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Australian Yoga Journal October 2018

Australian Yoga Journal is dedicated to encouraging the beginner, as well as challenging the expert, in the physical and spiritual aspects of yoga. A beautiful magazine covering in-depth content on yoga, nutrition, fitness, wellness, travel and lifestyle.

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it’s your time

IT’S EASY TO BE COMPARE YOURSELF TO OTHERS, or to compare yourself to what you think you should be. Much of our thought is spent contemplating what we should be; in self-condemnation and judgment. On a physical level, with asana, Instagram has a lot answer for when it comes to comparison and possibly explains why there’s been a significant rise in yoga injuries since the app’s introduction (page 11). Comparison—to others or the image of your ideal self—is poison to our ego, but introspection is an antidote. Mind you, ego is not a bad thing (page 76), it’s just to keep it in check we need time with ourselves, in silent contemplation (page 88), to understand and accept who we really are. Kathryn Budig, our cover yogini, certainly has a healthy ego…

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what's on

SEPTEMBER Calm Mind Festival Gold Coast September 8 Who can resist a FREE yoga festival? Held in beautiful Burleigh, the event, hosted by Calm Mind Project, aims to raise awareness about the importance of mindfulness, meditation and movement. The festival will feature yoga, movement, meditation, soundscape and speakers as well as a chill out zone with food trucks, kids corner and youth yoga. Ekam Yoga Festival Bonny Hills (Port Macquarie) September 15-16 Enjoy yoga, music, health education and activities, as well as a natural health marketplace – all in the beautiful Francis Retreat surrounded by nature. The lineup consists of experienced teachers from near and far, offering enticing sessions to inspire your yoga lifestyle in a wholesome, heartfelt environment. Rainforest Retreat Daintree September 16-22 A true nature immersion that gives guests the opportunity to…

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flex in the city

OVOLO’S ON POINT FOR YOGIS On the lookout for a yoga friendly place to stay in Brisbane? When we heard of a hotel offering a free mini bar, our interest was piqued. But it gets much better – you’ll find a yoga mat waiting for you in the cupboard, and you can take it home with you! Forget the fancy robes. As a travelling yogi, what more could you ask for? Well aware of yoga’s growing popularity, Founder & CEO Girish Jhunjhuwala says, “The customer is changing, and it is important to move along with them.” He’s even thinking of integrating an equipment-free gym – inviting visitors to participate in programs facilitated by a screen. SYDNEY SERENITY SELL-OUT What could possibly be more enticing for travel loving yogis than the combination of…

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#yoga hurts

According to a recent study by the University of Central Queensland, yoga injuries are landing more people in hospital than ever before. The study analysed yoga injuries in emergency departments between 2009 and 2016 in Victoria, discovering a huge increase, which could not be put down to yoga’s growing popularity. What could be responsible, you ask? Social Media - says the study’s head, Beturl Sekendiz. While participation in yoga has been on the rise for years, there’s been an undeniable surge in social recently. Swimming in a sea of hashtags means practitioners are taking less time to learn the ins and outs of the practice and skipping the warm up to get that perfect beach shot. The solution? Mindfulness, of course – for both influencers and practitioners. CEO of Yoga…

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is yoga making us more egotistical?

This is great news for those of us who come to our practice for an improved self-esteem, but not so hopeful for those hoping to leave their ego at the door. The study recruited 93 yoga students and watched them over the course of 15 weeks, regularly evaluating their sense of self-enhancement. The study measured the three aspects that most relate to our concept of self: comparison levels, narcissistic tendencies and self-esteem, all of which were significantly enhanced within 24 hours of practicing. And before you start thinking it’s because of all those fancy social media worthy shapes that we’re making, the study discovered similar results when looking at meditation. The good news is that whilst these practices do seem to enhance, rather than diminish our sense of self, the…

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GOVERNMENT HOUSE YOGA IN CANADA Keen Canadian yogis have been flocking to the lawns of Government House in St. John’s to enjoy their practice in the sunshine. Even government officials are getting amongst it and showing off their down dogs, along with hundreds of other participants who are taking advantage of the free classes on the pristine lawn. Oh Canada! PODCAST: From the Heart: Conversations with Yoga Girl If you’re not up to date with Rachel Brathen’s (aka @yogagirl) podcast From the Heart, be sure to check out the recent episode ‘My Favourite Books on Yoga’ which gives listeners a run down of some of the best reads to inspire your practice – on and off the mat, always. Find it on iTunes or wherever you download your podcasts. APP: Muse Ever wondered exactly what…