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Cruising Helmsman July 2019

Cruising Helmsman is devoted exclusively to all types of cruising under sail. We focus on cruising destinations and how to get the most out of them, provide expert advice for the practical sailor and have a range of real-life accounts from seasoned cruisers and their on-board experiences.

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bonkers for honkers

RECENTLY had the pleasure of sailing in Hong Kong waters last May. I was testing the Kraken 50, which was built in China and sold to a member of the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club. The story of Kraken Yachts is an interesting one in itself, but you can read all about that when I publish the yacht review in the September issue. I was intrigued, though, to find out if many people have made the effort to go cruising in Hong Kong. Besides local yacht owners and the many thousands of well-heeled emigres, I would suggest not many outsiders have made the trek to this fascinating enclave. There are plenty of reasons why this is so. It is interesting to note, however, that China is working hard to convert Sanya, another island…

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Beneteau Asia Pacific growth DURING the Singapore Yacht Show, Groupe Beneteau announced its global and local development strategies for the Asia Pacific region. Groupe Beneteau CEO Hervé Gastinel recalled that in the 2018-19 season, the brands of the group launched 32 new sailboat and motorboat models. Since 2017, Groupe Beneteau has also launched major product innovations such as Ship Control, a digital solution that interconnects all of a yacht’s onboard systems, such as navigation, safety, comfort. It is now standard on various Beneteau models. Gastinel also noted the development of other initiatives: the Beneteau Boat Club and Jeanneau Freedom Boat Club; Leasyboat, a complete care leasing offer; shared ownership solution in partnership with Sailtime; plus the online boating platform: bandofboats.com As to Groupe Beneteau’s presence in the Asia-Pacific region, it has strengthened since opening in…

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best of the web

MYSAILING.COM.AU/CRUISING VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS First up we reposted a funny video on our Facebook site that has received many hits. It is an interview with a climate scientist who has figured out that the human survivors from the advent of climate change will be bachelors on boats. It is a well done video in the style of a mockumentary. Check it out: www.facebook.com/watch/?v=422380325007578 DIRTY DANCING In another favourite video that generated a lot of views is this spectacular simultaneous broaching of two yachts during a match race in 2017. It is a minute and a half of absolute carnage just metres from the finish line. Sit back and enjoy while muttering to yourself: “there but for the grace of god go I ….!” www.mysailing.com.au/video/is-this-the-best-yacht-broach-video-ever facebook.com/CruisingHelmsman…

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letter of the month

AIS FOR TRACKING FISH NETS/CRAY LINES Technology often gallops ahead. Recent posts on social media by folk in Asian waters have voiced their annoyance of their AIS going off frequently caused by fish nets in the water fitted with transponders. Fishing nets are a substantial investment by the fishing fraternity and the cost of the transponders are probably a small investment. As to the nuisance factor? What better: to wrap your prop around a very expensive net in the middle of the ocean or to get early warning? Perhaps the answer is to influence the authorities to designate a unique group for fishing apparatus, the same as AIS currently split ships into sub groups, e.g. passenger, commercial, sailing, pleasure etc. Now the interesting discussion bit. Is there a place for these units fitted to…

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tait gallery

WHILE working aboard a tourist boat in Airlie last year I saw an ad for a 50 foot steel expedition cutter for sale down in Sydney for a ridiculously good price. I just could not resist flying down to take a look. When I arrived in Double Bay the sight of Finesse of Tasman swinging on her mooring made my heart beat like a drum and caused that all too familiar feeling of anticipation for adventure to well up inside me. There was a well-established northerly swell in the bay and every other yacht was rolling side to side to the swell. Finesse seemed anchored to the wind, always looking it straight in the eye and her mast straight and steady enough to balance an egg on. When I went aboard and…

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open up your heart

SO you have invited some non-sailor friends to come and stay on your boat? How do you ensure that you are all still friends at the end of the holiday? It all comes down to some careful management of expectations, so here I have put together this guide a yacht owner may like to pass on to their friends before they arrive: WELCOME So you have been invited to go on a sailing holiday with your yacht-owning friend? Fantastic! The next best thing to having a boat of your own is having friends with boats. It is much cheaper and just about as much fun. To increase your chances of having a great time, plus being invited to come back again, here are some tips on how to be a good boat guest: EXPECTATIONS If you have…