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Women's Lifestyle
Peppermint Magazine

Peppermint Magazine Spring 2017

Peppermint is an Australian quarterly print magazine focused on style, sustainability and substance. Covering slow food, ethical fashion, natural living, health and beauty, diversity, social entrepreneurs and more, it was created for the rapidly growing number of individuals who appreciate design and creativity, but also care about social and environmental issues and things that matter. With diverse, carefully curated content and beautiful photography – including fashion profiles and shoots, inspiring and informative editorials, and thought-provoking features – Peppermint is a celebration of all that’s good in our changing world.

Peppermint Magazine
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$33(Incl. tax)
4 Issues

In this issue

3 min.
editor-in-chief’s letter

ISSUE 35 SPRING 2017 I guess, looking back, I have always been a maker. The dusty, museum-like shelves of my mother’s house are still dotted with the barely preserved artefacts of my lifelong obsession with making. Paper mache-covered goblets filled with now 30-year-old potpourri, handpainted planter pots, glitterencrusted picture frames alongside illustrations, artworks and other curious creations – every birthday or celebration my family and friends were the ‘lucky’ recipients of something I would conjure up and then set about creating. To me, making something was the physical manifestation of my love, the ultimate gift I could give – my skills, my time, my efforts and my steadfast belief that everyone needed a paper mache-decorated goblet in their life. In my later years, I went on to study fashion design, photography, graphic…

4 min.

WE LOVE HEARING FROM YOU, DEAR READERS. All writers published in this issue’s Letterbox will receive an organic, cruelty-free, Australian-made haircare pack from EverEscents – including Cinnamon & Patchouli Moisture Shampoo, Conditioner and Deep Treatment, plus a Universal Styling Cream – worth $115. Enjoy! everescents.com.au GET IN TOUCH AT HELLO@PEPPERMINTMAG.COM dear peppermint Dear Peppermint, Oh hey! So I feel like we are old friends, but truly we only met last month. I found you, you changed my world and now we get along like kindred spirits. You are the first magazine I’ve enjoyed reading from cover to cover – the substance, comfort, joy and truth I find on every page honestly makes me feel soothed and connected because of how it all resonates with my soul. I really love you and who I am when I…

8 min.

WIN! WOOL AND THE GANG If spring’s got you feeling crafty, we recommend checking out Wool and the Gang’s Tina Tape range – custom yarn and DIY knitting and crochet kits featuring butter-soft, vegan-friendly Tencel made from sustainably sourced eucalyptus tree fibres. The kits guide you through the process of making everything from bags to tank tops, so with a little time and a whole lotta fun your entire wardrobe can be a #memade extravaganza. woolandthegang.com We have two Wool and the Gang Summer Love Bag kits to give away! Email your details to yesplease@peppermintmag.com by 30 October 2017 with the subject line ‘Wool and the Gang’. furniture with flair Forget the flat pack – Flitch & Rasp’s custom furniture is so full of character you’ll want to hold onto it forever. Each piece is hand-crafted…

2 min.
changemaker mermaids hate plastic

“We’re so desensitised from horrifying imagery that fantasy allows people to talk about the topic in a novel, engaging way” He was particularly horrified by one statistic: by the year 2050, it’s forecast there’ll be more plastic than fish in the sea. Benjamin knew he wanted to do something to help raise awareness of this “ordinary, ugly and boring” topic and change people’s habits. But what? Inspiration struck after stumbling across a designer who created beautiful, otherworldly mermaid tails – and from there, his powerful photography series Mermaids Hate Plastic was born. The images, which were released at the end of 2016 and quickly shared online around the world, are certainly compelling: in one, a mermaid lies lifeless on a beach, washed up by a shimmering sea of plastic bottles; in another,…

3 min.
coral catastrophe

Filmed over three years and featuring footage from over 30 countries, it’s a fascinating – and somewhat terrifying – insight into how climate change is affecting this vital building block of our oceans. We spoke to advertising photographer turned coral-reef conservationist Richard Vevers, who’s a driving force behind the film, about its mission... What was the inspiration behind creating Chasing Coral? Chasing Coral follows photographers and scientists on a global adventure to reveal what’s happening to coral reefs around the world due to our rapidly warming ocean. My organisation, The Ocean Agency, was the only team chasing and visually documenting this event when it began in late 2014. After watching the film Chasing Ice, I contacted the director, Jeff Orlowski, and he and his team became part of our mission. They helped…

4 min.
lip service

The ingredients in many mainstream lipsticks can read like a roll-call of Things We Really Shouldn’t Put Near Our Mouths. From hazardous chemicals and heavy metals to fish scales and insects (YEP), they can contain a cocktail of nasties that leave more than a sour taste in the mouth. Hurrah, then, for their natural competitors, who’ve created lippies that claim to be beautiful both inside and out. To see which really do give us a perfectly painted pout, we put six of the best through the challenge of surviving coffee, dinner and even the unpredictable affections of a puppy. Mwah! NOYAH EMPIRE RED This little beauty is positively bursting with coconut oil, shea butter and vitamin E – all of which keep your lips hydrated and happily make the dreaded dried-out-shrivel-mouth (scientific term)…