitchen and dining area. The spacious pool zone is perfect for a large family or those who like to entertain big crowds, with each section catering to different needs. Photography by Peter Clarke. hayball.com.au ACHIEVABLE APPEAL This Sydney home exemplifies the beauty of a simple thing done well. The partially sheltered indoor area offers the convenience of all the lighting, furniture and decorative accents you typically only find indoors with the airy feel of a backyard retreat. It’s a versatile space that showcases the beauty of nature and thoughtful architecture. Hunters Hill Textural…

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girt by sea

Homeowners are increasingly looking for professional assistance to look after their projects, and A Total Concept Landscape Architects & Designers provides just that. The company is flexible in how much service it offers and can help as much or as little as clients require. A Total Concept was engaged by the owners of this property to design, gain approval for, detail, tender and manage the integrated pool, cabana and garden areas. Design and then building approval was difficult because we wanted to retain surrounding mature angophora trees, and the existence of an adjacent water easement required careful consideration in the design stages. During excavation for the pool, a flowing subterranean creek was also uncovered, which required a piped diversion; the pool needed to be anchored to rock beneath to stop it…