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People Australia Issue 1918

People is the only mag for readers who like to see ALL of their favourite celebrities. It’s got jokes, puzzles, raunchy celebrity photos and big prize giveaways.

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let’s ride

BIKING beauty Blake says she loves hopping on her motorbike and going for LONG RIDES in the country. It’s even better if the 22-year-old Perthling has a strapping big fella sitting behind her with his STIFFY rubbing against the small of her back. WHAT’S the best thing about having a motorbike, Blake? “The feeling of FREEDOM when I get out of Perth and hit the open road. It’s a real RUSH, especially when I ride TOPLESS. My nipples TINGLE LIKE MAD as the wind whips past me.” ‘WE RAN BACK TO THE BIKE IN THE NUDDY’ Hot damn! Have you ever been pulled over by the police for your baps-out biking? “Haha! Not yet – I guess I’ve just been lucky so far.” Have you ever had a root on your hog? “No, but I’ve had a few…

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full frontal

BEACH BALLS KLUM SHOT! SOAKING up the sun on her latest honeymoon in Italy, Heidi Klum did as the Romans do and got out her MEATBALLS. The 46-year-old supermodel and supreme MILF recently married ZE CHERMAN rocker Tom Kaulitz, who’s 17 years her junior. We’d love to be Heidi’s TOY BOY! More chebs-out slebs on the beach in our special feature on p30! MAG WATCH POP(OUT) STAR WE WERE gutted to hear that Miley Cyrus and Aussie actor Liam Hemsworth had split. Though we did cheer up a little and BLEW OUR LOAD over these hot shots of Miley in the April edition of fashion magazine VON. The person who lent the high-class publication to us wasn’t cheering, but. TITS BACK! HIGHS AND GLOWS THE third season of GLOW has yet again delivered Alison Brie and Betty Gilpin’s…

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porn watch

THIRST FOR FIRST WHO knew there were SO MANY chicks desperately keen to BANG a MILF for the first time? According to Seppo production company Doghouse there are enough to have produced TWENTY-SEVEN instalments of Her First MILF. In the latest DVD, we see four older women utilise their decades of bedroom boonting experience to bring their younger-but-equally-horny lady friends to cataclysmic climaxes! Our favourite scene – if you forced us to choose – would have to be the sizzling encounter between Hungarian businesswoman Vicky Love, 32, and her heavily tatted 21-year-old pal, the delightfully named Adelle Unicorn! It’s a very sinful-yet-tasteful scene indeed! HER FIRST MILF 27 Starring: Nathaly Cherie (above), Cristal Caitlin, Florane Russell, Sarah Kay, Amaris (far right), Vicky Love, Adelle Unicorn, Hayli Sanders (right) Made by: Doghouse Digital Release date: out now MEET THE MILF…

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we invade uranus!

IN EXCITING outer space news, People is proud to announce that we plan to open an office on URANUS! Now, no matter what happens in the solar system and beyond, we will be FIRST with the intergalactic news! “This is so amazing that I’ve exploded TWO pairs of underpants this morning alone,” screamed our editor while shovelling a mountain of BUTTERY POPCORN in his gob. “If Miley Cyrus zooms off with BUM-PROBING ALIENS and flown to Pluto, we’ll have our finest paparazzi on hand to snap the ARSE-BUSTING ACTION.” He continued, while necking a very expensive bottle of WHISKEY, “And if Angelina Jolie volunteers for the next manned mission to the moon – which COULD happen – we plan to be nearby, waiting for a possible BAP SNAP or CHEEKY ARSE FLASH…

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crin and bare it

‘WE MADE LOVE UNDER A BLANKET IN THE PARK’ LIFE doesn’t get much better than this, readers. The location for the photo shoot was beautiful, the sun was shining, 24-year-old local lass Serena was smiling and STARKERS…and we all had ERECTIONS. It was the bestest day ever! What a fantastic shoot, Serena! “Thanks! I had a wonderful time. The photographer and I drove to a lookout near where I live, but it was real early in the morning, so there were no tourists around. I could relax, STRIP OFF and not worry about being SEEN by anyone.” What do you enjoy most about nuding up in a public area? “It’s exciting and a little bit NAUGHTY. Also, I feel very free and happy when I undress – I enjoy knowing your readers are going to…

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40 + fuckers

BRANDI LOVE 46 “I HAVE the coolest job in the world,” said the 13-year vadge-spreading veteran. “If you can’t have FUN doing what we do for a living, then God help ya!” LISA ANN 47 SHE’S retired from XXX twice, but Lisa couldn’t keep away from the biz. The legend returned last year to make more fabbo filth. CHERIE DeVILLE 40 LESBOTIC Cherie loves filming sex scenes with women younger than her: “The funny part is even though I’m older, most of them have been in the industry longer so they’ve taught me a ton too.” DANA VESPOLI 46 SHE’s an adult film director AND star, and most DEFINITELY NOT your typical vanilla actrine. See her KINK THE FUCK OUT in titles like MILF Gape 3 and Squirting MILFs 2. DIAMOND JACKSON 53 WHILE some porn gals are winding…