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the year that wasn’t

Are you with me when I say that I’ve never looked forward to a year ending as much as this one. Let’s whoosh past Christmas (bonbons via Zoom? Is that what it’s come to?). I’m with whoever came up with that wonderful ‘2020 age’ meme: Just so you know, I’m not counting this year towards my age! By far, the highlight of 2020 for me was seeing so many of you participate in our Virtual Walk several weeks ago. Kudos to all of you who laced up, trained hard and powered through an impressive 10 kilometres on October 11. It was great seeing your shared photos (you can view these superstars at #preventionwalk) – what a great way to head into summer! If you’ve decided it’s time to put your health and…

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over to you

PLAIN AND SIMPLE I totally enjoyed the article “The Simple Life” (Oct/Nov). If 2020 has taught us anything, surely it is to enjoy what we have and not take any day or anyone for granted. Although I’ve been one of the lucky ones who has continued to work full time, this simple life has meant slowing down, playing board games, cooking together and talking more without the normal time constraints of our crazy, busy lives. In fact, I might just keep to this ‘simpler life’ even beyond restrictions. Jacqui Bialocki, Vic PREP TALK Sally Obermeder’s story about surviving cancer and losing her job was a great reminder about the importance of being resilient and able to deal with adversity. I’ve made preparations for some of the things that might come my way. For instance,…

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tune into our new podcast

We know how confusing and truly overwhelming the changes caused by menopause can be. That’s why we’ve enlisted some of Australia’s best health experts to share simple ways to make midlife easier in our new podcast, Thriving in Menopause. We cover it all, from minimising those awful hot flushes, to easing mad-eyed mood swings, to managing sudden weight shifts, to handling your relationship. Subscribe to this six-part series now. Don’t let your hormones rule you – find out how to thrive in menopause! Listen to Thriving in Menopause now on iTunes, Apple Podcasts, Spotify or wherever you get your favourite podcasts.…

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on course for joy

We all know that happiness is good for mental health, but new research shows those feelings of joy can work double duty by improving physical health, too. The study, published in the journal Psychological Science, found that participants in a 12-week happiness course reported fewer sick days compared with a group that was on the waiting list. Even more interestingly, the health effect lasted three months after the program ended. Want to get in on some of that goodness? Think of one small activity that makes you happy and schedule it in today!…

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notso-sweet dreams

Can’t nod off? What you’ve been eating may be to blame. Columbia University Irving Medical Center researchers analysed food diaries from more than 50,000 postmenopausal women and found that those who consumed lots of refined carbs – particularly added sugars – were more likely to develop insomnia compared with those who ate more fibre-filled produce. Why? Refined carbohydrates such as sugar cause a spike – and then a slump – in blood sugar. When blood sugar levels dip, that triggers the flow of stress hormones, such as adrenaline and cortisol, which may mess with your sleep. 8% How much you may reduce your risk of coronary heart disease if you eat a piece or two of chocolate (not a whole bar!) up to three times per week. SOURCE: EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PREVENTIVE…

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i spend all my time indoors?

Weak spot Spending all day inside can take its toll on your body. “The main issue is a lack of vitamin D,” says GP Dr David Edwards. Note: sitting by a sunny window won’t help as the sun’s ultraviolet B rays (the ones your body needs to make vitamin D) can’t get through the glass. Feeling achy? “Vitamin D helps build a strong immune system, but a deficiency can contribute to joint pain and muscle weakness.” So get some sunlight! Just 15 minutes of unprotected exposure, before 10am or after 3pm, during the warmer months should do it, according to research published in the Medical Journal of Australia. Losing game Sometimes a lazy day on the couch is just the break you need, but an entire holiday spent lying around isn’t so good.…