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Australian Yoga Journal August - September 2015

Australian Yoga Journal is dedicated to encouraging the beginner, as well as challenging the expert, in the physical and spiritual aspects of yoga. A beautiful magazine covering in-depth content on yoga, nutrition, fitness, wellness, travel and lifestyle.

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Carrie-Anne Fields Carrie is the owner of My Health Group and a level 3 senior yoga teacher. She has trained all over the world and holds a degree in psychology. Her main love is deep meditation. Carrie cheerfully assists AYJ as our vigilant sub-editor. Julitta Overdijk Julitta is the art director of the magazine. With great care and skill, she creates the look of the magazine. Julitta has been working on magazines for 20 years and practicing Iyenga yoga for 12. She has recently started distance running. Loraine Rushton With 20 year’s experience Loraine is a leading authority on yoga for children. She currently trains yoga teachers and school teachers who work with children. Lorraine writes the parenting column on page 26. Jessica Humphries Jessica is a yoga teacher, writer and philosopher living in Byron Bay. She…

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be the best yoga teacher you can be

Go for quality and respect IYTA provides yoga teacher training on a non-profit basis. It is dedicated to providing the highest ethical values to quality professional yoga teaching and ongoing support for members. Diploma of Yoga Teaching - 350 hrs • 12 month course (Feb - Dec) • online or Sydney • flexible training and modules • includes five-day residential Post Grad Back Care - 150 hrs • advanced training for teachers wishing to specialise in back care • master class: August 14 • all welcome – book via IYTA website Level 2 Advanced Teacher Training - 150 hrs • includes Yin, mudras, mantras, Baghavad Gita, advanced pranayama, applied anatomy & physiology by Simon Borg-Olivier Pre and Post Natal Diploma - 150 hrs - Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane • world class training from midwives, senior pre natal yoga teachers & physiotherapist • care for women at…

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CD or not CD? I've been an avid reader of Yoga Journal since I discovered it five years ago. I often use the pose sequences in my classes and the articles to refine my own practice. I also have a stack of the magazines in my class which the ladies take home and swap. After attending a weekend yoga retreat eating only raw food we all wanted to change our diet (though not too drastically) and find your recipes inspirational and delicious. One thing which started me reading were the free music CD's which I still use in my classes. Is there any chance you may be bringing them back? Keep up the good work. KATHY GREENSIDES, NZ We are looking at its viability for the future, Kathy. But right now if you…

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save the date!

Meditation Training Brookfield, QLD August 7 - 24 YIMI (yoga & integrative medicine institute) are running an 8-day meditation course in two parts. Run by senior yoga teachers Celia Roberts and Leanne Davis, the course delves deep into mindfulness-based meditation. The intense course covers subjects like, Meditation as a Therapy: Physiological and Psychological Conditions; Positive Emotional Mindfulness: Wise Mind, Pure Mind; The Science of Compassion and the Power of Deep Presence. Book now at See the Light Melbourne August 22 – 23rd Titled Discovering and Living From Your Impersonal Self, this weekend course features Dr Wayne W Dyer and Anita Moorjani. The seminar is an opportunity to free yourself, now and forever, from the domination of your personality, with its self-inflated and often self-sabotaging mind and intellect. The course explores the notion that in…

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in the now

World’s longest tree pose chain? Last month an army of 50 yoga enthusiasts assembled on a Bundaberg beach with their colourful yoga mats. Stretching their way along the pristine shoreline, the group of 50 participants reached their arms to the sky and their hands to each other at an attempt to form the longest continuous line of Vrksasana (Tree pose). Led by Carmen Lee-Schneider of Love Life Live Yoga, future yogis of all ages stretched, twisted and flowed their way through an invigorating vinyasa sequence before standing together and demonstrated the true meaning of the day’s event-building community. Carmen said: “It is my dream to build a community and to offer opportunities like this for people to come together. It is not just about yoga. It is about loving life and…

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arm candy

Body art can be beautiful, but if you’re not ready to commit to something permanent, trendy temporary tattoo jewellery may be just your thing. These ornate, nontoxic, metallic designs look like actual accessories or tattoos, can last up to a week, and are able to withstand a sweaty hot yoga class or dip in the ocean (though not oily skin-care products). We love the layered Indian-style motifs from the Indigo collection by Lulu DK (, and the bohemian Tribe of Jewels necklaces ( And to combine good fashion sense with doing good, don the henna-inspired Flash Tattoos Sheebani bangles (, which yield a 5-percent donation from your purchase to The Miracle Foundation, a nonprofit that works to help orphans in India.…