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what lies beneath

Sometimes you come across another person’s story and it strikes a chord within you. In this issue, you’ll meet Amanda Thebe, a woman who exemplifies all of the values that we at Prevention hold dear – she’s smart, fit, active and embraces life to the full. Reading Amanda’s story (on page 80) of how, in her 30s, her life was derailed by mysterious ailments that no doctor could explain really resonated with me. I was in my early 40s when I, too, became overwhelmed by a surge in anxiety, almost daily migraines, frequently staring out the window at 3am, wondering what was happening to me. Over time, the headaches and the anxiety passed and it took hindsight to realise that what was happening did have a name: perimenopause. Like Amanda, I’ve…

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over to you

HEART OF GOLD I loved the article on Julia Morris. What impressed me the most was how she’s teaching her girls that a healthy heart is far more important than striving for a model’s body. Self-esteem and confidence will help the girls through this difficult age group. Hopefully, they’ll also have a good effect on their friends’ outlook on positive body image. Katrina Rezek, Tas PRIORITY BUY After reading the Feb/March issue, I knew this would be the magazine I’d forever buy. Your cover star, Julia Morris, has taught us that it’s okay to slow down and focus on what matters: family, friends and the local community. Sharon Brittain, Qld PERFECT VISION As I sought mags to help prepare my 2021 vision board, nothing came close to the glorious images and so-appropriate texts to cut and use…

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Test flight Here’s a quick and easy health check for you: time yourself taking the stairs. A new Spanish study has found that climbing four flights of stairs (about 60 steps) in less than a minute is a good indicator of heart health. If it takes you longer than 90 seconds, you should talk with your doc, the researchers added. They came to the conclusion after putting 165 heart patients through exercise capacity testing in the lab, and then compared how they fared doing a simple stair climb. Those who took longer on the steps were also more likely to record lower exercise capacity scores and abnormal heart function in their lab test.…

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hanging by a thread

When was the last time you flossed? You might be tempted to skip it, but brushing up on your oral hygiene could have flow-on effects for your entire body. Scientists from Japan have pinpointed how gum disease can lead to metabolic syndrome, a cluster of health conditions including obesity and high cholesterol that increases the risk of diabetes and heart disease. Their study found that the bacteria that causes gum disease also interferes with the muscles’ ability to store glucose, a malfunction that can lead to insulin resistance (and diabetes). What’s the connection? It’s believed the gingivitis germs alter the gut microbiome, setting off a chain reaction in the body’s sugar-processing system. Tooth story. Buzz off, cancer Let’s hear it for the bees! Australian researchers have discovered that venom from honeybees rapidly…

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5 ways to wake up happier

1 CHOOSE TO TUNE OUT These days, watching the news as soon as you wake up makes for a stressful start. Setting limits, such as no morning news and no email for 30 minutes, establishes the tone for the day. Or try cranking up your favourite song. Research has shown that listening to upbeat music is a big mood booster. 2 BAN THE BUTTON If you hit snooze, you stay in bed longer but don’t log any actual sleep time. So place your alarm across the room so you can get up and have a productive day. 3 SIP LEMON WATER You’ve gone hours without drinking by the time you get up, so your body needs hydration. A glass of water with lemon is a smart move because the citrus flavour gives you a little…

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why you should eat chocolate this easter

It’s sweet, creamy and moreish: no wonder chocolate is considered a sometimes food. But just because it’s delicious doesn’t mean it’s devilish. In fact, there’s an undeniable upside to this scrumptious treat that’s worth remembering when the Easter Bunny comes knocking. Cocoa, the key ingredient in chocolate, is an antioxidant powerhouse. “Cocoa contains an abundance of flavanols, a group of antioxidants that have many benefits, such as reducing blood pressure,” explains accredited practising dietitian Brooke Delfino. “Flavanols have also been shown to reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke by keeping arteries elastic.” In fact, research by Yale University in the US found that the beneficial effects of regularly eating (okay, just a little) dark chocolate likely outweigh the risks, such as the potential for weight gain. It’s not all…