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everything old is new again...

One of my favourite things in this job is when I can peel back some of the more interesting history behind a video game, and there are few games with as rich a history as Cyberpunk 2077. It’s our cover feature this issue, and on top of diving into what the game itself promises - hint: quite a lot, by the look of it - I’ve indulged myself with bit of a look at the tabletop history that the video game is building upon, from its beginnings in 1988 up to a new edition coming out... some time ‘real soon now’. Tabletop games have inspired a lot of PC gaming, from those early dungeon crawlers on, but the case with Cyberpunk is particularly interesting, because the same guy behind that first…

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blizzard is reportedly working on a pokémon go-style game based on warcraft

A big investigative report on “the past, present, and future of Diablo” on Kotaku recently dug into the development history of Diablo 4 and also the state of things at Blizzard. It was presumably spurred by the backlash against Diablo Immortal, a mobile game announced- to great derision - at Blizzcon. And hidden in its midst is a reference to another mobile game in the works, based on a different Blizzard game that you may have heard of: Warcraft. Diablo devotees were disappointed by the Immortal announcement, but a source told Kotaku that Blizzard employees are generally very enthusiastic about it, and about mobile games in general. “The reaction inside the company to Immortal is very different than the reaction outside the company,” the source said. “Part of the thinking on…

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the latest star citizen update lets you explore the sim’s first world

Ahead of Star Citizen’s free week, the space sim’s very first planet has gone live, along with VOIP and the fancy face-tracking integration. Everyone will be able to check out Hurston and the city of Lorville on Friday, but for now only people who have bought the game can start exploring. Hurston is much larger than the moons that players have previously been able to explore and contains multiple biomes, mining centres and a single city. When you land in Lorville, you’ll be using the city’s transit system to get around, letting you sit back and soak in some flashy views. If you’re stuck waiting until Friday, you can still watch Chris Roberts’ guided tour of Lorville and Hurston from CitizenCon. Players have already started posting their own videos, like this cracking view…

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the monster hunter movie actually looks like the games in a new photo

The first pictures to come out of the Monster Hunter film adaptation were not particularly reassuring, with Milla Jovovich posting Monster Hunter set photos of her hanging out with fellow cast members decked out military uniforms. There wasn’t an oversized sword in sight. The latest photo, however, couldn’t come from anything other than Monster Hunter. It shows Jovovich as Natalie Artemis, this time no longer decked out in modern military gear, accompanied by Tony Jaa, who looks almost exactly like Monster Hunter: World’s Field Team Leader, right down to the ridiculous Giant Jawblade. Artemis’ gear is equally inspired by Monster Hunter World, and you might recognise the swirly pattern on her top from the Odogaron chest piece, specifically the male version, from the game. And yes, that’s a slinger that she’s got…

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world of warcraft’s most infamous disaster is becoming a hearthstone card

Few moments are as memorable in all of World of Warcraft history as the Corrupted Blood Incident. On September 13, 2005, a player returned from the grueling new Zul’Gurub raid and summoned his pet in one of Azeroth’s capital cities only to find that, due to a bug, the pet had acquired a debuff that wasn’t supposed to exist outside of the raid. Called Corrupted Blood, this negative effect would deal constant damage to its target until they died—but even worse was the fact that it was highly contagious. Anyone within a certain range of an infected player automatically contracted the disease and soon died. In a matter of hours, World of Warcraft’s capital cities had become ground zero of a deadly plague, and they stayed that way for over a…

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vive wireless adapter has a ‘compatibility issue’ with some ryzen pcs

HTC confirmed there is a “compatibility issue” between its $299 wireless adapter accessory for its Vive VR headset and some Ryzen PCs, but it’s not sure what exactly is causing the problem. Affected users can request a refund if they don’t want to wait for HTC to figure things out. “We have seen and are actively looking into multiple reports of Ryzen incompatibility with Vive Wireless Adapter. Our current data shows this is occurring with a subset of Ryzen-based PCs. Our investigation will take time as we are working with multiple component manufacturers to identify the root cause,” HTC said. HTC has been investigating the issue since at least the end of last week. There has been no update on the situation as of this writing. However, HTC said it will process…