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People is the only mag for readers who like to see ALL of their favourite celebrities. It’s got jokes, puzzles, raunchy celebrity photos and big prize giveaways.

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best boobs

STONE the FLAMIN’ CROWS! Alf Stewart would’ve never let this happen on his watch! Former Home And Away actress Charlotte Best has UNLEASHED THE MOUNDS in sexy new Australian teevee series Tidelands.Orphelin Bay, the fictitious fishing village where the Netflix sci-fi drama is set, is a far cry from the Summer Bay that Sydney-born Charlotte departed back in 2010. Instead of old Alf catching MONGREL shoplifters at the SURF CLUB, Orphelin Bay is a SUPERNATURAL fishing village where people live side-by-side with a mysterious tribe of SHAGGABLE MERMAIDS known as “Tidelanders”.Charlotte, 24, stars as Calliope “Cal” McTeer, who’s not afraid to BARE THE BAP in the bath!Some so-called critics have PANNED Tidelands, claiming the drama focuses too much on BARE BODS and BONKING.But that’s exactly why WE LOVE…

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year of the spunk

WHEN you’re the porn industry’s No. 1 superstar, Angela White, one of the perks is that you get to choose from the CREAM OF THE CROP to be your carnal co-stars.Which is how she recently found herself rubbing rude bits with BUTT-LICIOUS Anikka Albrite and AlexisTexas!The 33-year-old Sydney stunna was over the moon about her three-way encounter: “I got to be the meat in a double booty face-slamming SANDWICH! My fave moments are the three-way kissing and the DOUBLE FINGER-BANGING where Anikka and Alexis are inside me at once.”Looking back, Angela has every reason to be stoked ’cos 2018 was a banner year.Leading the way was her sizzling epic Angela By Darkko, which showcased the Aussie vixen in scenes involving squirting, creampies, an eight-guy blowbang and an explosive gang…

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full frontal

GEE CUTE ALL ABOUT EVE THE GQ 2018 Men of the Year Party in Los Angeles was supposed to be celebrating DUDES. British actress Alice Eve, 36, then sauntered onto the red carpet and UPSTAGED the blokes with her see-through dress. All anyone could do from then on was STARE at her NUNGA. MAG WATCH IN THE ROAR THEY may smell like CHEESE and CIGGIES, but we still have a special place in our heart for the French. Mainly ’cos they have a very relaxed attitude to NYOODITY. This facet of their culture can be seen in Corsican model Margot Milani’s beaut starkers shoot for arty-farty mag Lions #11. TEEVEE TITS BIG UDDERS WE DON’T speak the lingo, so…

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sharing the love

BIKINI model Abigail Ratchford has released her own app. Why should you care? Well, with it the bosomy Yank shares nipply pics like THIS. SEPPO art rocker Amanda Palmer released this EPIC NUDE promo pic for her upcoming album There Will Be No Intermission. It deserves a listen, we reckon! ■…

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porn watch

LOOK AND LEARN WE FELT waaaay smarter after seeing classy new Euro-porno Educating Clea…and waaaay hornier, too.Wicked Clea Gaultier assists a famous sexologist by rooting his unhappy clients till they’re happy again.From the satisfied grins on the faces of Tiffany Tatum, Lucy Heart and Angel Blade, it looks like she deserves top marks for her work. But all Clea really wants is to FUCK HER BOSS, who has a few odd hang-ups of his own.We thought Educating Clea was a fantastic wanking aid.Sadly, the chick used to dub Clea’s voice into English sounds like a CHIPMUNK being dragged down a BLACKBOARD.We almost lost OUR COLLECTIVE BONER till we turned the sound down. Lucy Hearts being banged Clea Gaultier – seen here with blonde…

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news to us

BOGGER ME! AFTER it was cancelled in 2008 because of BASTARD TERRORISM in northern Africa, the Dakar Rally was relocated to LESS EXPLODEY South America. This year’s event is due to finish up in Peru this week. One bloke who’d like to ACTUALLY FINISH the 5000km rally is Argentinian dirt biker Franco Caimi. While racing through Bolivia in 2018, he FLEW over his handlebars and CRASHED OUT of the event after this MOTHER of a BOGGING. BACK IN THE COCKPIT TWO dickish American Marine Corps pilots –who were GROUNDED for more than a month after drawing a SKY DONG in California – have FINALLY been given back their flight wings. The Marines haven’t revealed how the flyboys were disciplined for their GIANT DOODLE, but it’s nice to…