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People Australia Issue 1826

People is the only mag for readers who like to see ALL of their favourite celebrities. It’s got jokes, puzzles, raunchy celebrity photos and big prize giveaways.

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och aye the nude

AS THE first ever Mrs Scotland winner, Natalie Paweleck was looking forward to representing her country at the Mrs World Finals in China next March. But within hours of her being crowned, a WOWSER with SAND in his VAGINA sent an anonymous email to organisers revealing Natalie had posed rudely for men’s magazines MORE THAN A DECADE AGO. She was CRUELLY stripped of her sash soon afterwards. “It wasn’t because she posed topless that she was de-crowned,” claimed a Mrs World spokesman. “It was because it wasn’t disclosed.” However, 35-year-old Nat disagreed and declared, “My modelling past isn’t something I’ve ever hidden. In fact, I’d say it’s fairly well-known.” The MILF-of-one added, “I’m proud of what I achieved. The choices I made in my early 20s have made me the woman I am today, and…

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lusting for leah!

FUCK us sideways! It’s been far too long since we last took a squiz at the massive melons of luscious Leah Francis. Luckily for us, the 31-year-old Southampton spunkbubble did this rudie-nudie shoot to remind us why her photographs are PERFECT spank bank material for red-blooded males everywhere! Leah had some solid advice for those of us who possess a computer PACKED with nude pix of her and other big-bosomed babes. “If you’re installing [updates], make sure you’re careful,” she said. “You don’t want to get caught out like that bloke whose wife found his ENTIRE PORN COLLECTION scrolling across the screen when he left his computer updating overnight. Er...BUSTED!” How embarrassment! So what did Leah perv at online? “My phone wouldn’t be worth its weight if I couldn’t have a perv over…

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full frontal

TIT SINGLE MAMILY VALUES ARE you one of the people unfortunate enough to remember Toni Braxton’s smash-hit 1990s single Unbreak My Heart ? Well, as a consolation for your TRAUMA, gander upon the 51-year-old Seppo warbler’s RIGHT NUBBIN. It popped out while she was in Hollywood promoting her reality teevee SHIT-SHOW, Braxton Family Values . SEXICO! WHO’S COOKIN’ NOW? YANK supermodel Rachel Cook has been blessed with an outstandingly PERKY set of CHEST BAUBLES. And the 23-year-old doesn’t mind sharing those BLESSINGS with us mere mortals. Her latest offering appears within the pages of the Mexican edition of Playboy. Sadly, it contains no shots of her meaty TACO. DAIRY QUEEN FEELIN’ THORNEY FORMER actress, HORRIBLE SINGER and full-time Instagrammer Bella Thorne, 21, is releasing a new line of make-up. And she’s promoted it by SQUIRTING whipped cream all…

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porn watch

HOT TO TROT HORNY housewives need some lovin, too, which is where Axel Braun’s Busty Hotwives comes into play. The five scenes in this flick –featuring big-boobed, cock-cravin’ nymphettes Reagan Foxx (right), Ella Knox, August Taylor, Nikki Delano and Michelle McLaren (below) – will stir your loins in ways that haven’t been stirred since that nice lady at Woolies accidentally brushed against your crotch while you were buying a box of OMO at the tender age of 18. Aaahhhh, we remember it just like it was yesterday… In particular, as fond as we are of robohooters, we loved the scene where Ella roots like crazy, her real boobs bouncing away and her full thatch of pubic hair proudly on display. It made our knob ends weep with joy. But no matter what type of…

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news to us

MY BRITTLE PONY CLUMSY nag Movewiththetimes and its WELL-FLUNG jockey Barry Geraghty recently took a tumble at the BetVictor Gold Cup in Cheltenham, England. The GG was looking good for a place until the final fence, when it HIT THE DECK faster than a diving Neymar. Luckily, neither HORSE nor MIDGET was injured…although Bazza left a horrible BROWN STAIN in his SILKS. FUNBAGS VS FASCISM TOPLESS activists from radical group Femen hit the streets of Madrid the other day to protest a rally commemorating the former fascist dictator of Spain, General Francisco Franco. Sadly, the brave, braless babes didn’t achieve anything other than giving BONERS to onlookers staring at their ANTI-NAZI APPLES.…

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20 things to do to enjoy a wet’n’wild summer!

1 Perv on these dripping wet babes and RUB ONE OUT! 2 Have a barbie…and don’t forget to stick the bloody onion ON TOP of people’s sausage sangers. Don’t be un-Orstrayan, readers! 3 BUY A BEER FOR A MATE. AND HAVE ONE FOR YOURSELF WHILE YOU’RE AT IT. OR TWO. 4 LOCAL HEAD TO BEACH THE AND PUNCH A SHARK. 5 Find out where Davey Warner’s playing his next grade cricket match and bring along a pack of SANDPAPER for him as a Chrissie gift. 6 MULLET GROW A . 7 Go to your local library and head to the MYSTERY section, then tear out the last page of every Agatha Christie novel. 8 Buy a TUBA, then walk behind Kyle Sandilands at the supermarket while playing the Baby Elephant Walk. 9 Climb Mount Kosciusko, then take a…