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fine cristal

THE reboot of 1980s TV soap Dynasty is classy as all hell, but not as CLASSY as Aussie actress Nathalie Kelley, who plays Cristal Carrington in the new series.We weren’t sure at first about her taking over the character made famous by blonde legend Linda Evans.But after seeing her BARE BOOBS copping a suntan on Sydney’s Bondi Beach the other week, we reckon Nat’s PERFECT for the role! The 33-year-old Sydneysider had…ahem, RACKED up a solid resume before this role – including teevee’s UnREAL and The Vampire Diaries – but she hit the Hollywood jackpot with Dynasty. And we hit the jackpot when one of our champion paparazzo mates scored this fabbo picture of Nat’s NORKS! ■…

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a roll in the hay!

KINKY Kylie Page, 21, comes from small-town Oklahoma in the US heartland, so she’s definitely a COUNTRY CUTIE, although we’re sure she’s become more sophisticated since she moved to Los Angeles in 2016. She probably even uses a napkin these days to daintily WIPE THE CUM from the corners of her mouth rather than use the back of her hand. Now, THAT is classy! TELL us an amazing fact about growing up in tiny Claremore, Oklahoma. “I’m half Native American and was raised in that culture. When I was a child my family chose a SPIRIT ANIMAL for me, which was a baby deer.” OK, moving on…how do you like to be FUCKED? “I love DOGGY – it feels really good and it means I don’t have to look…

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full frontal

AXE WOUND SHE’S NOT BALD-WIN! WHEN you get ready for a fancy West Hollywood Halloween party, ya gotta remember a lotta things. So we can forgive Ireland Baldwin for forgetting her UNDIES. Posing as an AXE-WIELDING MANIAC, the 23-year-old model flashed her BROWN RUG on the RED CARPET. HIPPY CHICK WE’RE GOIN’ J-LO-DOWN TO OUR untrained eyes, it looks like lusty Latina Jennifer Lopez is wearing a BEDAZZLED CURTAIN in the latest ish of InStyle. But according to the fashion blogs, she’s actually wearing a Valentino haute couture cape. We don’t care what it is, as long as we get to see as much of the 49-year-old diva’s ARSE as possible. OH MILEY ! OFF THE CHAIN! WE…

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sharing the love

LIVING in the Yoo-Ess-Aye, Gabi Grecko, 29, has reportedly reconciled with living museum exhibit and Aussie battler Geoffrey Edelsten. And her baps seem to have gone up in size, too! Must be something in the Seppo water. PERKY Playboy Playmate Sarah Jean Underwood released this sandy pic of her, erm… CRUMBING THE SCHNITZEL. All the 34-year-old needs now is our MUSHROOM SAUCE. ■…

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'l love to fight'

UNDEFEATED Aussie UFC heavyweight contender Tai Tuivasa will put his skills and HARD HANDS to the test against former Brazilian world champion Junior dos Santos in the main event at UFC Fight Night 142 on December 2 in Adelaide. We caught up with the 25yo MMA superstar – a proud “westie” from Kingswood, Sydney, who could one day be our next WORLD CHAMP. WHAT’S the hardest part about being a fighter. Tai? “You have to SACRIFICE a lot to be a fighter. You sacrifice time with your family and you also have to sacrifice things like food.” What’s your favourite junk food? “I love it all, but KFC’s my favourite junk food.” What do you eat when you’re training, mate? “Fucking GRASS – ha! It’s not that bad, but.…

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porn watch

HARD TO SWALLOW YOU think the porn biz is all FUN AND ’GASMS? Nah, sometimes it’s bloody hard work as can be seen in muck-encrusted melodrama Throated: Busty & Dirty. It’s not easy for woodsmen to maintain those HUGE ERECTIONS for hours at a time (no matter how many Viagra pills they pop).Plus there’s the ever-present danger of all that blood rushing to their hefty MEAT-AXES and causing a severe LACK of blood elsewhere, particularly to the BRAIN.Nothing more embarrassing than a guy FAINTING mid-blowie. And it’s no easier for the chicks in this flick – led by Richelle Ryan (left), Victoria June and Skylar Snow – who spend hours and hours learning how to SUPPRESS THE GAG REFLEX. And more hours doing MOUTH-WIDENING EXERCISES so they accommodate…