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Australian Yoga Journal November/December 2019

Australian Yoga Journal is dedicated to encouraging the beginner, as well as challenging the expert, in the physical and spiritual aspects of yoga. A beautiful magazine covering in-depth content on yoga, nutrition, fitness, wellness, travel and lifestyle.

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what do you want from life?

WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM LIFE? Happiness. Tick. Abundance? Tick. Good health. Of course. Enlightenment? The thing is, there’s a path to all these things, plus more, through yoga. I’m not talking just about the asana, but through the yogic mindset. Discovering this elusive pathway is not easy, as there are multitude of routes, like Tantra (page 42), an often-misunderstood practice that forms the philosophical foundation of many yoga studios. Or there’s Kyria Yoga (page 66) where practitioners use spinal breathing and can envision Biblical figures. Or one can manifest self-love and in turn generate and see love, universally (page 18). There are many paths to access universal truth, all with multiple entry points. And none are easy. “The path to Salvation is as narrow and as difficult to walk as…

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what’s on

December Noosa Yoga Festival Verrierdale Hall Noosa Hinterland 8 December Enjoy a day of yoga, wellbeing, health, healing, nurturing and nourishment at the Noosa Yoga Festival. Packed with something for everyone including yoga (of course), meditation, massage, healing, mentoring, singing and chanting. Yummy and nurturing food will be available on the day along with unique market stalls. More info: JAN New Year Retreat Byron Bay 1 January 2020 Byron Yoga Centre’s special 8-day New Year retreat would kick start any health focused new year’s resolution and set an intention for a year of increased self care.The all inclusive program includes yoga classes, wellness sessions and meditation workshop plus treatments and massages. More info november Full Moon 13 November The energy of a full moon is a perfect time to cleanse and recharge. Get your inner glow on with gently…

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stuff we love

1. ECO-FRIENDLY PRINTED YOGA MAT 4MM› The Stretch Now eco-friendly Earth Yoga TPE Mats contain no latex, PVC or rubber and they use no toxic materials in production. This reversible yoga mat features leaf print on one side and flower embossed on the other side.›Both yoga mat surfaces›provides›superb traction to ensure you are grounded in your postures without slipping.›The closed cell construction of these yoga mats prevents absorption of fluids, making it easy to keep clean. You will love this yoga mat.› RRP $48.00› 2. PINK AXILLA DEODORANT Finally a Deodorant that works! Unlike most antiperspirants containing aluminium-salts, Axilla Deodorant Paste doesn’t inhibit the natural function of your sweat glands or sweating in your armpit, allowing your body to perspire naturally. Easy to use by rubbing a pea-sized amount under your armpits. Buy this…

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in the now

HEAT’S UP, BLOOD PRESSURE’S DOWN According to preliminary research presented at the American Heart Association’s Hypertension 2019 Scientific Sessions, participating in hot yoga classes may lower blood pressure. A study of 10 men and women with elevated blood pressure or hypertension, between 20 and 65 years old, found noticeable results after 12 weeks of hot yoga (that’s yoga in a hot room yogis, not Bikram). Half of the group participated in three weekly hot yoga classes while the control group did not. After 12 weeks, the hot yoga group’s blood pressure had dropped and perceived stress levels had fallen. Stacy Hunter (Ph.D.), study author and assistant professor, and lab director of the cardiovascular physiology lab at Texas State University said, “The results of our study start the conversation that hot yoga could…

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BOOK: THE BOLD FREEDOM METHOD The Bold Freedom method codifies the key daily health habits of Ayurveda and combines them with tidying like Marie Kondo, showing up like Brene Brown and mastering your time like Brian Moran. Bold Freedom is a method that guides you to master how you use your time and upgrade your physiology simultaneously. Time is the essence of how we find ourselves out of rhythm with our own life. Find the space to heal, have fun days and learn how Yogis remove body aches and pains as they refine with age. Order your copy and follow the Bold Freedom method to upgrade your Body, Mind and Space this Spring. PODCAST: Chat & Chai: Yoga Talks from Miami Life Centre Hosted by Kino MacGregor and Tim Feldmann, this yoga…

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fall in love with yourself

WHEN I TELL you hundreds of books cross my desk each year, I mean it. Staff editors at wellness publications get review copies and manuscripts—most selling self-love, proffering radical happiness, and promising to be life changing—every single day. Few get read in entirety. None have ever actually impacted my life in any significant way—until now. I started reading Jennifer Pastiloff’s On Being Human one particularly lonely weekend when my friends were partying in a house we’d rented for a birthday. Instead of reveling in the Rocky Mountains, I was in the fetal position thinking about dying—because endometriosis is murder, and that’s another story. I’d brought home a review copy of Pastiloff’s memoir simply because I’d recognised her name from Instagram. Or maybe it was because magic is real and the Universe…