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Australian Yoga Journal April 2018

Australian Yoga Journal is dedicated to encouraging the beginner, as well as challenging the expert, in the physical and spiritual aspects of yoga. A beautiful magazine covering in-depth content on yoga, nutrition, fitness, wellness, travel and lifestyle.

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why nude yoga girl?

PUTTING NUDE YOGA GIRL on the cover has been a big risk for us. We knew that some of our readers would react negatively, and we sympathise with this response wholeheartedly. However, we did it, along with the accompanying story “Has Yoga Lost its Soul?” to air debate, and because we have a responsibility to chronicle the changing face of our beloved practice. And changing it is. Seemingly every week a whacky news story appears about a new yogic offshoot: stoned, goat, dog, nude, drunk, horse, etc. And the ubiquity of social media is changing how yoga’s image and message is disseminated and increasing yoga’s global audience exponentially. Is it a good thing? Is it even yoga? As you’ll see in the story on page 34, there are multiple view points…

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what s on

march 16 Yoga Australia Conference - Melbourne March 16-18 The annual Yoga Australia Conference promises a vibrant forum that will appeal to a broad range of interests, a place to network and hear from educated and well respected keynote speakers, and a deeper understanding of yoga. 18 Yoga Big Day Out - Canberra March 18 This mini yoga retreat set in Canberra’s scenic waterfront location includes a simple and serene schedule of yoga, meditation and discussions on the foundations of a healthy and happy life. - search ‘yoga big day out’. 19 Elena Brower Australia Tour Brisbane & Byron Bay March 19-29 Elena Brower’s inspiring teachings are guided by over 20 years of experience, and with heartfelt, creative practices for dedicated students and teachers, her workshops will leave participants with a newfound zest for…

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yoga indulgence

Yoga in the Vines HotHut Yoga is a studio like no other. Set in the Mornington Peninsula in the Victorian countryside, the studio boasts floor to ceiling windows highlighting orchid, olive grove and vineyard views. The studio welcomes with majestic, natural surrounds before you step into an infrared heated room decked out in the latest in fashionable yoga props. Classes run daily and include a smorgasbord of beginner, mellow, power, meditation and yin, plus monthly workshops. Don’t worry – it’s not another yoga gimmick and no one will offer you a red mid warrior, but you will take in some stunning vineyard views and can enjoy a luxury stay in the on-site accommodation or a visit to the bistro post yoga if it tickles your fancy. Yoga and Pasta? If you love…

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health happenings

Hemp Hemp Hooray One of the most controversial meal ingredients has been legalised in Australia. You heard right. Now you can enjoy hemp as a food source – adding the highly nutritious oil, seeds and powders to your salads, smoothies, pastas, dips and more. Hemp is a great source of quality plant-based protein, rich healthy fats, protein and minerals, and is suitable for vegetarians, vegans, paleo, gluten free and anyone with allergies to soy or dairy. It has a mild nutty flavour that perfectly accompanies plant-based recipes. And although hemp seeds come from the same plant species as cannabis, they contain little or no THC, so you won’t experience any psychoactive effects or test positive on a drug test. Still not convinced? Hemp is water efficient, requires no pesticides and the…

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the must list

1. Travel Yoga and Hiking on the Portuguese Coastal Camino If the idea of yoga and hiking is appealing to you, then this trip is a must. The hike starts in the charming seaside village of Baiona (Spain) and covers 130km of walking tracks ending up in Santiago de Compostela. On this hike you will connect with a 1200-year-old tradition and enjoy energising and restorative yoga and meditation sessions throughout each day. Runs from 13th – 20th June 2018 for more info go to 2. Fashion High Performance Collection Yoga Wear These latest range of leggings, tanks and crops have been lovingly created by Divine Goddess. The clever design of the 4-way stretch makes them suitable for the strongest of practices and all exercise pursuits and even perfect for jumping in the ocean immediately…

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nude yoga girl

“I think our nude yoga photos support my message: ‘You are beautiful exactly the way you are’.” OUR COVER YOGI IS NUDE YOGA GIRL (NYG), a bona fide Instagram sensation, attracting over 760,000 followers in just over two years. Her beautiful, elegant mainly black-and-white images have been exhibited all over the world; her account has generated huge media interest from the mainstream media and NYG has become a brand. Yet despite the “fame”, NYG prefers to remain anonymous. The image on the cover was the image that started the journey. The caption to the Instagram image, celebrating the two-year anniversary, explains how it started: “I remember that Sunday when we were lying on the couch in our apartment. It was in the UK, where we were temporarily living at the time. We…