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Peppermint is an Australian quarterly print magazine focused on style, sustainability and substance. Covering slow food, ethical fashion, natural living, health and beauty, diversity, social entrepreneurs and more, it was created for the rapidly growing number of individuals who appreciate design and creativity, but also care about social and environmental issues and things that matter. With diverse, carefully curated content and beautiful photography – including fashion profiles and shoots, inspiring and informative editorials, and thought-provoking features – Peppermint is a celebration of all that’s good in our changing world.

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issue 25 autumn 2015

Waste – it’s not a very pretty subject, is it? The whole concept and reality of waste is something we would all rather just bury our heads in the sand (or garbage, as it may be) over and hope it goes away. Much like our burgeoning rubbish, it just goes in the bin and then someone else takes it away. But that’s the point – there is no ‘away’. It’s very rare for us to see what actually happens to our waste – where it winds up after we nonchalantly dispose of the single-use container that housed our lunch-on-the-run, the plastic bag that carried our groceries for a grand total of 30 minutes, the drink bottle that quenched our thirst only momentarily... it seems they all end up in the mysterious…

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JESSECA CANDUSIO stylist I’m a multidisciplinary maker, artist and stylist with a love for all forms of natural design. My favourite rescued/reinvented find is... my Great-Uncle Jim’s 1892 silver jubilee three pence coin. He had it made into a necklace for me and sent over from England. It’s been baked into a very long history of family puddings! jessebree.com ALISSA NASTI writer I’m a freelance writer, high school teacher and sometimestaker-of-photos who talks in embarrassing voices to other people’s pets. My favourite rescued/reinvented find is... my paternal grandfather’s 1950s Hallstrom refrigerator and my maternal grandfather’s set of antique wooden chairs. @alissarachel TARA PEARCE photographer I’m a photographer, mother of two cool kids and wife to a great guy called Taras (it was fate!). My daydreams are filled with seaside adventures, Monaco Bars and balmy nights. My favourite rescued/reinvented find is...…

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Sharing is caring... How we love hearing from you, dear readers! Your kind thoughts and words – however big or small – are what inspire us to keep doing what we love. All writers published in this issue’s Letterbox will receive an Autumn Beauty Box – packed with a handpicked selection of natural and organic skin and body products (available for $29.99 but including over $60 worth of treats) – from fabulous online boutique Flora and Fauna. Established in 2014, Flora and Fauna brings together the very best brands and products with a conscience, from cosmetics and skincare to vegan-friendly goodies and gorgeous gift sets for every-body! floraandfauna.com.au GET IN TOUCH AT HELLO@PEPPERMINTMAG.COM Dear Peppermint, I don’t think I’m alone when I say that I don’t remember a time in my life when I wasn’t…

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Louise Belshaw I always look back at photos of my younger self and feel terrible about the way I treated her. I’ve always struggled with body image and anxiety but when I look back at her, I don’t remember why. She looks happy, healthy and loved by her family: so why did I treat her so bad? Why do I still? Everyone goes through times like this, though I feel I don’t remember a time when I have thought any different. Your magazine came into my life and into my hands and made me feel differently. Every time I read you and your articles on fabulous people doing wonderful things - maybe a bit out of the ordinary - I think how it’s okay to be me. Heck, it’s really ace…

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new kids on the block Give your littlest loved ones a super-stylish head start by kitting them out in Sapling’s adorable range of childrenswear, all made with super-soft 100% organic cotton and featuring cute-as-a-button prints and pretty pastel colours. With an expanding product range that includes skincare for bubs and mums, this is one sapling that’s growing fast! saplingchild.com well tread Step your way through autumn in a stylish pair of Pons, a traditional style of Menorcan footwear also called avarcas or abarcas. The second-largest of the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea, Menorca is known for its beautiful beaches, lush countryside and brilliant blue skies. Over a century ago, Menorcan farmers crafted sandals from leather and recycled tyres to keep their feet cool and comfortable as they worked the land. Today, Pons Avarcas…