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Prevention Magazine Australia Oct/Nov-19

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Packed with inspiration and motivation, Prevention magazine makes living a healthier lifestyle easier than you ever thought possible. Its unrivalled credentials make it your go-to for breakthrough health news and views you can trust. You’ll find the best expert advice, stories from inspiring real women, and easy, actionable tips on weight loss, fitness, nutrition, health, your mind and anti-ageing beauty. It’s also the destination for nutritious and delicious recipes.

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celebrate with us!

This issue is a celebration of Prevention’s 10th anniversary, so we’ve been reflecting on the incredible breakthroughs in our understanding of health and wellness that have happened in that time. Back in 2009, when the magazine launched, no-one knew about the microbiome and the incredible role that our gut bacteria play in our health. And “mindfulness” was a byword for good manners, not a powerful tool for managing stress and cultivating a happier life. So this month, our feature writer Stephanie Osfield revisits some of the most important discoveries of the past decade. It’s been a privilege for all of us here at Prevention to be able to share these insights with you, our loyal readers. Working on this magazine has had a positive effect on our own lives as well.…

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over to you

DREAMING OF WALKING I always look forward to purchasing my copy of Prevention. A recent highlight for me was the article on walking holidays (Aug/Sept). The information on options in Australia, Spain, Italy, Japan and Argentina was spot-on. I’m now planning a walking holiday and ticking it off my bucket list – or creating a longer bucket list! Helen Aaron, NSW INTIMATE ADVICE I’ve sadly just come out of a 22-year marriage and, even though I’m not ready to date yet, your story Dating At 40+, Yes, That Means Sex (Aug/Sept) has given me invaluable information. The article was well written in a caring manner, but, at the same time, very real about the facts of having sex with a new partner. Thanks. Judy Jones, Qld FEELING CONNECTED I live on a remote island in the Indian…

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do i need multifocal contact lenses?

What is Presbyopia? You’re probably wondering: Presby-what? It’s a complicated name for a very common eye condition: it’s when you have trouble focusing on things up-close. It usually happens around age 40 as the lens of the eye stiffens, and can lead to situations like this: How to correct presbyopia. In the past your only option was to wear reading glasses or multifocal glasses. This is certainly not the case today thanks to multifocal contact lenses. While regular contact lenses can only help near or farsightedness, multifocal lenses help you see clearly at ALL distances. SPECIAL OFFER Purchase a month’s supply of any Alcon Multifocal contact lenses (in-store purchases only) and receive an annual subscription to Prevention Magazine (six bi-monthly editions valued at $39). TO CLAIM THIS GIFT: Email your proof of purchase subscribe@mymagazines.com.au to obtain your…

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go on, get away!

Have you planned your summer holiday yet? No excuses now! Australians are the third worst nation in the world at taking annual leave (aft er Japan and the US), according to recent research by Expedia. Last year, one in six Aussies studied didn’t take one single annual leave day! “Even short vacations can help reduce stress, improve feelings of health and wellbeing, and give you more energy to be creative and productive when you return to work,” says clinical psychologist Judy Ho, PhD. Having trouble stepping away from your work or family commitments? Try Dr Ho’s tips: Take time off (even if it’s just for a staycation) about every three months, which gives you something to look forward to as well as a mental reset. And make time for yourself between those…

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your body on music

The second you push “play”, lightning-fast sound waves pass through your eardrums and jiggle the bones of your inner ears. Those vibrations then trigger nerve signals, which speed through your brain, setting off a series of reactions that could: BOOST YOUR MOOD The amygdala, which acts as a storehouse of emotions in the brain, quickly analyses chords and tones to determine whether the music appeals to you – and just how passionate your response will be. If you dig the beat, your nucleus accumbens, a major player in the brain’s reward system, releases the feel-good neurotransmitter dopamine. (Yep, the same one involved in all kinds of pleasure rushes.) TRIGGER MEMORIES Nerve cells that fire together, wire together – so the next time you play this tune, your brain may call up what you were…

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a soothing cuppa…

There’s something special about kicking back and enjoying a cup of perfectly brewed tea. And not only is it a good way to spend a little “me-time”, but research has shown that tea is good for your health. Rich in antioxidants, tea has been linked to improved diabetes control and reduced risk of heart disease. If you avoid cow’s milk, however, you’ll know the struggle of brewing a perfect cuppa with non-dairy milk. The good news is, there’s now a tea specially designed for plant-based “milks”. Enter: Lipton Dairy Free. Cheers! Goodbye cravings There’s a lot to love about avocados. A source of healthy fats that support your heart and brain, plus fibre for a happy gut, they’ve long been atop a dietitian’s list of superfoods. Now it’s been discovered that when…