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People Australia Issue 1903

People is the only mag for readers who like to see ALL of their favourite celebrities. It’s got jokes, puzzles, raunchy celebrity photos and big prize giveaways.

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alex appeal

IT’S hard to believe that it’s been FIVE YEARS since we first saw Alexandra Daddario’s INSANE RACK in the gritty Seppo crime show True Detective. Even though it occurred back in 2014, her SEX SCENE with Woody Harrelson definitely left an impression on us (not to mention bruises on our KNOBS). According to EGGHEADS online, it was last year’s MOST VIEWED celebrity nude scene. It got us thinking – what has made that clip so popular with the WORLD-WIDE WANKERS? Is it because it was Alex’s FIRST and ONLY nude scene? Or is it because it was with a bloke named WOODY? They’re all contributing factors, but when we checked the photos once more, we realised the main reason for its insane popularity was because Alexandra has MASSIVE MAMS!…

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simply the

WHEN the topic in the office turns to AWARD-WINNING CANS, the 34H whoppers belonging to champion Pommy glamma Charley Atwell always make their way into the convo. There isn’t a man (or woman) alive who wouldn’t DIE HAPPY if they could MOTORBOAT those FLESH-MOUNTAINS. But what does the stunna herself think of her “Charlies”? We rang Ms Atwell on this magical device called a TELEPHONE to find out. WHAT’S the best thing about having HUGE HOOTERS? “I love the look of BIG BOOBS. I like the feel of having big boobs! I think big boobs are so SEXY!” Do they have nicknames? “I just call them my CHARLIES as it matches my name as well. But I’d love to hear what other people would like to call them. Maybe they could sway me…

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full frontal

AMBER ALERT ROSE RAW! SEPPO activist/model/singer Amber Rose really likes to make a statement. Along with being the chief organiser of THE SLUTWALK (our favourite fun run), Rose recently defied Instagram’s HARSH policy AGAINST CHEST-PIPS. The 35-year-old posted this NIPPLY (and ARSEY) pic to her Instagram and the POWERS THAT BE haven’t deleted it…YET. Hopefully, this means more celebrities will be able to FREE THE NIPPLES soon! RETRO SCRUNT CLASSIC KATYA NOT only is Los Angeles-based model Katya Williges HOTTER than a PAWN SHOP STEREO, the clever thing sings and paints as well. Beautly, the 23-year-old also HATES clothes and LOVES the look of old glamma magazine shoots, which she recreates for your viewing pleasure in the latest edition of RektMag. NICE PIKELETS YES, NO, YES, DEFINITELY WE HAVE this weird fetish where we can only eat pancakes…

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bar behind bars!

FANS reckon supermodel Bar Refaeli can wear ANYTHING and look great. Well, she’s about to test out that theory when she gets handed a bright orange PRISON UNIFORM. Yep, the 33-year-old Israeli spunk – and former girlfriend of Leonardo DiCaprio – is facing charges in her home country of TAX EVASION and MONEY LAUNDERING. Bar’s in trouble after allegedly submitting dodgy tax returns for several years to avoid paying MILLIONS to the Israeli government. If she’s convicted she may not have to spend her time in pokey alone ’cos HER MUM AND DAD might also be charged with the same offences. To prepare youse for the SHOCKING POSSIBILITY that Bar could be locked away for her crimes, here are a few sexy and discreet NUDIE shots of her to make you feel better. We like…

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porn watch

SIT ON THIS! WE DUNNO about youse, but the five airheaded slut-muffins showcased in Who’s Banging The Babysitter? 2 are the LAST chicks we’d hire to look after our snot-nosed brats..er, beloved spawn of our loins. It seems Adria Rae, Jane Wilde, Gia Paige, Whitney Wright and Chloe Foster spend half their time doing Instagram selfies while the kids run wild around the house. And the nubile nymphs spend the rest of the time DEEP-THROATING THE DADS before having their love-canals ploughed by their FATHERLY FUCK-STICKS. The flick’s just a two-hour PSA on the dangers of hiring irresponsible, dick-hungry chicks to look after your offspring. From now on, we’ll stick to leaving our kids locked in the basement while we’re at the pub. WHO’S BANGING THE BABYSITTER? 2 Starring: Adria Rae, Whitney Wright, Jane Wilde, Gia…

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news to us

GOING CAR-AZY! AS A two-time Formula 1 World Champion, Spain’s Fernando Alonso wanted to retire gracefully from the sport in 2018…but KRAZY KRAUT Nico Hülkenberg had other ideas. At the first turn of the Belgian Grand Prix, Hülkenberg’s Renault SHUNTED Alonso’s McLaren, HURTLING him into the AIR and SCRAPING the top of Froggy driver Charles Leclerc’s Sauber. All three drivers survived the BINGLE without injury, but Nico copped a 10-point fine for his FUCKWITTERY. COPPIN’ IT SWEET POLICE from Lexington, Kentucky were brought to TEARS recently when a Krispy Kreme doughnut truck crashed and burst into flames. The DISTRAUGHT cops posted the photos of their GRIEF online. It’s not quite clear what caused the accident, but the Lexington ROZZERS said there were no injuries – except to the once-tasty treats, which are now…