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Packed with inspiration and motivation, Prevention magazine makes living a healthier lifestyle easier than you ever thought possible. Its unrivalled credentials make it your go-to for breakthrough health news and views you can trust. You’ll find the best expert advice, stories from inspiring real women, and easy, actionable tips on weight loss, fitness, nutrition, health, your mind and anti-ageing beauty. It’s also the destination for nutritious and delicious recipes.

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FOODHEALTH (PHOTOGRAPHY: iSTOCK)Know the exercise mistakes women make after 40Don’t let menopause wreak havoc on your fitness routine. Simple changes to the way you exercise may be all you need to avoid injury, shed weight and build strength. Want to know how you can make the most of every workout while battling annoying menopause hormones?Join us online for simple stretches and easy workouts. Or, sign up for our weekly e-newsletters and get inspiration delivered straight to your inbox every week to help you reach your fitness goals!IT’S EASY TO GET YOUR DAILY FIX:Like us on Facebook:@preventionmagaustraliaFollow us on Instagram:@preventionausFollow us on Twitter:@preventionaus…

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It’s surprising to think that only a few short years ago, most of us had never heard of our microbiome, let alone know how to pronounce it. Understanding the impact of these trillions of bacteria that inhabit our skin and our gut is at the frontier of modern science. And fresh discoveries just keep coming.This month, our award-winning health writer, Stephanie Osfield, reports on the recent findings that these microbes, and not your brain, may hold the key to your moods. Following this trail, what you eat actually feeds your moods; healthy choices help the good-mood boosting bacteria thrive. On the flipside, too much junk food can supress these good guys and lead to depression.So, as the cool weather makes us crave stodgy comfort food, it’s good to be mindful…

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SETTING TEAM FITNESS GOALSRecently, a group of us at Prevention, completed a 30km charity Coastrek, raising funds for the Fred Hollows Foundation. The best part was the training – pushing ourselves to reach fitness goals while having fun together too! #greatmemories!A REMINDER TO GET MOVING!This new little emoji pops up on your Fitbit after you’ve sat frozen for hours bingeing through your favourite Netflix series. It’s a gentle nudge that it’s probably time to move now. The Bitmojis are free for users of Ionic and Versa watches.RECLAIMING CALMWe’ve signed up for Mindful in May, the one-month online meditation program, to learn new tools to be calmer and kinder. mindfulinmay.org…

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Meet the teamEDITOR Andrea DuvallART DIRECTOR Karen BergeCHIEF SUB-EDITOR Lyn JusticeWRITER Stephanie OsfieldDIETITIAN Melissa Meier, APDBEAUTY EDITOR Cecily-Anna BennettDIGITAL CONTENT & SOCIAL MEDIACOORDINATOR Elly GlendenningEDITORIAL ENQUIRIES editor@preventionaus.com.auCONTRIBUTORS Stephanie Anderson Witmer, Olivia Andrews, Alisa Hrustic, Belinda Jackson, Faye James, Beth James, Alexis Reliford, Kate Rockwood, Di Westaway, Catherine WintersPHOTOGRAPHERS Alamy, Peter Brew-Bevan, John Gellweiler, Getty Images, Jeremy Greive, Steven Guzman, iStock, Phu Tang, Mark O’Meara, Vicky Turner (illustrator)ADVERTISINGNational Advertising ManagerMelissa Fernley mfernley@nextmedia.com.au02 9901 6191Advertising ManagerRose Valentine Pamilar rpamilar@nextmedia.com.au02 9901 6164Victorian Account ManagerClaire Mullins cmullins@nextmedia.com.au0433 796 247Advertising Tra. c Charles BalyckPRODUCTION & DIGITAL MANAGER Jon BishopPRODUCTION MANAGER Peter RymanON THE COVERPhotography Peter Brew-BevanStylist Penny McCarthyHair & make-up Lilly MiljkovicKate wears ALC “Sedgwick” jacket from ACO,Agolde jeans from ACO, velvet linen tee fromACO, By Charlotte gold hoop earringsPREVENTION IS PUBLISHED BYExecutive Chairman David GardinerManaging Director Hamish…

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FINDING A NEW PURPOSEI particularly enjoyed the story on Karen Phillip (April/May), who recharged her life by changing her career and retraining as a counsellor.I’ve just turned 47 and have been thinking about a career change, but thought that I may be getting too old.Your article has inspired me to study online to become a health coach, while still working full-time and raising my family of three children with my husband. This was the “push” I needed, and I believe that this will now be “my life purpose”!Michelle Cox, SASIMPLE REMEDIESI grabbed this magazine from my daughter and found the story “How to protect your joints for life” (April/May) most informative. I have just been diagnosed with arthritis in my shoulder, so I’m going to try all your tips!Glenys Murphy,…

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(PHOTOGRAPHY: MAIN: GETTY)CAN’T SLEEP? TRY SOME ‘SLOW LIT’If you loved the soothing way your parents read you bedtime stories to help you fall asleep as a child, you’ll be a fan of “slow literature”, the latest trend in talking books. Narrated at a snail’s pace in soft, dulcet tones, these bedtime stories for grown-ups mix words with calming sounds and background music to help you transition from the stresses of the day to a state of calm, so you can drift off to sleep. Around 20 to 40 minutes long, the stories are available via apps, including the Sleep Story app and Sleep With Me podcast. The most popular app, Calm, offers fiction, fairytales and travel stories narrated by celebrities like Joanna Lumley and Stephen Fry.Kick back with a ‘Cannabis…