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Packed with inspiration and motivation, Prevention magazine makes living a healthier lifestyle easier than you ever thought possible. Its unrivalled credentials make it your go-to for breakthrough health news and views you can trust. You’ll find the best expert advice, stories from inspiring real women, and easy, actionable tips on weight loss, fitness, nutrition, health, your mind and anti-ageing beauty. It’s also the destination for nutritious and delicious recipes.

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MAKING MENOPAUSE EASIER I loved your article, 8 Ways to Ease Menopause (Dec/Jan). I have breast cancer and am experiencing many of these menopause symptoms due to my medication. I can’t wait to try all of the suggestions mentioned in your story and even messaged my breast cancer buddies, who are also experiencing these, and told them to grab a copy of your positive and motivating magazine. Thanks for putting a smile on my face in what is an extremely challenging time in my life. Rowena Trubiani, Vic ADVICE THAT WORKS There are so many diets that tell you to cut out fats, or carbs, or dairy. It’s very confusing and potentially dangerous. Your article, Diet Doozy (Dec/Jan) made sense: eat all the food groups but reduce portion size and limit sugar to snacks.…

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Q JUST AS I FALL ASLEEP, MY WHOLE BODY JERKS AND JOLTS ME AWAKE. WHAT’S HAPPENING? This is called a ‘hypnic jerk’ (sudden muscle contraction) and about 70 per cent of people sometimes have them. As the brain eases into sleep, it sends a signal down the spine to immobolise voluntary muscles so you won’t act out your dreams. Normally that’s slow and subtle but, when you’re sleep-deprived, it’s a faster and less smooth transition, explains neurologist and sleep specialist Dr Christopher Winter. If you have a falling or stumbling dream, it also gets acted out with a jerk. Q MY READING GLASSES HELP ME BUT ARE MY EYES BECOMING DEPENDENT ON THEM? Readers do relax focusing muscles so yes, technically your eyes do become somewhat dependent on them, says ophthalmologist Dr Amy…

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Holiday for your health When your holiday glow starts to fade, that’s your cue to start organising your next getaway. Your health will thank you. People who enjoy regular breaks don’t just benefit from more quality me-time – they also enjoy less weight gain and lower insulin levels throughout life, according to a new study. The upshot? The more vacationing a person does, the lower their risk of heart problems. So start planning your next holiday now! It doesn’t have to be a trip of one or two weeks. Consider a weekend country or coastal retreat, as well as short, relaxing home vaycays.…

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bleach blahs

Next time you’re giving the house a good scrub, go easy on the bleach. Inhaling bleach can cause health blips, such as breathing problems for people and pets, shows a new US study. The effect is stronger if the fumes accumulate in a closed room, so when using bleach, always open the nearest windows to allow the chlorine gases to dissipate. Meanwhile, where possible, swap bleach for vinegar. Studies in the US compared malt vinegar with household cleaning products and found it can effectively combat bacteria. UK research has shown that vinegar can effectively kill off cold and flu viruses on household surfaces like door knobs and taps.…

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test your sun iq

Q True or false? IF YOU USE AN SPF15 PRIMER AND AN SPF30 MOISTURISER, THAT’S EQUIVALENT TO WEARING AN SPF45. False. Think of it like milk: “If you have a cup of 2 per cent milk, then add another cup of 2 per cent, it doesn’t become 4 per cent,” says dermatologist Dr Rachel Nazarian. Q True or false? ANY HAT OFFERS GOOD PROTECTION. False. A loose-weave straw hat isn’t enough. Opt for a hat that is tightly woven with a brim at least 8cm wide. Q True or false? LYING UNDER A BEACH UMBRELLA IS GOOD PROTECTION. Sort of. Pick one that’s opaque, UPF-rated and large enough to cover your entire body. “But even if you sit under it all day, you still need to reapply sunscreen every two hours,” Dr Nazarian says. A…

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find your perfect spf

SKIN TONE Olive and dark-skinned women: Look for clear-dry or ‘invisible’ zinc, which won’t leave an ashy finish. SKIN TYPE Oily? Go with oil-free or non-comedogenic (won’t block pores). Dry? Check the label for moisturising ingredients like ceramides. ACTIVITY LEVEL Use water-resistant sunscreen that protects you while you’re sweating or swimming (a must if you’re active).…