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Capture May-June 2019

Capture is Australia's top selling professional photography magazine. The bi-monthly publication covers all facets of the professional photography industry, in particular equipment, marketing, training, pricing, finance and rights management. Capture's mission is to help professional photographers stay informed and up-to-date, to help them grow their business and develop their careers. Capture also showcases the latest photography and editing products, equipment and techniques from Australia’s best known companies and trend-setters. It reaches the whole photographic community, including editorial, advertising, wedding, photojournalism, events, fashion and portrait photographers, plus assistants and aspiring students

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why competitions matter

Depending on who you ask, anywhere from one to fourteen trillion photographs are taken every year. (Just imagine what sort of a position Kodak would have been in today if all those images were captured on film?!) And the truth is that the vast majority of those images are rubbish, likely to be seen by nobody. Ever. And has the overall quality of that immense number of captures improved over the years? Most likely not. But for photographers not only passionate about their craft, but motivated and driven to constantly improve, entering competitions offers one of the best avenues. In this special edition, we bring you the results of the 11th annual Australasia’s Top Emerging Photographers. This year, not only has the competition grown by 26% from last year, but those…

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gary knight

Google the word photojournalist and you will be met with a short list of the genre’s most influential people. Over the 20th and 21st centuries, Capa, Nachtwey, McCullin, Carter, and a handful of others have become as near to household names as photographers get, but of all those inscribed on photojournalism’s A-list, it is very difficult to point to a name more influential than Gary Knight. While maybe not possessing the same grandeur in the public’s eye as a Cartier-Bresson or a Steve McCurry, Knight has arguably done more for photojournalism than any other individual. Covering several of the modern world’s most important humanitarian issues, Knight’s personal learning curve within photojournalism led him to found the VII agency – now an ecosystem of institutions at the forefront of advocacy for photojournalism…

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q&a photo stealers

Earlier this year, possibly one of the bigger scandals in professional photography in Australia occurred when prominent photographer Lisa Saad was stripped of dozens of photographic awards and banned from a number of photographic organisations and associations around the world for blatantly and repeatedly breaking competition rules. Based on a tip-off, and following an investigation, the story first broke on the Photo Stealers blog. When Balazowich initially posted information, reporting that Saad had won numerous awards with work taken from a Dutch photographer, she soon realised that the transgression was just the tip of the iceberg. How long have you been doing this, and what motivated you to start? My first post on the Photo Stealers blog was in May of 2012. I was an early adopter of Twitter and my ‘Photo…

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winning at all costs

“It is always disappointing, and even sad, to discover that an entrant may be motivated to step outside the rules in order to achieve some form of success, and while not everyone who has the intention to mislead will be caught, I believe that ultimately, as an industry, one of the greatest rewards we offer is respect to those who express excellence while also demonstrating integrity and a respect for the rules of the day.” This statement by Tony Hewitt sums up the dilemma that awards currently face. Hewitt is a Fellow and Honorary Fellow of the AIPP, a Grand Master of the AIPP, and past AIPP Australian Professional Photographer of the Year. He is also the current AIPP Awards Committee Chair and the current Chairperson of Jurors at WPPI…

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raw emotion

Technological advances allowing photographers to shoot in poorly lit environments have helped propel this special niche. Birth photographers witness joy and love in its purest expression, but they also need to be prepared to face death and grief. Sophia Hawkes surveyed four photographers to reveal the special skills required to succeed, as well as how to create your own signature style. Brisbane-based photographer, Selena Rollason has captured over 150 births during the eight years she’s been working in the area. She highlights what’s at the heart of the genre. “Childbirth is one of the most beautiful, yet most intimate moments in a couple’s life – and a photographer needs to appreciate how much of an honour it is to be invited behind those closed doors.” Respect is your gift, and message.…