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Outdoor Living Issue#33 - 2016

In each edition of Outdoor Living there is all the information and inspiration needed to design, build and decorate an outdoor room that can be used day and night all year round. The magazine covers topics such as but not limited to flooring, screening, roofing, outdoor art, furniture, furnishings, outdoor entertainment, outdoor cooking, lighting, heating/cooling, plants as well as pools & spas. Purchase includes the Digital Edition and News Service. Please stay in touch via our Facebook Page.

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from the editor

Summer is here — that great time of year that’s full of possibility. So what are you getting up to this weekend? After all the preparation and upkeep during the cooler months, it’s finally time to make the most of your outdoor room. While summer is a perfect opportunity to finally catch some rays, being sun-smart is non-negotiable in Australia’s harsh climate and most outdoor spaces can benefit from a little protection. Our outdoor shade feature has you covered with all the latest solutions, including awnings, parasols, screens and outdoor structures. Of course, summer is the perfect time to splash around and cool off. Our water solutions feature will show you how you can incorporate water into your backyard, from pools and spas to ponds and fountains. Need a little direction? Our expert…

3 min.
concept to creation

The brief from the homeowners was to create a contemporary resort-like space incorporating a swimming pool and cabana with lawn and gardens, as well as upgrading the elevations of the house. Shaun Wright, senior designer at A Total Concept, has met the brief perfectly, creating a space for the homeowners that incorporates everything a family could want for both day-today living and weekend socialising with friends. The entire project has been designed in a contemporary style, with simple clean lines to totally integrate the home with the pool, cabana and garden area. The rear of the property looked out onto a bushland reserve but had little privacy from adjacent neighbours, so a formal hedge garden was planted along the perimeter. This has created a concealed space in which Shaun was able to develop…

5 min.
past meets present

The grand Villa Badara is located on a quiet side street of Badaro, Beirut, away from the traffic and chaos of the city and veiled by trees older than the building itself. Standing side by side with its modern counterparts, this stunning restaurant is an icon of an era that the city has all but forgotten. One of the few remaining early-20th-century buildings to survive the war years, Villa Badaro is a place with history rooted in its foundations. Unique to its surroundings, the restaurant displays cracks and rough edges as evidence of a life well lived. The combination of intervention and preservation makes Villa Badaro a rare gem in the middle of this bar- and restaurant-saturated area. Unlike many of the renovations across Beirut, the restaurant was not given a makeover…

6 min.
go with the flow

Whether it brings a dash of drama, engenders a feeling of calm or functions as a focal point, a water feature is an asset, be it a freestanding fountain, water wall, pond, rill, trough or rocky cascade. “Introducing a fountain or water feature into your outdoor space can add a new dimension, giving depth, adding colour and creating a feeling of enhanced symmetry. It can create a focal point, add a tranquil element and the bubbling noise relaxes,” says Ben Gowing of Yardware. “By adding a water feature to your garden or balcony you can dramatically change the feel of the space and put to good use an otherwise dull spot. Also, adding a water feature to the garden can attract birdlife and animals.” GARDEN PONDS The still, mirrored surface of a pond introduces…

5 min.
cool pools

Today’s swimming pools are not unlike giant water features. The modern pool is designed as a place where you can swim, play or cool down, but it’s also designed to be looked at — during the day and after dark, from your outdoor entertaining space and from inside your home. As gardens have shrunk, pools have crept closer to the house — sometimes hugging the residence itself — so they need to be seamlessly integrated into the design of your outdoor space and present a stunning view when they’re not in use. In some cases, they are designed and built in tandem with the house, sharing footings and structural elements, which means great care is taken with their design so they will enhance your outdoor view all year round. LAP IT UP Lap…

4 min.
total indulgence

With outdoor space at a premium, you need to make the most of what you’ve got. Even though most spas don’t take up an enormous amount of space, you need to be savvy about their design and placement, ensure they’re big enough for your needs and that they offer you maximum versatility. MAXIMUM INTEGRATION If you’re planning a swimming pool, an integrated spa is a very effective way to rationalise the use of space and, if you like, turn the spa into a design feature. One way to do that is to elevate the spa and create a spillway that sends water flowing into the pool below. If you build the elevated portion of the spa walls out of clear glass, it will make the top part of the spa look like a…