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porn again!

AS AN ultra-devout Mormon who hadn’t had SEX for NINE YEARS, the chances of Addie Andrews becoming a HARDCORE PORN STAR were as remote as People magazine winning an effin’ WALKLEY AWARD. However, FATE stepped in for the 30-year-old Seppo siren. After being told she couldn’t be a bridesmaid in her sister’s wedding in 2017 because her dress was TOO SEXY, Double A told the church to go TAKE A HIKE. The blonde spunkbubble started off working as a STRIPPER in Los Angeles, but this year she found her SMOO…sorry, TRUE CALLING – taking the leap into STICK FLICKS. “I was very sexually repressed!” Addie moaned. “You’re essentially a NUN, devoted to your worship for that period of time.” Stuff that! These days, men WORSHIP HER...and her goddess-like bod! And Addie reckoned her religious family were…

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breast friends

SHE might struggle staying SWEET with her mates on TV, but reality star Clelia Theodorou is a 100% professional when it comes to POPPING HER TOP for People. The 24-year-old glamma and cast member of semi-scripted The Only Way Is Essex always seems to be blueing with her busty co-stars over what they may (or may not) have said about some bloke (possibly) or some chick (probably). It’s VERY Year 9. Personally, we’d rather go to the pub than watch it. But the cast and their scriptwriters must be doing something right ’cos, since 2010, tens of millions of easily impressed Poms have tuned in each week to watch their BOOZED-UP BICKERING. ‘I NEED A MAN’S MAN’ Leading the way is Clelia who’s had a rough 2019, splitting up with an off-screen boyfriend and…

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full frontal

VERY NICE! BORAT VS E-RAT BIKINI model and entrepreneur Emily Ratajkowski wore one of her own Inamorata swimsuits while poolside in Miami, Florida. Some of the 28yo’s CATTIER Instagram followers said she looked like BORAT. Don’t listen to them, Em – we know which RAT we’d rather see! EM’S GEMS OH PORTOS! PLAYMATE Emily Agnes, 29, has a beachy spread in the October edish of Portuguese Playboy. Until she appeared in the mag, the British-born boob-bearer was unaware of Hugh Hefner’s LIFE WORK: “In my village, I’d never even seen an issue of Playboy.” She looks like more of a People reader. PUCKING SEXY HOCKEY HOOTERS SPANISH women are proud WORLD CHAMPIONS at the FORGOTTEN sport of roller hockey. So it’s no surprise they’re trying to boost interest in the sport by making a soap opera about it.…

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nordic but nice

WE DON’T wanna sound clichéd here, but Scandinavia in northern Europe pumps out the most gorgeous gals IN THE WORLD, seemingly on a CONVEYOR BELT. And then they ship them down to Australia as TIT-TASTIC TOURISTS! Individually, they may look different on a molecular level, but every single one of these HIGHLY ROOTABLE ladies have a few things in common: blonde hair, blue eyes and a pretty RELAXED attitude when it comes to dressing MODESTLY. Yep, tight T-shirts, short shorts and NO UNDERWEAR seem to be the order of the day for these filthy Finns, dirty Danes, naughty Norwegians, swell Swedes and …er, outstanding Icelanders! That’s if the babes bother to wear ANY GEAR AT ALL! If you don’t believe us, whip out your pet trouser snake and cast THREE EYES over the Nordic…

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mud, sweat & beers

MORE THAN 20,000 people and nearly 8600 utes turned out for last month’s Deni Ute Muster in Deniliquin, NSW – and they witnessed HISTORY when 3972 blokes and blokettes set the record for the number of people wearing BLUE SINGLETS in one place…breaking 2015’s record by THIRTEEN singlets! That didn’t even include the drunks who were PASSED OUT in the tray of their utes after a night belting Bundy and Cokes. Entertainment at this year’s muster included ute races, tractor pulls, circle work and plenty of country crooners including Seppo superstar Tim McGraw and local legends John Williamson and Lee Kernaghan! We’re not sure what they sang about, but it was probably sad tunes about their utes DYING, their dogs LEAVING ’em and their wives BREAKING DOWN – nothing a good SCREW wouldn’t…

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mad about the girl

SUMMER’S coming, but it’s already BLOODY WARM in Melbourne courtesy of the stunning stripper Madalaine. We caught up with the APPEALING PEELER for a quick chat and found ourselves feeling a bit HOT UNDER THE COLLAR. HEY, Mads. What do you love most about exotic dancing? “I love that I choose when I want to work, the sense of community you get with other women in the industry (I’ve made some of my best friends through stripping) and, of course, the money!” What’s your fave songs to dance to? “Two of my all-time favourites are INXS’s I Need You Tonight and Deep Purple’s Hush.” What’s the strangest thing that’s happened to you while stripping? “I was giving a lap dance to a guy and, suddenly, we heard banging on the glass door to the private dance…