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stressed over stress

How’s your ‘me’ time routine going? As a natural-born stress-head, I’m definitely trying harder these days to manage it. Yoga, for me, has been a real game changer, though. (Admittedly, getting organised the night before so I can get there by 6.30am isn’t so relaxing, but the calmness and resilience yoga gives me is so addictive.) We live in times where it’s almost impossible not to be stressed, whether it’s feeling overwhelmed by your to-do list or, for those of you in Victoria, coping with yet another horror lockdown. Or perhaps it’s something personal that’s ramping up your anxiety and sapping your energy. While we know that stress isn’t good, what’s becoming apparent is how truly destructive it can be: researchers have now linked high levels of the stress hormone cortisol…

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prevention book club…

CARE: THE RADICAL ART OF TAKING TIME BY BROOKE M-ALARY An inspiring guide to the pleasures of slow living from a New South Wales woman who gave up her big-city life. MENOPOCALYPSE BY AMANDA THEBE Both informative and inspirational, this empowering (and witty) guide to menopause is a must-read for every woman. HAPPY & OTHER RIDICULOUS ASPIRATIONS BY TURIA PITT How can you survive near-fatal burns and still see the positive side? Turia shares how in this moving story. Scan this QR code to go to our curated selection of great reads.…

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over to you

GENE-IUS IDEA I always pass on my Prevention magazine when I’m finished with it, but the 100th edition was so packed full of information that I had trouble letting go of it. The article ‘Outsmart your genes’ gave me hope, as my family has a Pandora’s box of health issues and the story illustrated that there’s a lot we can do to improve our own health outcomes and perhaps negate some of the less desirable genes handed down from past generations. Silvia Peters, NSW Congratulations, Silvia! You’ve won a Panasonic Hydrating Hair Straightener, valued at $279, and a Panasonic Moisture Infusing Advanced Hairdryer, valued at $349. ALONE, NOT LONELY Thank you, Francesca Specter, for the article on ‘alonement’. My husband passed away last year and I’ve been struggling with this, so it’s nice to put…

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Sound effect Waves lapping the shore, a bubbling stream or birds calling through the bush – these natural soundscapes aren’t just good for your mood, they can improve your physical health, too. Researchers from Canada and New Zealand have pinpointed how nature sounds a? ect wellbeing and found that they not only counter stress but also improve health factors, such as blood pressure, heart rate, cortisol levels and perceived pain. Water sounds were the best at bolstering physical health markers, while bird song had the greatest impact on anxiety and feelings of annoyance. Your move? Take an (unplugged) walk in nature this weekend for a mind and body boost.…

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sweet enough

You know sugar is bad for your waistline, but it’s not just about the kilojoules. Swiss scientists have found that even moderate amounts of added sugars – 80g per day or, say, a soft drink, muffin and fruit yoghurt pot – can double fat production in the liver. In the study, 94 healthy people drank a daily sugary drink, while a control group avoided sweet bevvies. The researchers analysed their fat metabolism and noted that the sweet sippers had twice as much fat production in the liver – and it was still in overdrive 12 hours after their last meal. Increased fat production in the liver can lead to type 2 diabetes, so it’s worth curbing your sweet tooth a little. Passing shot Painful, persistent urinary tract infections (UTIs) may soon be…

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Immunity is on everyone’s mind these days, and not only because of COVID. We’re also in the thick of cold and flu season – and you’ll see immunity-boosting claims on everything from orange juice to gummy bears. But do they actually work? Here’s what the science says. VITAMIN C This antioxidant is the darling of the immunity world, but no concrete research proves that downing a supplement will ward off the sniffles. One good review did find that taking vitamin C regularly cut the duration of a cold by about 8 per cent for adults and 14 per cent for children. ZINC There’s evidence that certain forms of this mineral (zinc gluconate and zinc acetate) can shorten the time you’re sick by two to three days. ECHINACEA Research is mixed on whether this popular herb can…