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September - October 2020

AdNews is Australia’s oldest and most reputable advertising, marketing and media industry publication. Published monthly except for January, AdNews covers each of the industry’s many diverse sectors including marketing and advertising, media, research, sales promotion, digital, direct marketing, design and creative through breaking industry news, case studies and in-depth special reports.

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lockdown hacks with dacks

The best advice I can give for working from home is to follow the same routine as a day at the office. Get up, get dressed in business clothes (turn your back on those tracksuit pants, they are for relaxing) and sit down. Take your eye off the couch, sit up straight, concentrate. Get on with what you do best. When the work day ends (and be strict on the timing of that), get changed into non-work clothes. Home life resumes. It worked well for me as a foreign correspondent operating out of a house with dodgy communications and a dangerous pedestrian streetscape. But what about life? Homes are for living, not working. Relaxing, for creative pursuits and for socialising. The invasion of professional life into the home, where it already had something of a beachhead…

4 min.
succeeding this holiday season on social

“It is critical for brands to resonate with their audiences ... to succeed in social advertising during the holiday season” This year has seen rapid acceleration towards digital with much of the world moving online amid the COVID-19 pandemic. To succeed in this new normal, brands need to be front and centre where their customers are — on social media. This holiday season, more than 70% of consumers plan to do more than half of their holiday shopping digitally and 50% of consumers say they will spend the same or more on holiday shopping than last year. So how can brands leverage social media as a tool to boost sales? The state of social Social media has transformed how people connect with one another and how they engage with their favourite brands. It has…

16 min.
ecommerce accelerated: social media advertising through the pandemic

Social media companies did, unsurprisingly, better than traditional media owners in weathering the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, and more briefly the bushfire crisis, on their advertising revenue. Brands turned to the platforms, particularly Instagram and Snapchat, for their ability to provide cost-effective, quick ways to reach customers who were spending less time around their brick-and-mortar stores and more time on screens. As we entered weeks into the pandemic, particularly during strict stay-at-home orders in March and April, people weren’t just using platforms to keep themselves entertained, they were increasingly shopping online, and platforms that rolled out tools to make this experience easier benefitted the most. Like almost all media channels, social media experienced a surge in users as people were stuck at home to slow the spread of COVID-19. In…

13 min.
inside tiktok’s australia launch

Many members of the local TikTok team have yet to meet face-to-face, separated by the pandemic which came just before the business’ official launch earlier this year. However, they’ve still been busy working to build the platform’s local presence as its popularity surged under global lockdowns, throwing it in the spotlight of both governments and competitors. The video-sharing app opened its Australian office in June, headed by former Google executives Brett Armstrong, as general manager for global business solutions, and Lee Hunter, as general manager. Speaking to AdNews, Armstrong says the Sydney-based team has been flooded with demand from advertisers as the app blew up globally during the early phases of the pandemic with people using its viral challenges to stay connected and entertained while under strict stay-at-home orders to slow the…

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moods, behaviours and lifestyle

The intelligence team at Dentsu has since April been surveying 400 random Australians each week: WFH Three quarters (73%) want to work from home more often once coronavirus is over. Half (49%) say this has a positive impact on their mood and 53% say work productivity has increased. Feeling safe Months of uncertainty have left consumers craving safety, both from a health and financial perspective. COVID fatigue turning into a cry for guidance and confidence. Brands Supermarket chains are the most praised brands during the crisis. Expectations: • NSW: 22% want brands to help them contribute to the response • VIC: 41% value companies that respond to the outbreak • QLD: 41% think brands should advertise as normal • WA: 47% think brands should stay silent on the issue • SA: 29% value brands that donate to causes Buy local Almost half (49%) are…

5 min.
interview with sir martin sorrell

S4 Capital, the pure-play digital advertising group started by Sorrell, the founder of WPP, is in a sweet spot in the market, serving the tech, health care, online shopping, in-home entertainment and gaming sectors, all doing well during the pandemic. “COVID-19 is a burning platform and has accelerated the speed of digital transformation and disruption,” Sir Martin told AdNews. Deals From our point of view, and without making light of it, I have to say the lockdown is pretty productive. Obviously from an inter-personal point of view, it makes life difficult but it hasn’t prevented us from pitching effectively for business. Although we prefer land and expand, as we call it, rather than set pitches, it hasn’t prevented us from doing deals. WFH One of the things that COVID has taught us is that we…