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Practical Parenting Australia November 2015

Practical Parenting is the leading parenting magazine in Australia introducing pregnant women to motherhood and offering insightful advice and support on pregnancy, new borns, toddlers and pre-schoolers.

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there’s one side to motherhood that you...

... may have heard about before becoming a parent, but you can never really prepare for – and that’s mummy guilt! From the moment your bub is born you may feel guilty about how you’re feeding your baby, or where she is sleeping, or that you may occasionally feel frustrated and not totally loving every moment of being a mum. As your baby gets older, you might feel bad about returning to work, or the choice to put her in daycare, or not doing enough ‘baby classes’ or not feeding her organic food... the list is endless and varies for every mum. But it does seem to be something we all feel in different ways at some stage during our journey into parenthood. The thing is though, you’re all doing…

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letter of the month

A BRAVE STORY I just want to thank you for having such an informative, enjoyable and easy to enjoy magazine. I recently left an abusive marriage with a long history of domestic violence. It was your magazine that helped me very slowly build up the courage. Reading the stories in your magazine every month made me realise that you can do it alone, that women and babies are resilient and that we are given the greatest blessing in life to be mothers. I’ve read stories in your magazine about single mothers, widows, married women, cancer survivors and more that made me realise that yes, my baby and I were in an awful situation, but I was going to be okay. I needed to find the strength that I’d lost and no longer remain…

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write to us

SAVING MY SLEEP As a new mum walking through the supermarket like a sleep-deprived zombie, hair dishevelled and the taste of decaf coffee on my breath, I literally snatched a copy of Practical Parenting off the shelves when I saw the headline, ‘How to cope with your baby’s night waking’ (September 2015). I must confess I haven’t bought your magazine before but after six weeks of broken sleep, I was at my wit’s end and I was desperate for answers. I was so relieved to read Jan’s advice about a baby’s sleep patterns and hear that what my bub was doing was normal. Now I know his waking isn’t the problem, and the answer lies in what we can do for him to help him settle back to sleep. It was truly…

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what works for me

NO MORE DRY SKIN During cold, dry days my son ended up with very scaly skin on his nose and cheeks as well as red, sore windburn. I put some nipple cream on the affected areas and it has cleared right up. It’s safe for bubs as it can be ingested in small amounts without side effects. It works on my dry skin, too! Now we can play outside without a worry. Jena, via email PROTECTION PLUS As a working mother to our son who is 20 months old, time is not something I have a lot of. One of the things I struggled with was getting the cot mattress out of the frame to change the sheets each week. I’ve found that on washing day, I wash all the cot sheets and remake…

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what’s on

monday 9 Teach your littlie about the different bins at your house this week. It’s National Recycling Week. 23 Combining Lego and superheroes, your kids will love The Art of the Brick, on at Sydney’s Powerhouse Museum. tuesday 3 Today you and your little one can don your best fascinator, it’s Melbourne Cup Day. Giddy up! 10 Today’s Thank U NICU Day is a time to acknowledge the amazing carers in neonatal care units. www.thankunicu.org.au 17 Today is World Prematurity Day to raise awareness and celebrate our little heroes born early. wednesday 11Observe one minute’s silence at 11am today to commemorate our fallen soldiers on Remembrance Day. 18 We’re in the middle of National Skin Cancer Action Week. Flick to p88 for tips on protecting bub’s skin this summer. 25 Wear a white ribbon and help stop violence against women.…

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we’re online www.practicalparenting.com.au

SPICE IT UP It can be tough when you’re having difficulty conceiving, so we take a look at ways you and your partner can make the babymaking journey feel a bit less like hard work. For more, see the website, www.practicalparenting.com.au. You’ll also find plenty of other great articles to read, including... Healthy recipes from Louise Fulton Keats. Who is best to have in your birth support crew. How to buck tradition and break bub name rules. The pros and cons of having routines. Parenting advice. We seperate fact from fiction. Baby-friendly ways to make money – Christmas is just around the corner! Join us on Twitter! Follow PP at twitter.com/PP_Mag We’re on Instagram, too! Follow us: @PP_Mag FIND US ON FACEBOOK! ON PP’ FACEBOOK PAGE, WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/PRACTICALPARENTING AUSTRALIA,WE HAVE OVER 684,000 FANS! WHY NOT MAKE IT ONE MORE? Recently we asked our fans if…