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Outdoor Living Issue #46 - 2020

In each edition of Outdoor Living there is all the information and inspiration needed to design, build and decorate an outdoor room that can be used day and night all year round. The magazine covers topics such as but not limited to flooring, screening, roofing, outdoor art, furniture, furnishings, outdoor entertainment, outdoor cooking, lighting, heating/cooling, plants as well as pools & spas. Purchase includes the Digital Edition and News Service. Please stay in touch via our Facebook Page.

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from the editor

One decade and two landscaping adventures later, our family’s outdoor area has changed extensively. After a refresh last year for a wedding (not mine!), the new plants have settled into their homes in a beautiful, wild symphony of green hues like only gardens can do. Reflecting on the year and how our family (and garden) has grown, it made sense to include a feature on one of life’s biggest changes — kids! Technology has altered what childhood looks like, but some things stay the same. Consider the ways you can create an engaging and lasting outdoor area to cultivate a child’s love of nature and watching things grow. Read more on page 72. Been bitten by the travel bug? You’re not alone. Bring your globetrotting to the backyard with this edition’s feature…

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what’s hot

PLANT-SPIRATION, ONLINE AND OFF The benefits of having plenty of plants in your living spaces, both indoor and out, are becoming more and more widely known, thanks in no small part to the rise of the internet and social media. The recently released Trend Report: 2020 Plant Predictions, from Plant Life Balance, reveals that 49 per cent of Australians use social media as a source for seeking gardening advice, and 7 per cent of Australians currently purchase plants online. “Social media has given plants an aspirational platform that didn’t really exist for previous generations,” popular “plantfluencer” Jason Chongue says. “Following a plant-based Instagram account can give snippets of inspiration and advice in an accessible way.” According to nursery retailers, the biggest increase in spending has been from 18- to 35-year-olds, and…

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SWEET CAROLINE The Caroline house is remarkable for a multitude of reasons, our favourite being the incredible pool situated in an internal courtyard of the home. Circular, deep and dark, this pool defies typical aesthetics and has a large water feature. Despite stringent council pool laws in relation to living spaces, Kennedy Nolan’s creative incorporation of the pool gate into the facade of the building creates an unforgettable design. The internal courtyard isn’t just a pretty face, either, but ticks boxes in sustainability. This area provides cross-ventilation with its northern orientation to rear rooms and garden aspects. The pool offers evaporative cooling effects and a place to escape the heat. Who’s ready for a dip? Photography by Derek Swalwell. kennedynolan.com.au FIRE AND WATER A modernist’s delight, this outdoor zone is all sleek lines,…

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plant one on us

TRIXZIE PYVERT PEAR This shapely little fruit tree is bound to delight. Miniature fruit trees offer a way to enjoy fresh fruit from your own backyard, without needing large amounts of space to support the plant. Despite only growing to around 1.5m x 1.5m, the Trixzie Pyvert Pear harvest is full-sized, delicious and packed with goodness. This tree bears fruit in mid to late summer and is suited to a cool or warm climate. Plant one of these compact trees in a bit of grass or a large pot and watch it thrive. flemings.com.au SNAKE PLANT Renowned for its gorgeous striped leaves, the snake plant or sansevieria is a hardy, easy-care species that can survive weeks of neglect. The snake plant enjoys occasional watering when the soil feels dry and bright but not…

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house with a view

Rolling hills, dawdling sail boats and an ocean view that’s enough to make anyone stop and stare — this home is all about location. We designed each part of the outdoor area to take in the scenery and bring family and friends together. Despite working with a limited floor plan, we were tasked to design a spacious outdoor area complete with an integrated pool, boatshed and living spaces. This small spot belies the complexity of the construction. Being a waterfront, the home only had access by inclinator, so the pool and gardens were excavated by hand while small machinery was delivered by barge. Over 50m3 of spoil, including an old pool that was hidden under the ground, was excavated and then removed via the water. Once all the structures were built,…

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coastal weekender

“We were very blessed with the established foliage and created lower themes to complement and enhance the already stunning, yet very underutilised, coastal setting” - Steve Taylor Having already designed the homeowners’ inner-eastern family home, C.O.S Design was asked to reimagine the family’s coastal weekender. Introduced to the project at site-excavation stage, the team had their first glimpse of the challenge that lay ahead. With a 6m drop, an array of protected tea and Moonah trees and a long list of must-haves from the homeowners, C.O.S Design had a mammoth task ahead to turn an overgrown coastal landscape into an entertaining oasis. Apart from the well-established coastal vegetation and challenging topography, which also included a previously installed tennis court, the team was given a blank canvas as well as a healthy budget.…