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Issue 328

Owner/Driver is the biggest circulation truck publication in Australia due to the complete information mix (covering news, people and technical issues), with a broad spread of new and used trucks, parts and service and trucking jobs and TBM's own distribution system using our own long standing distributors across Australia. Owner/Driver is popular because it makes the effort to move around Australia. Monthly, it continues to follow its initial creed 'Dedicated to the success of the person behind the wheel'. 

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strange days indeed

FOR MOST Australians, and indeed in other parts of the world, this will surely be the most astonishing period of their lifetime. According to reports, one in four Australian workers will lose their job. And some will not be eligible for JobKeeper. With retail outlets closing or winding back non-performing stores, the opportunity to spend any redundancy money is fading fast. Anyway, that cash would be better reserved for a rainy day; and it’s pouring now. Retail groups such as Myer have temporarily closed up, but are apparently doing a roaring trade in on-line orders. Others, like the Target group, enjoyed initial success with on-line orders, despite most outlets being allowed to keep their doors open. That looks like it’s coming to an end, with Target pinpointing stores that are not profitable,…

6 min.
red light camera bias against trucks

IT’S A FACT that heavily laden articulated trucks are generally unable to come to a complete halt in the time it takes a yellow traffic light to turn red. Imagine you drive a heavy-duty truck, or you employ one who does. Imagine an experienced driver operating a fully-loaded semi is approaching traffic lights, in this case in a 60km/h speed limit zone. The driver understands the dynamics of the vehicle very well indeed. And when the traffic light begins to turn yellow, the idea of an emergency stop, with the load of steel being hauled, is judged to be just too dangerous. It all happens in a sliver of a split second as the driver makes the decision in what is called the ‘dilemma zone’. Brake very hard and risk jack-knifing in the…

2 min.
call for diesel to match petrol price drop

LABOR SENATOR Glenn Sterle has urged the Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, Michael McCormack, to take action over unchanged diesel prices as the global price of oil drops. Sterle, the Shadow Assistant Minister for Road Safety, refers to a statement from Westpac economist Justin Smirk who has predicted that the price of unleaded fuel could drop 20 per cent by June to around 75 cents a litre. The Senator says Australia has not enjoyed those prices seen since the mid-1990s. “Fuel prices continue to plummet across the country after the cost of oil collapsed and went into the negative for the first time in history,” Sterle says. “However, we are not seeing this reduction reflected in the price of diesel. “Diesel is cheaper to produce and easier to store yet the cost per litre…

2 min.
experts advise on truck cab hygiene

A STRONGER focus on the essential value of truck drivers is driving a greater appreciation for keeping them out of coronavirus harm’s way Well-understood by the cream of professional drivers, the top tips for implementing stringent cleaning measures to stay safe during the Covid-19 outbreak is being shared by transport and medical experts. And it doesn’t stop at trucks. Many families still need their car to get to work or pick up groceries, and transport and logistics insurer NTI notes it is important drivers know how to protect themselves from Covid-19. Dr Ryan Harvey, clinical director of national telehealth service 13 Doctor, says the first priority has to be hygiene. “The best practice a person can employ is general hygiene,” Dr Harvey says. “Washing hands regularly with soap and water for a minimum of 20 seconds…

2 min.
pacific national’s amenities backflip

PACIFIC NATIONAL (PN) says it is looking to provide truck drivers with their own amenities at its terminals to lower the risk of any infectious contact with its staff during the coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic. In April, the rail giant said it had been in discussions with the Australian Trucking Association (ATA) to arrive at solutions to provide suitable toilet facilities for truckies without risking the health of freight train crews and terminal operations in its depots. “The ongoing health and safety of Pacific National staff and customers at our depots and terminals are paramount,” a PN spokesman said. “The issue has already been resolved at our key rail terminals in Melbourne and Perth through the provision of separated toilet facilities. “Separated facilities will be introduced at other Pacific National facilities across the country by…

7 min.
trucks fit for kings

MELBOURNE-BASED truckie Daniel King tells us it started for him like it did for many other operators, in the cab of his old man’s trucking putting in a mile. “They reckon I was virtually conceived in a truck,” Daniel laughs when asked of his earliest memory in a rig. “There are so many photos of me in the truck, because i was going to work with my old man for as long as I can remember. “By the age of about 11 or 12, I was operating the forklift and delivering the bricks we carted to site. It’s all I wanted to do, to be in the brick truck helping,” he says. Daniel’s teen years saw him spending less time around trucks but, as is the case when it’s in your blood, it didn’t…