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Australian Yoga Journal November/December 2018

Australian Yoga Journal is dedicated to encouraging the beginner, as well as challenging the expert, in the physical and spiritual aspects of yoga. A beautiful magazine covering in-depth content on yoga, nutrition, fitness, wellness, travel and lifestyle.

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live your best life

WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE ONE DAY. It’s a sombre subject. Or is it? The prospect of your inevitable death should be cause to live life more fully, to appreciate every single moment, to move toward love, as Ram Dass points out on page 17. It’s a remarkable essay that bears reading again and again. It will make you question the nature of our attachment to life, to things, to obligations. Because undoubtedly you’re feeling it as well. Life is busier than it has ever been. We are on all the time, assailed by texts, emails, alerts and updates at every turn. It is, as it has been called, the “new stress syndrome of the 21st century” and is described as being sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.…

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what’s on

october In Touch Yoga Teacher Training Trial Byron Bay October 25 With yoga’s increasing popularity and the abundance of yoga teacher trainings on offer, it’s hard to know whether teaching is right for you, let alone where to start in choosing one. Join Flo Fenton in a day of yogic indulgence, where you will have the opportunity to practice, rejuvenate and meet your teacher to find out what you need to know about your yoga teacher training. Vegan Festival Adelaide Adelaide October 27-28 Attracting around 18,000 people last year, the Vegan Festival Adelaide is anticipating another huge celebration of veganism in 2018. Welcoming vegans and non-vegans alike, the party is jam packed with delicious, ethical food, information and live music over a fun-filled two days. Did we mention it’s only $5 entry per…

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a hospital with heart

Teressa Hircock is a yoga teacher/nurse who has worked in Logan Hospital for 13 years and knows that the benefits of the practice extend way beyond the studio walls. Rolling mats out for her yoga novice colleagues who spend most of the day on their feet has had such a positive response, with over 90% staff attendance, that she hopes to continue bringing harmony to the hospital. She says, “Nursing can be quite a demanding job and quite physical so being able to stretch out…is certainly an advantage.”…

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yoga harmonies help your heart

Step away from your Netflix binge and set up the yoga tunes. According to recent studies carried out in India and presented at the European Society of Cardiology congress in Germany, listening to serene sounds (typical of those you might encounter in a yoga class) right before bed can improve heart health. The study looked at 149 healthy participants over three sessions on separate nights. Researchers measured heart rates and anxiety levels five minutes before the music started and five minutes after it stopped, comparing that with silence or more upbeat music. They found that the participants’ heart rate variability increased during the yoga music, decreased during the upbeat music and stayed the same with silence. Anxiety levels also went down dramatically post yoga-tunes and increased during pop music or…

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perth reaches for australia’s biggest yoga class record

This year Perth is attempting to break the nation’s record for biggest yoga class, with thousands expected to flock to Optus Stadium for a sporting event with a twist. The flow class, organised by Fair Game, hopes to bring the WA community together whilst raising funds towards supporting health and fitness programs in remote communities. Chief Executive Nicki Bardwell says, “We thought it would be a great way to bring the Perth community together to share in the many physical and mental benefits of yoga…” With the event taking place on October 6, by the time you read this you can see the results at TECH YOGA ON THE RISE We’re hearing more and more whispers of tech-y yoga studios that pride themselves on making yoga appealing to the ‘non-yogis’. Flow…

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PODCAST: Mindfully, with Brett Kirk Mindfully is a new show, produced by the ABC, all about using mindfulness to get the most out of life. The second series, hosted by former captain of the Sydney Swans, Brett Kirk, focuses on mindfulness in sport. Sports superstars’ brains are picked on how we can use the practices of meditation and mindfulness to improve performance and foster a deeper mind body connection. The podcast includes practical meditations and practices to support the interviewees’ insights. Find it at APP: Down Dog (Yoga Buddhi) Down Dog has to be one of the best high-tech yoga practice pals out there - with an abundance of practices, levels, music and even voice options to choose from. Download it to your smartphone to enjoy classes for free on the go,…