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Bacon Busters

October-November-December 2019

Bacon Busters includes readers’ short stories, how-to articles, pig hunting features, technical advice, pig dog profiles and Australia’s biggest collection of pig hunting photos. Not to mention the famous Babes & Boars section! Every issue is jam-packed with readers’ short stories, how-to articles, pig hunting features, technical advice, pig dog profiles and Australia’s biggest collection of pig hunting photos.

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editor’s note

G day All, Well we haven’t seen any change in the weather conditions as rain has been extremely scarce in most of the Australian interior. I’m even on the coast, south of Sydney and we haven’t had a drop. The creeks are running dry, the scrubby terrain is scarce and the outlook is not looking good. I’ve even heard inland cities like Orange and Bathurst have 10months of water left. I can’t even imagine what that would be like. The government must need to see Australia at it’s worst to get out and do something. Anyway, I’m not going into the politics of it all, but I know we can only pray and hope that that miracle of rain can sweep our bone dry continent at this dangerous time. I’ve…

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bacon busters

EDITOR: Clint Magro Email: editor@baconbusters.com.au PUBLISHER: Chris Yu ART DIRECTOR: Ana Maria Heraud STUDIO MANAGER: Lauren Esdaile DESIGNER: Amber Hardwick NATIONAL SALES MANAGER: Tony Pizzata Tel: (02) 9213 8263 Mob: 0411 592 389 Fax: (02) 9281 2750 Email: tonypizzata@yaffa.com.au ADVERTISING PRODUCTION: Michelle Carneiro Tel: (02) 9213 8219 MARKETING MANAGER: Sabarinah Elijah Tel: (02) 9213 8245 sabarinahelijah@yaffa.com.au MARKETING EXECUTIVE: Simon Ancone Tel: (02) 9213 8242 simonancone@yaffa.com.au…

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hogs on a friday

It was like any other Friday afternoon. I got home from work and got the missus excited to go chase a few hogs out on a section of property where I work and before I know it, the dogs were off their chains and plated up. With the drought being so widespread, the pigs had been coming into the grain bins and made easy pickings. As we got to the paddock, I flicked the spotlight around and the missus yelled, ‘their in the feed bin’ and sure enough a boar had his head and front feet up in the feeder. After a short chase, our big lugging dog had him pulled up and on the Ute in no time. After cleaning out the feeders, we went for a drive around…

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gary hall’s collection of latest hunts!

FOOT FLAT FOR ADVENTURE As the panicked mob picked up the pace, I gave the mighty Honda Pioneer’s accelerator a good nudge and quickly closed the gap. For a short distance, the mob ran parallel to the side-by-side before attempting to cut across our path towards the safety of the thicker vegetation of the river corridor. A solid, light-coloured boar, head and shoulders above the rest, was in full stride as Dave shouldered his rifle, worked the action, took aim and fired. ‘Boom!’ It was jolted sideways by the impact, threw in a couple of commando rolls, before skidding to a dusty stop. It was lights out! As Dave and his son Ben headed towards the fallen boar, I raised the dog box door and released the hounds. It didn’t take long…

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piggin’ products

PRIMOS 12MP PROOF CAM Every Proof Camera is built for one purpose; To give hunters the most reliable, most simple-to-use camera money can buy with all the functions that really matter and none of the extras that don’t. Now Primos new Proof Gen 2 line offers faster recovery, better detection distance and best in class performance. With a faster 1-second recovery rate, you’ll get more pics with fewer blanks. The new auto exposure feature means better light detection with no more whiteouts. Add in its illuminated sliding switches, 720 HD video and time-lapse, plus a 1year battery life and you’ll see nothing performs like the Proof Cam Gen 2. Features include 12 megapixels, 80ft. night range, New auto exposure feature for better light detection with no more whiteouts, Simple set-up, Illuminated sliding…

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close call in the cane

What a way to go out! Dad, Brayden and I were out on one of Roughy’s last runs. After getting access to a new place, it was the right thing to give Roughy his last dance. We had Roughy, our 8year old Bully/Boxer and the two young pups Smash Bully/Stag/Mastiff and Banga, Bully/Boxer/Mastiff, who were only 8months. They had only been on a few smaller pigs out in Central Queensland and handled themselves well enough, but today was going to be a real test for them. After getting off the main road over the ridge and around the bend, we arrived at our spot. It was mainly coastal swamp areas with sand ridges in between. We drove past our first large swamp area that was still holding a little water. Dad’s…