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Australian Yoga Journal April 2017

Australian Yoga Journal is dedicated to encouraging the beginner, as well as challenging the expert, in the physical and spiritual aspects of yoga. A beautiful magazine covering in-depth content on yoga, nutrition, fitness, wellness, travel and lifestyle.

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ROMANCED BY ALL THINGS relationship and self-love, for months I’ve been flirting with the idea of creating an edition inspired by love, and seeing it come to fruition has left my heart wide open. What I value most in life is my relationships. My dad still tells me the story of when I was “a little girl” and I ran crying to him because the other kids wouldn’t play with me. I remember my mum helping me craft coloured love hearts to give to my friends, and I remember boldly handing them out, confused by their shy responses. I’ve always felt comfortable with that kind of vulnerability — I love to love. At times this open-heartedness has been accompanied by great shame and a fear of rejection, but over the years…

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Here are some of our favourites! @_christinehall_ Doing my morning practice – sun salutations – with my one-year-old joining in on the fun. He holds onto my legs or hugs me on the back as I flow. @bethpearcefit My spirit soars when I look up at the sky on a clear night and it’s covered with a blanket of stars. My spirit soars when I feel the wind of the storm and hear the hum of the ocean as I fall asleep. My spirit soars when I am atop a snow-capped mountain in winter and I take a deep breath, the cold air filling my lungs. @yogarealm Oh, how my spirit soars when I’m thrown into the unknown, to share simple moments with locals in foreign lands, having a full heart at the…

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Byron Spirit Festival Mullumbimby (Byron Shire) March 31–April 2 Celebrating the unique character of the Byron shire, this annual festival is now in it’s fifth year and features workshops and panels on yoga, music, culture, healing and world music. A truly delightful and spiritual celebration that connects like-minded beings. Bali Spirit Festival Ubud March 19-26 This highly anticipated event is an essential stop on any yogi’s journey. Held in the beautiful Balinese village of Ubud and attracting more than 7000 participants, this is a true celebration of yoga with many world-renowned teachers and spiritual gurus. Ignite Yoga Summit Sydney April 28-30 Bringing together some of the world’s most experienced and well-known teachers for connecting and sharing the joys of yoga. Mind Body Spirit Festival Brisbane March 17-19 Australia’s biggest health, wellbeing and natural therapies event, with more than…

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all you need is love !

SPACES THE RABBIT HOLE ORGANIC TEA BAR We stumbled upon this luxuriously peaceful space while on a visit to Sydney’s Humming Puppy Yoga studio. Just next door is the delightful Rabbit Hole Organic Tea Bar – a serene space within the hustle and bustle just perfect for yogis! The sweet bar serves tea lattes, tea sodas on tap, more than 20 original tea blends and a delectable range of sweet and savoury (but healthy!) goodies. The teas are delicious, and this is the perfect meeting place for like-minded yogis to catch up before or after class. Owners of the cute cafés decided it was time the city offered a unique meeting place serving something other than your usual coffee, wine and glutinous treats. The Rabbit Hole has two tea bars in the…

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Just one drop If you’re a fan of the sweet sounds of Snatam Kaur, you’ll fall in love with Radharani’s debut devotional album, Just one drop. The album draws upon Radharani’s many years of study and practice in India, and expresses the sacred moods of divine love. This intimate, relaxing and pure album is the perfect accompaniment to a slow yin flow or your evening meditation. From $12 Yogitunes We’ve only just stumbled upon this app, offering an abundance of tunes perfectly suited to yoga – from meditation to flow, as well as playlists for chilling with your yogi friends. It’s the Spotify of the yoga world, containing a huge catalogue of yoga tunes with all your favourites. $13.99/month HOPE HOW YOGA HEALS THE SCARS OF TRAUMA After many years of teaching yoga…

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comfort zones

While hands-on adjustments are often the best way for a teacher to help students access proper alignment, they can also feel intrusive to those who are injured, have experienced trauma, or simply don’t like being touched. But publicly telling a teacher, “Hands off!” can feel daunting, invite unwanted attention, or cause hurt feelings. That’s why some yoga studios are finding more discreet ways for students to express their wishes concerning physical contact. By placing a stone, card, or a handmade note or sign with words such as “assist” or “no assist” on their mat at the start of class, yogis can make their comfort level with physical contact known in a subtle way. Some yoga teachers are getting creative and making their own cards which students collect at the start…