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People is the only mag for readers who like to see ALL of their favourite celebrities. It’s got jokes, puzzles, raunchy celebrity photos and big prize giveaways.

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‘I FEEL SO MUCH MORE GLAMOROUS SINCE I HAD MY BOOBS DONE’ WARNING! Too much staring at Pomgolian pin-up Cara Brett’s boobs is DANGEROUS TO YOUR HEALTH. Perving for prolonged periods at the 31-year-old nympho from Nottinghamshire and her 32FF whoppers could lead to profuse sweating, heavy breathing, severe muscle ache (especially in the KNOB) and tendonitis of the wrist…from too much WANKING! Of course, if you have to shake off your mortal coil, then there are WORSE ways to go, such as PISSING on a pub bouncer’s expensive Adidas sneakers Climbing into a zoo enclosure to punch a LION on the nose, OR Practising BRAIN SURGERY on yourself in the garage. Yeah, looking at those options, you’d be better off eyeballing Cara’s cock-stiffening cans till your ticker EXPLODES. At least you’d go out with a smile on…

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STREAKY BITS SOCCER KNOCKERS THE European Champions League Final was a relatively dull game between English clubs Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspurs. But it got a LOT MORE INTERESTING when 22-year-old Seppo model Kinsey Wolanski STREAKED on the field with her swimsuit well and truly WEDGED up her WOONA. To top it off, our office GIMP managed to find her BAPS in their only known OUTING, horror-comedy fillum Slasher Party from earlier this year! SINTERNET! NAT’S ALL THAT! RUSSIAN model Natali Andreeva, 28, is so HOT we’d drown a sack FULL OF MOTHERS-IN-LAW just to see her CUPCAKES. She’s currently featured on the arty nude website editorialsfashiontrends.com. To the best of our knowledge, no mums-in-law were harmed in the making of these images. More’s the pity. HOOTERS & AWAY FISH-Y BUSINESS SUMMER BAY just hasn’t been the same since…

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porn watch

JAM THAT CLAM! WE’VE always suspected that a sizeable number of roller derby competitors lean towards the DYKE SIDE, and Talk Derby To Me has done little to change our minds. The big-budget, wall-to-wall lez-fest stars Joanna Angel (right) as Allison, a roller derby veteran who wants to make a comeback with top team the LA Pussy Posse. But before she can achieve skating success she has to overcome the challenge of a younger rival Gia Paige, while trying to patch up her fractured friendship with team coach Suzy (played by X-rated legend Stoya, who’s back after a several-year “retirement”). It’s non-stop drama and on-track action…plus LICKETYSPLIT LESBO SHENANIGANS in the change rooms! Let’s roll! TALK DERBY TO ME Starring: Joanna Angel, Stoya, Katrina Jade (above), Elsa Jean, Gia Paige, Sovereign Syre, Carmen Caliente (top) Made by:…

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UNTIL now the most famous Marcia we knew was the chick from TV’s The Brady Bunch. But she’s now a distant No. 2 after meeting Yass hairdresser Marcia. We chatted to the 20-year-old about the Seppo sitcom as well as the time she ROOTED a guy in a DRESS! SO…IS Marcia your favourite Brady? “Nah! I think Peter’s the COOLEST…in a nerdy way. And he grew up to become quite spunky. The guy who played him, Christopher Knight, later had his own reality show called My Fair Brady with his then-wife Adrianne Curry. I was so envious of her!” Do you have a favourite episode from The Brady Bunch? “I liked the three-parter where the family go to Hawaii, find a cursed tiki figure and bad things happen to everyone until they…

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WORLD’S DEADLIEST QUEUE DUE to long delays caused by overcrowding, ELEVEN people have DIED in the past month attempting to climb the 8848m-high summit of Mount Everest. Nepalese officials reckon most of the deaths were due to frostbite, exhaustion and lack of oxygen. When they charge punters $60,000 to scale the peak you think the LEAST they could do is install an escalator! ARMED AND DANGEROUS THIS isn’t the first time we’ve talked about Valdir Segato, a PUMPED-UP dummy from Sao Paulo, Brazil, who’s been warned in the past by doctors that he risks AMPUTATION or DEATH if he keeps injecting a bizarre backyard-made substance called Synthol into his muscles. Jokes on the quacks, but – the BERKO body builder is still alive, still shooting that shit into his veins…and still FLASHING THOSE…

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THERE’S a new X-Men fillum, Dark Phoenix, in the theatres right now – sadly, it’s aimed at pimply-faced teens, so it’ll feature exactly ZERO MUTANT MAMS and MANTRAPS. So we figured we’d UNCOVER all the RUDEST NUDES of actrines from the 19-year-old X-Men franchise in one HANDY feature. If you ask us, they all look pretty X-CELLENT in – and OUT of – their cossies! ANNA PAQUIN APPEARS AS: Rogue in X-Men (2000) NUDE IN: True Blood (TV) JESSICA CHASTAIN APPEARS AS: Vuk in Dark Phoenix NUDE IN: Jolene, Lawless HALLE BERRY APPEARS AS: Storm in X-Men NUDE IN: Swordfish, Frankie & Alice, Monster’s Ball JENNIFER LAWRENCE APPEARS AS: Mystique in X-Men: First Class NUDE IN: Red Sparrow DANIA RAMIREZ APPEARS AS: Callisto in X-Men: The Last Stand NUDE IN: Entourage (TV) OLIVIA MUNN APPEARS AS: Psylocke in X-Men: Apocalypse NUDE IN: Magic Mike ELLEN PAGE APPEARS AS: Kitty Pryde in…