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Australian Yoga Journal July 2016

Australian Yoga Journal is dedicated to encouraging the beginner, as well as challenging the expert, in the physical and spiritual aspects of yoga. A beautiful magazine covering in-depth content on yoga, nutrition, fitness, wellness, travel and lifestyle.

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finding stillness

EVERYTHING FEELS SLOWER IN WINTER. We bunker down and cuddle up, protecting ourselves from the crisp air. We spend more time indoors and make fewer plans for the weekends, but do we really slow down? When we give ourselves permission to be still, we create space for ‘stuff’ to come up. All of the stuff we’ve been burying beneath our busyness. Maybe this manifests as physical illness or emotional overwhelm. And so to avoid the discomfort of really feeling, we add another thing to the ‘to-do’ list. We make a new goal, start a new project, go for a run, buy something or distract ourselves with technology. In a culture that encourages overconsumption, we have too much of what we don’t need and not enough of what we do. It’s very easy to…

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meet the yogis

Duncan Peak Practicing for nearly two decades, Duncan has trained in most major styles of yoga and is the founder Power Living. A teacher’s teacher, he has graduated more than 1000 yoga teachers and authored the book, Modern Yoga. He helped start YogaAid, a charity that has raised more than one million dollars for people in need. Duncan teaches internationally and inspires thousands of people to live selflessly. Nicole Walsh Nicole offers a progressive approach to Vinyasa Flow Yoga through her vibrant studio, InYoga, in Sydney. She infuses traditional yoga practices with asana, pranayama, music and meditation, with some fun and play thrown in. Nicole inspires her students to create balance and life choices that are realistic and sustainable. Simon Borg-Olivier Simon is a co-director of Yoga Synergy, one of Australia’s longest running and most…

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talk to us

Keep hash tagging #AYJinspo to be featured on our instagram feed! Hashtag #AYJinspo to be featured in your favourite pose. @CKVE explores the art of focus @twofeetyoga know the importance of a yoga buddy! Email – Yoga magazines off-putting Yet again I pick up a yoga magazine for interest and inspiration, but end up disappointed. As a yoga teacher, I do get these benefits, but am annoyed that such extreme poses are prolific in these publications. After 20 years of yoga practice I can’t achieve most of these poses, as depicted, so it’s no wonder yoga newbies or want-to-be’s get put off! Why not demonstrate more ‘modest versions’ of poses, with extreme options, rather than the other way around. People who are contemplating learning may actually believe they can achieve something in yoga if it…

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what’s on

International Yoga Day Festival Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin, Gold Coast, Sydney June 19-21 Join the worldwide celebrations for the United Nations International Day of Yoga at this annual Yoga Day Festival, held in various locations around Australia and the world. These community events feature yoga classes, relaxation, yoga kids’ activities, live music and meditation. IYTA Winter Solstice Retreat Frankston South June 17-19 Hosted by David Burgess, Director of Education for Satyananda Yoga Academy in NSW, this workshop will explore yoga philosophy and practice, pranayama, mudra and bandha, meditation and yoga nidra. David’s down-to-earth style of teaching will appeal to teachers and students seeking a deeper insight into leading a yogic life. Yoga for Pain Practitioner Training Byron Bay June 16-18 This dedicated training helps yoga teachers and health practitioners provide a range of flow-on services,…

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check it out: new spaces

FIT Nutrition Fix wellness store Just opened in Bondi Junction, FIT Nutrition Fix is a unique, interactive store featuring a smoothie bar, listening station and photo booth. How very 21st century! The store uses technology-driven solutions that encourage each guest to take responsibility for their own health. The FIT Finder is a touch screen computer that guides customers to the best nutritional supplements for their conditions. Founder Matt Cameron is “on a mission to help everyday people feel, look and perform better” through personalised approaches that cater to the individual’s needs. The store promises to deliver convenience for time-poor city slickers and smoothies are whipped up in 60 seconds after being ordered. Here’s the yogic part: FIT’s team of experts not only includes personal trainers and weight loss experts, but meditation…

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byron spirit festival

We’ve been to a lot of yoga festivals and have to say this is a favourite. Held in the shire of Australia’s unofficial yoga capital, Byron Bay, this three-day (and night) celebration of yoga brought together yogis and New Age hippies from Byron and beyond for an inclusive and festive extravaganza of yogic goodness. This event truly is a beautiful and humble celebration of yoga. The program featured asana classes with local and international yoga gurus, discussions on health, wellness and relationships, workshops educating guests on sacred sexuality, pranayama and ecstatic dance, and the celebrations continued late into the night with music and chanting. We loved Trance Dancing with Delamay Devi, Pranayama with Clive Sheridan and Blindfolded Yoga with Pete Longworth and Julie Smerdon, with lush sounds provided by local…