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People Australia Issue 1922

People is the only mag for readers who like to see ALL of their favourite celebrities. It’s got jokes, puzzles, raunchy celebrity photos and big prize giveaways.

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cracka fat pizza!

WHEN X-rated local lustbucket Yasmin Scott retired from the jiz biz last year, we WEPT salty tears of sadness. However, our PEENS are now crying CREAMY TEARS OF JOY with the news she’ll soon star in the highly anticipated return of Fat Pizza to Aussie TV screens. “When I was asked to appear on the legendary comedy show earlier this year, it was a no-brainer of a YES!” cheered the stoked stunna. “I was such a huge fan of the show [when I was younger]. Seeing them live on stage in Perth I’d never have dreamed I’d be on the show someday.” Sources tell us the carnal stunna will portray a KINKY DOMINATRIX on Fat Pizza: Back In Business, screening on 7Mate. If you ever needed an excuse to watch the show, then seeing…

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holy hannah!

WE CALLED up Pommy Page 3 pin-up superstar Hannah Elizabeth and within moments she was SHOCKING us with lurid tales of sex, sex and MORE SEX! First up, the 29-year-old Liverpool blonde told us about her MOST DARING ROOT: “I had sex in public with an ex… A FEW TIMES! Looking back, I can’t believe some of the stuff we did. Once, we were on a bench and I think the people who were walking past just thought we were DRUNK! I’ve had a lot of fun with SEX TOYS, too.” We were still blushing as she continued, “My tip for any couple would be to try the VIBRATING COCK RINGS for the men and the little bullets for the women – they’re AMAZING. You put the bullet together with a cock…

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full frontal

KAIA ON FIRE FASHION OR FLASHING? SEPPO clotheshorse Kaia Gerber exposed a bit of nipple on the runway during Paris Fashion Week. The daughter of supermodel Cindy Crawford must have been told not to smile for the big event. Why? Because if we had choozzies like hers, you couldn’t wipe the smiles off our faces. ELLE OF A PAIR VREE THE NIPPLES THE Russki November edition of Elle mag features the WHOPPERS of American singer, actress and model Caroline Vreeland. The 32-year-old was a contestant on the twelfth season of American Idol. Shockingly, Caroline DIDN’T WIN, despite her massive LUNG CAPACITY. TEEVEE TITS PORN AGAIN THAT beloved television series about the American porno industry in the 1970s, The Deuce, is back for a third season on Foxtel. In recent episodes, Emily Meade, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Jennifer Keane and Carrie Kim…

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babe 2 babe

CALL us greedy, readers, but we can never say no at just ONE. We have the same problem with Tim Tams. If there’s a chance of perving on TWO – or, be still our beating tockos, THREE – gorgeous, clothes-free stunnas in pseudolesbiotic poses, then we’re VERY FUCKING HAPPY CAMPERS. Maybe that hungry lil’ prick Oliver Twist made a good point when he whined, “Please, sir, I want some MORE.” Shut your cakehole, dickhead, and FEAST your eyes on EIGHT PAGES of nudie gal-on-gal action! EMMA & SAMANTHA SAM could turn gay for Em: “I’m straight, but lately I’ve found blondes fascinating. I think her body’s CURVY. She smelt good, too.” Emma said the feeling was mutual: “Sam’s absolutely gorgeous and very nice as well. She’s exotic-looking.” KAT, ROXIE & KAY-ANN SOME clever clog named…

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jess perfect!

IN OUR HORNY HASTE last issue to run pikchas of the glamorous nekkid babes from the you-beaut Exotic Angels 2020 Nude Calendar we STUPIDLY forgot to run a snap of ONE of the spectacular pants-peelers. Jess, we’re so sorry! Unaware of our TERRIBLE ERROR, we sent the mag off to the printer and headed to the pub for a beer or SIX. The following Monday, when we received a preview copy hot off the presses, we realised what we’d done. We spent a short period of time wailing, gnashing our teeth and giving the work experience cunt a SWIRLIE in the office dunny. (Hey! We had to blame SOMEBODY for our cock-up.) After that, we decided the only way to resolve the problem was to head to the pub for a beer or…

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make a date!

WANT to enjoy the ample charms of Jess and 11 other sexy babes? Well, you can by ordering your Exotic Angels 2020 Nude Calendar from the online shop at www.glamcorp.net. Or pick up a copy in newsagencies and Calendar Club pop-up shops in major shopping centres. Meanwhile we have TEN calendars to give away to lucky readers. For your chance to score one, just tell us IN ONE SENTENCE your fave day of the year and why. The 10 best answers will receive a calendar. Mark your entries “Exotic Angels comp”. Please state you’re over 18 years old when entering this comp. The contest closes at 5pm on Friday, November 15.…