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This issue, I discovered a very apt word for our times: infobesity. It graphically conveys how easily we can overstuff ourselves with bleak news feeds, too much social media and general information overload. It all conspires to make life feel overwhelming. Not surprisingly, as author Julia Hobsbawm shares in “The Simple Life” (page 42), many of us are yearning for a less manic existence, where the world no longer shrieks at us from every direction. She shows us ways you can create a calmer, more satisfying life by making easy tweaks to your daily routine. I met this month’s warm and inspiring cover star, Sally Obermeder, a few weeks after her TV show, The Daily Edition, was cancelled. For someone who’s been through so much – surviving breast cancer after her…

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STORY OF MY LIFE The articles in Prevention are first class and I’m always delighted to find a new issue at the newsagent. “The doctor’s guide to breast cancer” (Aug/Sep) was so helpful, as we owe it to ourselves to take care of our health. I also thought “Everyday habits that can wreck your joints” was an eye opener and I particularly loved “The history of skincare”. I’ve used Estée Lauder Night Repair since it came out in 1982! It’s my one extravagance to keep the wrinkles away. Felicity Rooney, Vic JOURNAL OF DISCOVERY I loved “10 ways to a healthier, happier you” (June/July). It really gave me constructive and achievable ways to cope with life’s stresses. The one thing I’ve discovered is that writing in a journal works as a healing therapy for…

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a change in attitude

Ever thought about mixing things up? New research has found that people feel happier when they have more variety in their daily routines. When US scientists tracked people’s daily movements for four months, they discovered that those who changed up their routes and visited multiple locations in a day reported feeling more happy, excited, strong and relaxed. The scientists then looked at whether this link between happiness and exploration had a connection to brain activity and found the happy campers showed higher activity in the regions of the brain associated with novelty and reward. The best part? By doing simple things, such as taking a new path on your daily walk, or eating a different lunch, you’ll say goodbye to monotony and hello to a more fulfilling life! 3 spring essentials Inject…

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Whether your fitness goal is to lose weight, tone up or reset your health, our Virtual Walk will help you reach it. You can do the walk around the local park with friends or at home on your treadmill – anyway you choose is fine! Plus, when you sign up, you get a complete, six-week training program to help prepare you for the big day! GET THE GOODIES Sign up now and receive all these fantastic benefits: • A Prevention baseball cap and microfibre sports towel• A weekly training and healthy meal plan• A weekly email packed with inspiration and helpful tips from leading Australian health experts• Each week, you’ll automatically go in the running to WIN terrific lifestyle and beauty prizes, valued at more than $250! JOIN THE COMMUNITY Connect and share photos with…

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Sleep gone belly up? Cultivating a healthy gut has been a growing focus for our wellbeing, but there may be one key benefit we haven’t focused on – sleep. A new study has found that poor shut-eye may be caused by a less diverse gut microbiome. American researchers tracking the sleep cycles of a small group of participants found that those with greater microbiome diversity tended to snooze more soundly. Meanwhile, those who usually tossed and turned were able to improve sleep by altering their gut bacteria. So, fuel up on fibre to balance your belly and watch those zzzs roll in!…

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Women may live longer than men in Australia, but it turns out that guys have better blood pressure. In a Jama Cardiology study, which analysed more than 145,000 blood samples, looking at key indicators that increase a person’s risk of heart attack, heart failure or stroke, it found that women not only had much higher blood pressure levels but were also at a higher risk of heart disease than men of the same age. So, the next time your blood starts to boil, take a few deep breaths to soothe the stress! Happy joint venture Researchers have stumbled onto a promising treatment for osteoarthritis. It’s exciting news, as no treatment currently exists to prevent or slow the progress of the disease. The Swiss study, which looked at the effects of a new…