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celebrating 100 years of natural skincare

Weleda is celebrating its centenary year by shining a light on its responsible use of resources, respect for nature and desire to be kind to humans and to the planet. Weleda believes that “as much as we take, we should give back”. Since 1921, the company has been producing effective skincare products based on natural, active ingredients. The science is simple: oil extracted from plant seeds and kernels is rich in saturated and unsaturated fatty acids as well as nourishing vitamins. Th ese pure plant oils are similar in composition to the lipids found in the human skin barrier, so they can penetrate easily into the skin’s upper layers and support its natural functions, supplementing the skin’s lipid content and counteracting moisture loss. By comparison with these plant-based oils, other skincare…

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move it to lose it

This issue of Prevention was largely edited on my kitchen table during the recent Sydney lockdown and, at the risk of stating the obvious, I soon discovered COVID kilos are real! No matter that I stuck to my exercise routine each morning. Without the normal trips to the office photocopier or dashing upstairs to chat to a colleague, the only exercise I got during working hours was crossing and uncrossing my legs. Soon, even the elastic waistband on my track pants started to feel tighter. I’m sure many of you can relate. So, in this issue, we’ve compiled the top 10 simple and effective strategies to shed unwanted kilos around your middle (see page 58). And, nope, there’s not a hunger-inducing deprivation diet among them – there’s been enough restrictions in…

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over to you

KIND OF A COINCIDENCE I was interested to read the benefits of being kind to others (Pulse News, Oct/Nov), as I’ve always been a follower of this principle. It takes so little to be nice, and seeing the joy that even the smallest act of kindness can bring to someone else can lift your whole day. I had to laugh when I read that World Kindness Day was November 13, which happens to be my birthday. It seems I was destined to do this! Sharyn Jones, NSW WALKING ON AIR Your October/November issue came at a great time. After being in lockdown for so long, the Prevention Virtual Walk was just the inspiration I needed to get out there strolling again. I did it last year and it was the first time I’d walked…

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pulse now

GRINNER TAKES ALL People may be able to ‘hear’ your smile over the phone and it makes them smile back, according to a recent study. Much like yawning, smiling is contagious – and it could do you a world of good. A smile causes a chemical reaction in the brain, releasing your happy hormones dopamine and serotonin. This subsequently tricks your brain into believing you’re happy, which can then spur actual feelings of joy. Plus, other studies have shown that smiling not only helps reduce the body’s response to stress by lowering your heart rate in tense situations, but is also linked to lower blood pressure and longevity. So, turn that frown upside down today to boost your mood, reduce stress and possibly even prolong your life! Thumbs up to living Next time…

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A fresh mind The saying you are what you eat is especially true when it comes to brain health. Flavonoid-rich foods, such as apples, strawberries, citrus fruit and capsicums, are powerhouses in protecting your thinking skills from diminishing as you get older. New research shows that people who consumed a diet higher in flavonoids were almost 20 per cent less likely to experience subjective cognitive decline. This mind impairment is a common part of ageing that erodes your memory and mental function, so ensuring you eat a rainbow of vegies is central to future-proofing your brain health.…

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health now

BALANCE OF POWER There’s no sugar coating it – eating too many sweet, fatty foods can not only mess up your weight, but also ruin your gut health and, ultimately, cause skin issues. New research has found that a diet high in sweet and fatty foods leads to an imbalance in the gut’s microbial culture and may contribute to inflammatory skin diseases such as psoriasis. The study, published in the Journal of Investigative Dermatology, suggests that switching to a more balanced diet restores gut health and suppresses skin inflammation. Wise choice Putting off that wisdom teeth extraction? Well, a new study has found that patients who’ve had theirs taken out had improved tasting abilities – even decades after having the surgery. The findings, published in the journal Chemical Senses, challenge the notion that…