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tig ol’ bitties

Before becoming a glamour model via a spread in Playboy, Tessa Fowler, from South Carolina, USA, worked as a waitress at our favourite FINE DINING establishment, HOOTERS. ‘I LOVE SHAKIN’ IT TO DIRTY RAP MUSIC’ “I was 19 and working at Hooters when some scouts from Playboy came into the restaurant. They asked if I wanted to try out. I did, and the rest is history. I really had no interest in modelling until that point.” Now 27, Tessa reckons that while she’s always happy to get her WHAMMERS OUT for the boys, she’s still a shy, southern girl at heart. “I get anxious when people ask me to dance. However, I do love turning on some dirty rap music and shakin’ it when I’m getting out of the shower. My bathroom turns…

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full frontal

TOVE’S TITS LO AND BEHOLD TO BE an iconic pop singer you need a signature move. Elvis Presley had his WOBBLY LEGS, Michael Jackson had his MOONWALK and Mick Jagger has his GAY ROOSTER. Swedish pop star Tove Lo, 31, has her signature move, too – the TITTY FLASH. Here she is performing it to drunken Aussies at a music festival in Bali. GREATEST TITS! COCO LOCO REMEMBER the feeling you got when you first discovered porn? That’s exactly how we felt when we found a 2008 copy of Playboy Venezuela’s Los Mejores Cocos during a recent office clean-up. It translates to: ‘THE GREATEST TITS’ in English, and after seeing Mandy Calloway and Stephanie Martin’s GAZONGAS, we’d have to agree. WRITE ON! OUT-RAGEOUS POMMY actor Adam Collins plays the hero in 2018’s straight-to-DVD action flick Outlawed. And because…

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porn watch

PLAYING AROUND FROM the look of the cover of Games Lovers Play, you’d think this fillum is chockers with ropes, ball gags, riding crops and DRIPPING CANDLE WAX. But no! This is the regular kinda porno that WON’T scare away your average normal couple. The four scenes feature gentle games between couples who want to add a bit of EXCITEMENT to the bedroom. A housewife “spills” coffee on herself so her husband can “punish” her by FUCKING her. Other scenes offer more of the same: a couple pretend to be STRANGERS who meet in a park for a RANDOM ROOT while, elsewhere, a chick gets her fella to role-play as her “ex” so she they can have MAKE-UP SEX. Seems like a lot of wasted effort to us – we would’ve stuck to a simple…

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holdens vdinosaurs!

AN AMATEUR Aussie palaeontologist claims to have made the scientific FIND OF THE CENTURY by unearthing a HOLDEN UTE that’s more than SIXTY-FIVE MILLION YEARS OLD! Even though modern science believes the first Holden ute appeared in 1934, Colin Mingehead from South Oz outback town Elwomple reckons that’s a LOAD OF HORSESHIT. He believes the tough-as-nails cars were around during the CRETACEOUS ERA, doing their best to avoid being stomped on by CRANKY-AS-FUCK T-REXES! “I was digging in my BACKYARD the other night after an unusually heavy night ON THE TURPS when I unearthed the rusty front door handle of an EJ Holden,” said the 57-year-old. “It was quite a long way down in the ground – at least a COUPLE OF FEET. By my reckoning, that means the car it came from…

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HUNGARIAN hotty Darcia Lee may not be related to martial arts legend Bruce Lee, but her EYE-POPPING X-rated efforts have the SAME EFFECT on men as one of Bruce’s flying kicks to the MUSH. The 19-year-old 34D-wielding babe isn’t a kung-fu expert, but she still knows how to destroy a man…with her KILLER PUSSY! ARE you related to Bruce Lee, Darcia? “No, but I HAVE watched a few of his movies. He looked REALLY HOT when he took off his shirt and showed off his RIPPED MUSCLES.” Do you train in any martial arts? “No, I’m a LOVER, not a fighter – and if you’ve watched any of my movies you’ll know I’m very good at it.” You certainly are – can you recommend some of your favourite flicks to us? “I thought I had some…

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kiwi birds

Kiwis invented the first bungee jump – a 43m drop off the Kawarau Bridge in Queenstown – in 1988. They’ve been making a motza from shit-scared tourists ever since. EnZed doesn’t just produce a never-ending stream of great All Blacks. It also gave the world Sir Edmund Hillary (first person to climb Mt Everest in 1953), Baron Ernest Rutherford (first person to split the atom in 1919) and Peter Jackson (who directed Lord Of The Rings). There are no snakes in EnZed! And no nuclear power stations either! The pavlova – invented after Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova toured Oz and NZ in the 1920 – is claimed by both nations. We reckon it was created by a Perth chef in 1935, but the Kiwis say the recipe can be found in local cookbooks…