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Photo Review September - November 2018

Inspiring photography, practical tips and useful information for photographers at all levels. Easy to follow advice on everything from buying the right camera gear through to shooting, editing, printing and organising your photos. The Inspiration section features high quality images and insight into how the best photographers create their photos.

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when everything looks like a postcard...

In July of this year, my daughter finished a term abroad in the Netherlands. We took a family decision to reunite in Utrecht where she’d been studying and then to drive north for a look at Scandinavia. Being summer, it was the height of tourist season, and being the summer of 2018, heat records were being broken all across the northern hemisphere. Parts of Norway and Sweden were in drought and there were fires in the news. While the weird weather was disconcerting, from a photographic perspective it meant that sunny skies were the rule. Days of course are very long at those far northern latitudes, so golden hour became golden hours. The Norwegian landscape is famously spectacular and everywhere you turn there are wonderful photographic opportunities to be found. Travelling by…

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power of play

By the time her profile appeared in Photo Review late in 2002 Jackie Ranken was an established photographer who'd been taking pictures since she was a teenager and had been teaching landscape photography at the Goulburn TAFE for the better part of six years. As it turned out, 2002 was a watershed in her career. In June she won both the AIPP Professional Photographer of the Year and the AIPP (Australian) Landscape Photographer of the Year. She’s continued to rack up Photographer of the Year awards along with other prestigious accolades, year in and year out. In 2005, Jackie and fellow photographer Mike Langford moved to New Zealand’s South Island where they set up – and still run – the Queenstown Centre for Creative Photography. Both she and Mike, who were married…

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music to the eye

It may come as a surprise to learn that Jane Trotter’s abstract photography is created almost totally in-camera – just like most landscape and portrait photography. Jane’s ‘landscape’ is in and around her house in Dunedin, on the east coast of New Zealand’s South Island. ‘My husband has joked that when I run out of things at home, I can always go next door,’ she says. Not that she’s likely to go knocking. Her home has served her very well since she took up photography 13 years ago as a visual contrast to her interest in music and work teaching piano. A friend suggested that concentrating on a photographic theme would help her to find direction and become more involved in her new hobby. She was intrigued by shadows, and that led…

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lord howe island

Why visit Located 600km east of Port Macquarie, Lord Howe Island boasts the most southerly – and some of the most spectacular – coral reefs in the world. The island is also relatively small, which makes it easy to see most of the key areas in less than a week. Much of it is high ground covered with relatively untouched forest. In the south are two volcanic mountains, Mount Lidgbird (777 metres) and Mount Gower, which rises to 875 metres and is the highest point on the island. Kentia palms originated on the island and occupy much of the forests. There are also 240 other species of indigenous plants, roughly half of which are found nowhere else in the world. They exist in situations ranging from valleys, to ridges, plains and misty mountain…

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mirrorless or dslr: which should you choose?

Data on the interchangeable-lens camera (ILC) market from CIPA show a clear trend. Since 2012, the year in which Olympus launched the OM-D E-M5 and Fujifilm the X-Pro1, the number of DSLR cameras being shipped by Japanese manufacturers has declined steadily, as has the value of this sector of the camera market. At the same time, mirrorless camera numbers have been creeping steadily upwards. A check of the 2018 figures from the Camera and Imaging Products Association (CIPA) for January to April (inclusive) confirms the direction the camera market is taking. The table below shows the greatest increases in both market size (units shipped) and market value are highest for the mirrorless ('non-reflex') sector. During this period, the DSLR market was just level-pegging in units and growing very slightly in value for…

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tripping the light fantastic

‘... after a few nights out experimenting with the Olympus,I was in love!’ South Australian based photographer and master light painter Denis Smith came to photography – and Adelaide – after a series of seismic life events saw him leave his native New Zealand where he’d had a long career in high end corporate sales. Within two years of buying his first camera, he began creating his signature ‘Ball of Light’ images. At the time, he explains, ‘there were several light painters creating Ball of Light pictures, or orbs to use the technical term, and their images really appealed to me. I quickly started taking these light painting images into the wild, looking for crazy, open and challenging locations to work.’ And when it comes crazy locations, you’d have to say that the…