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Australian Yoga Journal January 2020

Australian Yoga Journal is dedicated to encouraging the beginner, as well as challenging the expert, in the physical and spiritual aspects of yoga. A beautiful magazine covering in-depth content on yoga, nutrition, fitness, wellness, travel and lifestyle.

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teaching and learning

‘YOU TEACH BEST WHAT YOU MOST NEED TO LEARN’ is an aphorism that repeatedly manifests in life. How often have you explained something to someone only to realise later that your own comprehension of the subject has deepened from your explanation to that person? Many times, I’d wager. That’s the true beauty and wonder of teaching: student and teacher are like yin and yang, each comprised of a small part of the other, functioning as one. Perhaps this goes part way to explaining why teaching is such a personally rewarding career. Not only is it a service to others, but there’s a profound personal connection and opportunity for growth.This is abundantly clear if you become a yoga teacher. Given yoga’s spiritual, restorative and healing nature, it’s little wonder that so many…

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what’s on

JANUARY Starlight Festival Byron Bay 2-5 January The Starlight Festival encourages growth, oneness and awakening. Held over four days, the festival brings together exhibitors, presenters and conducts workshops focused on health, wellbeing, sustainability, healing, lifestyle and enlightenment. Enjoy massage, yoga, natural products, soulful food, healing, music and much more. FEBRUARY On the Wings of Mantra Tour BNE, SYD, MEL 4-14 February Join Deva Premal & Miten with Manose and their international band for a deep immersion into the power of mantra, with Deva’s golden voice and Miten’s songs of love and gratitude carrying us beyond our daily worries - a celebration of open hearts, moving into a timeless space together. Forrest Yoga Workshops Canberra 31 January - 2 February Join internationally-renowned pioneers in Yoga, Ana Forest and Jose Calarco, in transformative workshops at Flow Yoga Canberra. With three…

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in the now

TRIKONASANA FOR TRADIES Is it time to swap your Lulus for a hi-vis vest? According to Healthy Tradie Project, yes, yes it is. The stereotype of yoga as a practice for ladies of leisure is slowly being smashed, and we love it. The benefits of yoga are being spread far and wide – and even the tradies are jumping on the bandwagon. Construction operations manager and yoga teacher Pip Seldon founded the project after losing her brother, a carpenter, to suicide. Her mission became to support the stressed-out workers of the construction industry in living healthier, happier lives. Her team brings workshops with practical tools like yoga, meditation and healthy eating to the worksite in the hopes of giving workers what they need to better cope with the stress and pressure of…

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BOOK: EFF THIS! MEDITATION Liza Kindred’s ‘Eff This! Meditation: 108 tips, tricks, and ideas for when you’re stressed out, anxious, or overwhelmed’ is the perfect Christmas gift for friends who haven’t quite warmed to the idea of the practice but want ideas for combating the chaos of life. It includes practices for the time-poor novice meditator as well as longer meditations for the more curious. It’s light and easy to read but offers insightful ideas for even the most seasoned practitioner. $24.99 PODCAST: Radically Loved with Rosie Acosta Did you know our cover model is the host of a podcast? ‘Radically Loved’ is something special. It’s not easy to simplify the complexities of the ancient tradition of yoga, but Rosie manages to bring the philosophies to her listener in a way that’s…

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radically rosie

EVEN BEFORE PICKING UP the phone I know I will fall a little bit in love Rosie Acosta. I mean, how could the creator of a podcast titled ‘Radically Loved’ not be loveable? Of course, we start chatting like old friends right away. I can feel her warmth from the other side of the world, and her laugh is so contagious that I’m almost planning a trip to LA just to meet this amazing human in the flesh. Before we even touch on yoga we’re sharing parallel stories about real estate (we both just bought our first homes), our favourite series (we’re both fans of Breaking Bad) and the importance of nature (currently there are bush fires blazing in both NSW and California). We talk about how we’re not designed to…

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shavasana or savasana?

IF YOU HAVEN’T BEEN TAUGHT the value of a good, deep, restful Shavasana how can you know? I have been practicing yoga since 1997. That was a long time ago and what sealed the ‘yoga deal’ for me, was my first Shavasana. I was given permission to lay down and rest. To do absolutely nothing but rest for a full 15 minutes at the end of class. It was so easy and blissful. I was 22 years old. As time has passed and our lives have become busier, I have noticed the Shavasana’s in Australia’s yoga classes have become shorter, and shorter. Even to the point where some teachers don’t teach it at all! This has only happened to me twice in my 22 years of being a student. It is…