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PC Pro March 2021

PC Pro is the UK’s number one IT monthly magazine and offers readers a healthy variety of tech news updates, tests, reviews, best buys and even bonus software in every issue. The editorial team are experts in their field and they’re dedicated to creating the most authoritative reviews and keeping you up to speed on the latest technology developments.

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give me back my nastiness-free filter bubble

@njkobie Social media isn’t very nice. Twitter is full of people taking offence where none was meant, whilst others seek to offend as many as possible. Facebook is no better, not least because the trolls are often your own family and friends. There’s an easy solution, of course: don’t use such sites. That’s easier said than done, but I’m certainly spending less and less time on social media, despite the lockdown-induced need for conversation sources external to my own living room/office. And I have it better than many. Study after study shows that women get the worst abuse online, with the most intense and foul harassment saved for black women. I have been lucky enough to avoid death threats and doxxing, probably because I’m not particularly controversial with what I say online. That’s…

3 min
don’t just save your money–make some too

YOU’RE NO FOOL. How could you be? You’re holding a copy of PC Pro in your hands. Wherever you turn, though, I guarantee people are trying to part you from your money. For some prime examples, look no further than Davey Winder’s eye-opening feature about scams on p24. You’ll notice that this isn’t a list of tricks such as the old ruse of “Microsoft” calling about a problem with Windows. The new breed of scammers are smarter than that. Among many other devious tactics, they tailor their message for topicality, whether that’s mysterious delivery firms calling to expedite your parcel – a popular scam call in the lead-up to Christmas when this was a big concern – or the promise of a January sale deal. The biggest danger may be thinking that…

1 min

Everyone at PC Pro was saddened and shocked to hear of the death of Adam Banks. Adam, who had written for PC Pro many times over the years, was best known as the editor of our sister title MacUser, taking the helm twice during the magazine’s lifespan. The world “editior” doesn't even come close to describing the scale of Adam’s input, however: he was a writer, columnist, art director and editor all wrapped into one supremely talented human being. It was one of Adam’s many moments of inspiration that won MacUser national acclaim, when a 2012 magazine cover was chosen as one of the PPA’s Covers of the Century. In truth, the PPA could have chosen from a dozen or more equally strong contenders. Adam would probably have squirmed at such praise, and at…

5 min
oneplus nord n10 5g

SCORE PRICE £274 (£329 inc VAT) from oneplus.com/uk The first OnePlus Nord (see issue 313, p62) was OnePlus’ attempt to recapture the mid-range ground it lost by focusing on more expensive flagship phones. The Nord N10 is its follow-up, costing £50 less with, it hopes, minimal sacrifices. Externally, it’s a struggle to find a difference between the two, although this new model is a millimetre or two larger than its sibling in width and height. However, below the surface, OnePlus has shaved its specification in several places. Most notably, the N10 uses a Snapdragon 690 processor where the original had a Snapdragon 765. It also reduces the RAM to 6GB. Despite this, there’s nothing between the two phones for day-to-day speed: the N10 scored 605 in Geekbench 5’s single core test compared to the original…

3 min
egnyte business

PRICE Business plan, £15 exc VAT per user per month (billed yearly) from egnyte.com Egnyte might not be a familiar name, but it deserves to be. It offers a comprehensive cloud syncing and sharing solution, with its Team subscription tier offering a decent terabyte of cloud storage for a monthly cost of £7.43 per user. The £15 Business plan on test adds 10GB of private storage for each user, plus multi-factor authentication and the company’s innovative hybrid storage option – which we’ll get into below. The service creates a good impression from the off, with a free 15-day trial that doesn’t demand payment details. And as part of the setup process you’re invited to create a custom subdomain name for your account URL, adding an extra touch of professionalism when sharing files…

5 min
hp eliteone 800g5

SCORE PRICE £882 (£1,058 inc VAT) from uk.insight.com (part code: 7AB90ET) As anyone who has struggled with a laptop while working from home will agree, there are obvious advantages to an all-in-one PC. The screen is much larger and easier on the eye; a separate keyboard and mouse mean typing and navigation are both more accurate and less tiring; and you’re also far more likely to have a superior webcam and speakers due to space no longer being at a premium. HP delivers on this latter feature with a pop-up webcam that is indeed far better than that of an average laptop. Don’t expect extraordinary detail, but video captured at its default 1080p setting looks crisp while offering natural colours. My only criticism is that you’ll need to move closer to the screen…