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Packed with inspiration and motivation, Prevention magazine makes living a healthier lifestyle easier than you ever thought possible. Its unrivalled credentials make it your go-to for breakthrough health news and views you can trust. You’ll find the best expert advice, stories from inspiring real women, and easy, actionable tips on weight loss, fitness, nutrition, health, your mind and anti-ageing beauty. It’s also the destination for nutritious and delicious recipes.

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On a recent Saturday morning we gathered three extraordinary women in a photo studio for this month’s story celebrating the possibilities that lie within all of us to do extraordinary physical things at every age. (Even those of us who may have spent decades as a couch potato.) That’s me, pictured with Di Westaway, who called herself “a worn out mother of three” before she discovered a hidden passion for adventure sports that not only transformed her body but her outlook on life. What struck me that day was how Di and her sisters-in-adventure radiated such vitality that it made all of us present feel a little more powerful and physically fearless. Interestingly, research has shown that how healthy we are (from how much we weigh to having a healthy outlook…

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Winner! BIRTHDAY SURPRISE After buying my first issue of Prevention (June/July), I immediately bought my friend a ticket for her birthday to come with me to your Melbourne Positive Ageing Seminar. For the first time in 47 years our conversations have now changed from diets to health and strength building. Thank you for a magazine that is so inspirational and informative that we can continue the conversations, exercises, cooking and health tips. My friend immediately reciprocated and bought me a subscription Marg Sneddon, Vic Ed’s note: You too can get inspired at our Positive Ageing Seminar. Tickets are on sale now for the next Sydney event (see the page at right). TESTING TIMES Thank you for demystifying genetic testing (Aug/Sept). My family is high risk for breast cancer – the more we can learn and share…

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Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.Maya Angelou SAFE HAVEN It may be difficult to pronounce (it rhymes with butch apparently) but the Welsh noun cwtch is a word you’ll want to add to your lexicon. With origins in the Middle English word couche, defining a resting or hiding place, it was adopted into the Welsh language where it was first used to describe a cupboard before transforming into something much more special. Although there’s no direct translation, a cwtch is basically a tight embrace so full of affection that it feels as though you’re buried in a security blanket, protected from the world. The power of a cwtch is that it can transport you to a place of…

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boning up on bones the blood sugar link

The collection of bones that make up our body keep us mobile and provide support for our frame, but recent research has found that they also influence blood sugar levels. Scientists have discovered that the human skeleton has a “metabolism” of its own – some bone cells form new bone, while others reabsorb it. This leads to a new skeleton about every 10 years – though it can also cause diseases such as osteoporosis when the reabsorption is too aggressive. Bone cells use sugar as part of this process, and Belgian and French researchers conducting an animal study found that when bone cells “consumed” too much sugar, glucose levels in the blood dropped. Low blood sugar can lead to fatigue and be dangerous for people with type 1 diabetes. Researchers…

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5 tips to improve your memory

1 “I KEEP MISPLACING MY CAR KEYS OR MOBILE PHONE” Often we misplace personal possessions because we’re focused on something else when we set them down – we often have too many things going on in our lives, and our brains. Memory Booster Have set locations where you keep items you use all the time – such as a hook for your car keys or a special spot on the bench for your mobile phone. 2 “I SUDDENLY FORGET MY MOBILE PHONE OR BANK ACCOUNT NUMBER” “Going suddenly blank like this usually happens because people are focused on many things at once rather than one thing at a time,” says neuroscientist, Dr Maree Farrow, from the Wicking Dementia Research and Education Centre at the University of Tasmania. Memory Booster Use a technique called ‘chunking’; divide…

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How stress messes with your skin You know those times when life feels like a runaway train? You’re way too busy, you feel anxious, there’s a zillion thoughts whizzing through your head, you’re eating badly, sleeping poorly. You’re super-stressed and before long it shows on your face and skin – even though you thought those days were over! Unfortunately, no matter your age, daily stress can cause levels of the hormones cortisol and adrenaline to surge, creating an inflammatory cascade in the body that can cause a slew of side effects. Among them: aggravated skin conditions such as acne and eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis and rosacea. It’s also why we’re prone to develop a breakout spot before a big event. “Stress upsets the fine balance of immune mechanisms,” explains dermatologist Dr Adam Sheridan. “It…