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PC PowerPlay is Australia's original and best-selling PC games magazine. Offering a mix of games and hardware coverage, the magazine gives a complete picture for the PC entertainment enthusiast. Inside is breaking news of new games, detailed previews of upcoming games, and advice to help readers make sense of the array of hardware and tech products that hit the market each month. PC Powerplay doesn’t just promote tech, it benchmarks and analyses it to help gamers make the most intelligent purchasing decision they can.

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well look at that

So if you have a look over to the right of this page, you’re going to see things have changed a little around these parts. In some ways they’re kinda big, and in other ways, not nearly as big as you might think... Long story short, PC PowerPlay has a new home. Australia’s oldest - and if I may say so best - PC gaming mag has said farewell to Nextmedia, and now joins the very strong stable of gaming titles published by Future Publishing Australia. What does that mean for us? Well, we’re in North Sydney now, so it means fancier food! But what does that mean for you, our readers? It means access to a global team of writers and reviewers. It means, alongside this year’s shift to a bi-monthly publishing…

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loot boxes are “psychologically akin to gambling”, according to australian study

Loot boxes in games could lead to problem gambling, according to a study by the Australian Environment and Communications Reference Committee. Over 7,400 game enthusiasts were surveyed for the study, the results of which were presented during a public hearing in Canberra yesterday, as part of the Australian senate inquiry into micro-transactions and chance-based items. Participants who suffered a serious gambling problem were more likely to spend money on loot boxes, the study found. “These results support the position of academics who claim that loot boxes are psychologically akin to gambling,” reads the submission. “Spending large amounts of money on loot boxes was associated with problematic levels of spending on other forms of gambling. This is what one would expect if loot boxes psychologically constituted a form of gambling. It is not…

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boyfriend dungeon smashes in kickstarter 2019 goal, coming

Boyfriend Dungeon, in development by Kitfox Games, has finished its Kickstarter campaign 415 percent over its target. As reported recently, it hit its goal in just one day — and will now go into full development. If, like me, you were a little confused by the game’s title, you might be even more so when you read what it involves. It’s an action-RPG dungeon crawler where your weapons can “transform into beautiful people,” allowing you to take them out on dates to level them up. Obviously. There are nine weapons to choose from, and each weapon has its own combat style, as well as distinct likes and dislikes. It’s probably wise to familiarise yourself with each of these as they’ll be useful whether on a date or on the battlefield. If you’re intrigued,…

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battlefield 5 devs assure fans that they’re still making massive maps

Some of the players in Battlefield 5’s open beta, which ended this week, were worried that the maps were too small, and didn’t live up to the mammoth arenas in previous games (this is a good example of the complaints). The DICE concerns, assuring fans they’re still making big maps—including one that’s more than 1.5km end-to-end. The big map in question is Hamada, and lead multiplayer designer Valerian Noghin shared an image to show its scale, noting that it’s still a work in progress. The development team also shared a list of changes they’re planning to make based on feedback from the open beta. Distance haze and lighting changes will make enemies more visible, and automatic weapons are being “adjusted” to make “time to kill as fair and fun as possible”.…

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lawbreakers is gone for good, unreleased map art revealed

LawBreakers, the high-flying arena FPS created by Cliff Bleszinski’s Boss Key Productions, is gone for good. The shutdown date had been set back in June, ending a brief flash of hope that it might have a future as a free-to-play game, and former senior environment artist Josh Rife (who is now filling the same role at Red Storm Entertainment) confirmed just ahead of the weekend that the curtain had fallen on schedule. Rife also shared concept art for an unreleased map called Valhalla, “the craziest shit we ever put together,” he tweeted. “We basically said screw arbitrary limits to egregious vertical combat, and made the capture zones super vulnerable. Expert player map for sure.” “Valhalla was Bosskey’s 10th and final map for LawBreakers. Set in an abandoned Valkyrie training facility in California’s…

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fractal design’s define r6 cases get the usb-c treatment

Fractal Design introduced today its revised Define R6 cases with integrated USB Type-C ports. The popular case manufacturer also announced a few useful accessories for existing Define R6 owners to expand the case’s capabilities. The current generation of motherboards, whether AMD or Intel, have pretty much embraced the USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C (commonly referred to as USB-C) standard. The majority of mid-end to high-end motherboards come equipped with an internal header for front-panel USB-C ports. Unfortunately, the standard hasn’t quite caught on with cases. There’s only a handful of cases on the current market that have incorporated USB-C ports. Fractal Design previously offered an optional USB Type-C panel for Define R6 owners who desired USB-C functionality on their cases. However, the upgrade kit represented an extra cost for the owner…