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what does your new normal look like?

Driving to work this morning through furious rain, windscreen wipers thumping, other drivers snarling in the choking traffic, their horns beeping, I had to laugh. Is this the new normal? It seems exactly like the old normal! What happened to those declarations that we would learn from the coronavirus lockdown and make a change? Maybe you, like me, had vowed that you would make that awful experience count for something and hang onto the slower, more measured pace of life we experienced. Hmmm. I’m discovering that it’s easier said than done. In fact, creating a ‘new normal’ takes as much careful thought and dedication as changing any other unhealthy habit. So, with this in mind, this issue is centred around giving you all the tools you need to emerge from this…

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over to you

REALLY HITTING HOME Last issue reaffirmed everything I had started to change and it encouraged me to go a little further. It was inspiring to know that what I’m starting, other women are already doing, and that I’m on the right track. Turning 50 soon, I’ve started analysing all facets of my life, so I particularly enjoyed “Healthy home, healthy body”. My home is my sanctuary, so learning how to keep it healthy complements everything I’m trying to do. Jo Cooper, Vic STRETCHING MY VIEWS I loved your article “The joys of flex”, which laid out the differences between yoga and Pilates and the benefits of both. As a Pilates lover, I’ve always resisted yoga, thinking it’s boring or just about breathing. But now I see that it’s much more; it’s a complete body…

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growing confidence

On days when you’re feeling frumpy, rather than glaring into a mirror, get out in the garden to feel happier in your own skin. Science shows that pottering around the vegie patch boosts body positivity. The study, published in journal Ecopsychology, analysed the ways in which gardening could brighten the lives of urban dwellers and found that gardeners all experienced significantly higher levels of body appreciation than the non-gardeners. And not only did fossicking outside make them feel good, but the longer time spent in the yard, the better their body image, too. Perhaps the grass is greener outside? Cosy comforts New finds to nestle in with this winter. LISTEN: Grounded with Louis Theroux podcast. Find it on Spotify or Apple podcasts. TRY: Quick & Easy vegan cookbook by Ella Mills ($34.99, Hachette). 25% That’s…

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Soaking up the benefits Sinking back in a hot bubble bath after a long day has to be one of life’s greatest pleasures. Now research confirms what we’ve long felt – not only does it soothe aching muscles, but it calms the heart, too. A study from Osaka University followed the bathing habits of 30,076 adults over 20 years and found that those who indulged in a nightly bath not only lowered their risk of heart disease and stroke, but when taken at a hotter temperature, also decreased their risk of overall cardiovascular disease by 35 per cent. How to soak up the benefits if you have a busy schedule? Savour it as a weekend ritual – studies show that hopping in the tub even twice a week can leave you…

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cool facts

#MYTH 1 IF YOU DON’T WEAR A COAT, YOU’LL CATCH A COLD Research shows viruses may replicate in cold dry air, but bundling up won’t protect you from them. At present, there is no correlation between being cold and catching a cold, according to health researcher Dr Aaron Carroll. #MYTH 2 EXERCISING OUTDOORS IN WINTER CAN HURT YOUR LUNGS “This is false, as the nose, throat and trachea warm the air almost to body temperature before it reaches the lungs,” explains kinesiologist Steven Cheung. Your muscles, however, are a different story. “Cold muscles can’t contract as much and so will be put at greater risk of injury.” #MYTH 3 YOU LOSE MOST OF YOUR BODY HEAT THROUGH YOUR HEAD Recent studies have debunked the notion that you lose between 40-50 per cent of your body…

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what a sneeze does to your body

1 FIRST OF ALL, SOMETHING GOES UP YOUR NOSE Your nasal mucosa, the tissue that lines the nasal cavity, recognises an intruder, such as a virus or an allergen, dust, pepper or perfume. It sends a message via the trigeminal nerve (which carries sensation from the face to the brain) to your brain stem. A series of nerve signals then travel to parts of the body (including chest muscles, throat and face) to start the sneeze, explains immunologist Dr Jamie Kiehm. 2… OR SOME OTHER WEIRDNESS HAPPENS Inhaling intruders isn’t the only sneeze trigger. In fact, a third of people sneeze when suddenly exposed to bright light – a phenomenon called the photic sneeze reflex, or ACHOO (Autosomal Compelling Helio-Ophthalmic Outburst). Experts believe ACHOO may be caused by sensitivity to stimuli within the…