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Outdoor Living Issue#26

In each edition of Outdoor Living there is all the information and inspiration needed to design, build and decorate an outdoor room that can be used day and night all year round. The magazine covers topics such as but not limited to flooring, screening, roofing, outdoor art, furniture, furnishings, outdoor entertainment, outdoor cooking, lighting, heating/cooling, plants as well as pools & spas. Purchase includes the Digital Edition and News Service. Please stay in touch via our Facebook Page.

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from the editor

When planning your outdoor room, it’s great to have ideas for all the materials and products you may need to complete the job. When you first decide to create an outdoor space, it pays to do your research so you can work towards, and stick to, a plan — so many projects go awry through lack of planning. This issue, we give you great ideas for decks, patios and pergolas as well as shades, awnings and blinds — and one thing I think every outdoor space should have: a water feature for that added touch of tranquillity. As you read through this edition, you’ll come across a diversity of styles, sizes and materials in our featured projects. Some are compact and rustic and some large and glamorous, but each one makes…

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organic beauty

Specialising in bamboo and sustainable materials, House of Bamboo creates designs that can be applied both internally and externally. The quality workmanship that goes into the manufacture of the company’s materials puts it way ahead of the competition. Careful selection of raw materials, use of stainless-steel binding and unique and exclusive designs means House of Bamboo is a highly praised market leader. The company has increased its range to include a selection of beautiful bamboo external cladding and decking, as well as new interior wall and ceiling panels made from beautifully sustainable bamboo. The beauty of bamboo is that it is versatile enough to adapt to any theme or desired look within your outdoor space. Its versatility allows you to apply it as cladding, creating privacy screens, fencing or shading on hot…

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tough screening

Decorative metal screening can be used to create attractive garden rooms, lend definition to outdoor spaces and add more privacy to your home. Melbourne-based company Tombo Design specialises in architectural and metal privacy screens that can convert a basic backyard into something special. Tombo Design screens are available in a wide range of finishes, from powder-coated to oxidised metal in an array of distinctive designs. If you require something unique, the company can produce made-to-order pieces for residential landscapes or commercial projects. In addition to its screen range, Tombo Design produces metal wall art, garden decor, firepits and illuminated bollards so you can create a coordinated and consistent look for your outdoor space. The company has a number of different designs available to suit a wide variety of outdoor settings or —…

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top tips when planning your pergola

+ Ensure an easy flow between your pergola area, the house and any other outdoor entertaining spaces. + Make sure the design complements the architecture of your home. This can be achieved by choosing the same colour scheme or materials used on the outside of your home. Having a pergola connected to your home can be a more cost-effective alternative to adding an extension. + Ensure that your pergola provides adequate protection from the elements as this can determine how often this space will get used. Different types of pergola roofing options include awnings, shade sails, louvre systems, a solid tiled or clear polycarbonate roof or the more traditional thatched roof. + Incorporate both heating and cooling to ensure the space is usable year round. A ceiling fan can be useful in the…

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street food-style barbecuing

My family and I love to travel — both for business and pleasure — and experiencing authentic food, fresh produce and the dining culture of our destination is always a priority. As a self-confessed barbecue tragic, I love to check out what the locals are barbecuing and I’m always amazed by the different types and interpretations of “barbecue” that we see on our travels — everything from rudimentary wire racks over coals to shiny, flat-plate barbecues and mobile set-ups on wheels. But the best thing about experiencing a barbecue on foreign shores is that it provides an insight into how the locals live and an opportunity to eat how they do. I find the best way to discover a country’s barbecue culture, particularly in Asia, is to head for the nearest…

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a million miles away

In a relatively new area of Sydney, this existing garden was previously dissected into small individual and disconnected spaces. Designer Chris Slaughter of Scenic Blue Design aimed to create an interwoven set of outdoor rooms that could be used collectively for parties or singularly for quiet, relaxed evenings. The brief was to design an escape that would work with the property’s existing pool, while also making the owner feel as if he's a million miles away. “My client wanted to have a garden that he could actually enjoy being in, not one that generated endless hours of work to maintain,” says Chris. “We needed to create a casual, restful, comfortable and timeless garden.” There were also some special family members who were accommodated in the design. “I worked closely with my client,…