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EARTH GARDEN is Australia’s original journal of sustainable living for householders seeking a more eco-conscious lifestyle. For more than 40 years the supportive network of Earth Gardeners has been guiding and reflecting the movement away from high- consumption lifestyles.

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Dear readers, Welcome to the Autumn issue of Earth Garden. Oh boy - isn’t the cover story by Sarah about her tiny house just wonderful! I love it when I feel inspired by someone half my age — inspired by their enthusiasm, their idealism, their action, and their commitment to the planet. Sarah’s story is in the very best tradition of all the stories we’ve published in Earth Garden over the years. So many writers have put so much effort into their writings in this issue — we are continuing our new approach of ‘more stories, fewer ads’ and we’re very comfortable with this — even if it means a fair bit more work in the EG office. Of course, I’m lucky to work in the office with the best staff imaginable! Autumn is…

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earth mail

My two year old, Frankie Valentine, helped out with picking the beautiful fruit of our Jabuticaba tree (Plinia cauliflora: the Brazilian grapetree). This year’s harvest was huge and Frankie couldn’t get enough of the yummy yet unique fruit. Alisha Prevost, Valla NSW. HIGGLEDY-PIGGLEDY FARM AND EG Woo-hoo! The exciting time of the season when Earth Garden magazine is printed. Earth Garden is my favourite magazine and on the day it arrives in the newsagents I sit for a few hours in my local coffee shop and read and drink coffee until I have read it from cover to cover! Thanks Alan and Judith and The Earth Garden Team — I am looking forward to picking this up today! Earth Garden is full of ideas and great articles and sits with pride on my…

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on the vine

AFTERNOON NAP? IT’S GOOD FOR YOU You may be familiar with that feeling of overwhelming sleepiness during the mid-afternoon. It’s common, it occurs whether you’ve eaten lunch or not, and it’s caused by a natural dip in alertness from about 1:00pm to 3:00pm. So, if you find yourself fighting off sleep in the middle of the day and you’re somewhere where you can have a nap, then do it. Taking a brief nap will relieve your sleepiness almost immediately and improve alertness for several hours after waking. And there are many other benefits too. Napping is common. About 50 per cent of us take a nap at least once a week. Napping rates are greater in countries like Greece, Brazil and Mexico (that have a culture of siesta) which incorporate ‘quiet time’…

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tiny home allows expansive life

THE BLANKETS crumple on my lap as I sit up in bed and look out the window. The dawn chorus has climaxed and scattered, leaving a few chirruping locals to coax me out of bed. I gaze around my house from on high, admiring, as always, the gable ceiling, the gentle curve of the collar-tie across my roof, the grain in the timber lining surrounding me. The sun streams in and I hear the gentle clicks of my solar electrics waking up. I crawl around and make the bed on my knees before clomping down my just-a-little-too-steep stairs. I open the curtains on my double French doors to let the light in and check if there’s enough power for toast. Spring and summer days call for lavish celebratory breakfasts of crispy…

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sweet autumn sauce

Finally, capsicums presented in a form that made them not only edible but almost addictive! THERE’S nothing sweeter than going to the pantry for a bottle of homemade sauce. Even better if you made it using ingredients grown in your own garden. Preserving isn’t something I do a lot so it’s a task I really savour. Sometimes preserving means a long day on your feet in the kitchen, but it’s always worth it at the end of the day when you have a line up of bottles to admire and stack in your pantry. Here are my two favourite recipes for using up a summer glut of chillies and peppers — the chilli sauce pictured was made a while back when I was given a large bag of homegrown chillies. You can…

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no eggs! part 2

Inadequate nutrition can easily cause a drop in egg production. OH YES, I’m afraid there are more possibilities why you may not be finding any eggs in the nesting box! This is part 2 of “why aren’t there any eggs?’, following on from part one in EG 182. Soon we will have covered just about all the possible reasons why you may not be getting any eggs. STRESS This is a very broad category and can come in many forms for your feathered fowl. Bullying – Bullying generally will occur if a bird is ill or new to the flock. If she’s new – monitor the new fowl and how the flock are interacting with her. You may need to provide more water and feed stations while she settles in or even a barrier…